Planetary Abundance

Planetary Abundance

by Susan Holmes, Robyn Wyman


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ISBN-13: 9781452576060
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/31/2013
Pages: 48
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.12(d)

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Planetary Abundance

By Susan Holmes, Robyn Wyman

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Susan Holmes and Robyn Wyman
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-7606-0


Template 1—Love Joy Gratitude

As I arrived in The airport the air felt lighter and it was very warm. Robyn told me that as she was coming through the airport, she heard a band playing Que Será, Será, and it had made her laugh. She knew I sang that song as a child.

After we arrived at Robyn's home we spent some time lying on the grass in the garden enjoying the sun. We looked up at the sky, and there in the clouds was a large angel. We heard the message:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you."

The following morning we sat chatting. Robyn was struggling with the energies of her family. She was having the same experience I had had a few years earlier, and was feeling separate from her children and in emotional pain. Suddenly, the energy opened and our awareness expanded. We sat in this energy for some time. I was given a lot of geometry in my space, and I cannot recall all of the information I received. In the etheric layer a crystal sword was removed from my heart centre, and I began to work within the planets. It felt like ancient stories in the stars were being rearranged and expanded as though they too were being shifted out of lower consciousness. I seemed to flow right up to the All That Is, and when I returned I passed through a thin veil. I had many visions. As these energies were grounded, I was sealed within a very large crystal structure and was told to write about the energetics of abundance to help planetary abundance. I was wondering how this would happen when the next communication came:

"You cannot be in your joy whilst you believe you have a pain body, accept you created this and release it."

On the second day, we were having coffee when Robyn began to tell me a story about a woman she knew who had arranged a baby shower. She was very controlling and had been so organized that she couldn't cope with anyone being late and not sticking to her rigid plans. Something told me she was "ruling the roost." We became aware that we also were in this mother-controlling pattern too.

And then the energy opened and our awareness expanded again. The first energy structure was placed in my heart. I watched in this space as the Divine Mother placed energies in my body, shifting her energy on the planet and releasing these distortions. I am remembering who I am and why I am here. The next message was:

"Lots of love and nurturing."

I recalled what Jesus had said about judgment, and how you attack yourself when you judge what you think is not you. We would become fully conscious of what we were doing with this energy when we returned to Arizona on 12.12.12. I felt the energy of gratitude for everyone who had been in my life, reflecting all these patterns to me. In the etheric place, I was shown a powerful structure. It was held in open hands, and I bowed to this energy. As I moved in a circle, more of these structures were shown to me in open hands, and then they all collapsed into my centre and we were one. The next message I received was:

"You cannot be in gratitude whilst you seek to be in agreement with someone else. Seek to be in agreement with yourself first."

Later Robyn's ex-husband sent a text to say he was in town. He had brought the rooster weather-vane back which had been a gift from her mother many years ago. I thought about the earlier message. We were seeing the patterns of our life, and we would soon be free to walk in our true power.


Robyn had planned to take me to the Rocky Mountains. As we investigated further we discovered that Archangel Michael's location in the etheric plane is situated over Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains. We both felt very excited as we knew this would be our first stop.

The drive from Vancouver to Lake Louise was very smooth. The ideas were flowing so well, and this idea of planetary abundance was now manifesting in a physical plan of action. We were so amazed at how easily it had happened for us. Once we arrived, we made our way to the Chateaux, which overlooks the lake. It was so expensive, but we hung around for ages as we really wanted to stay there. We were wondering about all of this as we arrived at the Deer Lodge, which was only a five minute stroll from the lake, when Robyn said she felt like she was getting a slap on the wrist. We both laughed as we noticed where our energy was focused, we were being sulky kids, not getting what we wanted. It led to a whole meditation on gratitude. What had I been taught about gratitude? I looked over my life and the messages I had received about this idea, and I felt the energies shifting around and through my body. I then received the next message:

"Gratitude is not an idea. It is a vibration."

We set to work getting into the vibration of gratitude. We returned to the Chateaux later that night and took amazing pictures of the water. It was glacier aqua in colour, and milky in its consistency. We began to understand this vibration. After a glass of delicious wine, we took some energy photos of the moon as we returned to the lodge.


The following day, we received further messages about discernment and discounting our intuition. We had been taught to discount our self. The message was:

"How can you love something that has nothing to do with the Creator? Do not seek to change something that does not exist."

We began to understand that we had been trying to change the distortions about our sense of self, and control others in order to control our own experience and feel safe.

We set off on our hike not knowing exactly which path we would take. As we walked along the edge of the lake we heard a man speak. He was saying, "You have a beautiful day now" to people as they passed him by. We were recording our conversations, and recognized him as a Master enjoying his day. We began to climb the mountain trail to the Plain of Six Glaciers. It was a beautiful journey, and we received many messages from nature as we went on our way. I was drawn to a large rock at the end of the lake, and it told me it could not breathe. It had never occurred to us that rocks could breathe.

Robyn took some amazing pictures of the energies as we became aware that we were in the headwaters. It was another half hour to the summit, but we were drawn to sit on a rock and meditate. Within minutes I heard footsteps approaching. There he was—the Master we had seen at the start of our journey. He no longer wore his royal blue shirt, and as we exchanged smiles, he said, "Can I just say something? I see health, beauty and grace."

I said, "Thank you," as he continued walking by, and Robyn began to cry. We could not believe that he had given us a triad of vibrations, and we knew this was the gift we had travelled to receive. We anchored these vibrations into our being as we toned. Walking down the mountain I suddenly wondered if there was anything else we should know. So I asked. A thundering boom rang out from the glacier. We stopped to take some pictures of the clouds above us. They were aqua and pink. When we returned to the lodge we asked to extend our stay for one more night. This meant we would have to move from room 212 to room 221. Things were shifting.


On The Lake

Template 2—Health Beauty Grace

We wrapped up The rose quartz singing bowl, and made our way to the boathouse in the early morning chill. We paddled out onto the lake, and wondered where our spot would be. It was still and deep, reflecting the magnificence of the mountains. It was stunning. In the distance, Robyn could see a marker out on the lake. We laughed so much when we reached it. A plastic yellow Croc shoe marked the spot. We began to connect to the energies and as I recorded, she played the bowl. I find it difficult to explain the feeling within our hearts, as the energies of our vibration began to download onto the water. This brought us to a point of knowing why we had come. This special bowl had been played at an 11.11.11 conference, and contained the christed matrix energies of unconditional love that we had anchored at that time. When we finished there was another loud boom from the mountains.

Elated from our work, we returned to the lodge. I visited the front desk to report that the light was out in the bathroom, and after breakfast we also noticed that the taps were dripping. We returned to the front desk again to ask that repairs be done. To our surprise, we were immediately upgraded to a superior room with a balcony. We collected the key to room 33, which is the vibration of the christed light. How quickly we had shifted now we had understood and embodied the energy of gratitude. We were beginning to understand how to walk in these new higher vibrations and simply be.

We spent the rest of the day painting using the plants around us as our brushes. Just before we returned for our evening meal, we sat by the lake. As we cooled our feet and sang, further energies began to download. We watched as the stars began to dance across the lake. Robyn filmed the whole experience. Relaxing on the balcony that evening, savouring the day's events, we began to wonder where we would be going next.


The Journey

Template 3—Grace Humour Courage

There had been a storm in the night, which I would have loved to have listened to. However, on the adjacent balcony was a couple who talked into the night. Despite asking them to tone it down, they continued to disturb the peace. I had used my alchemy tools earlier to quieten a group of barking dogs, but I didn't seem to have any effect on the young woman and I wondered about that.

I listened to my next alchemy class, which contained further instructions about the fifth element and working with the energetics of the elements we had found in nature. I began to understand why we were on this journey to align with these creative forces. Ascended Master Kuthumi told us that when Jesus had been on the earth plane, he had only been able to teach about this love element through the emotional body, but we would learn something new, which would affect the creative experience.

In the morning Robyn went to get coffee from the lounge. It was some time before she returned to tell me how she had found herself reading the obituaries in a newspaper. In the paper was a long piece about a woman named Deborah, who was 52 years old. There was a part of me that did not want to hear about this death until I heard three words that Robyn spoke. The obituary read, "She faced her illness of cancer with grace, humour and courage." We had been given our next vibration, and further contemplation led us to see we were building a christed matrix into our being. We returned to the lounge to get the newspaper, but it was no longer there.

We were thrilled. We were listening, and the messages were coming to us in the most unusual of ways. We were in the flow, simply allowing. The journey was becoming fun and playful, exactly as we had asked. As we carried the cooler down to the car with the Croc shoe balanced on the top, it suddenly slid off and fell down through the stairwell. We wondered how it might show someone else the way just as it had done for us. As we checked out of Deer Lodge the manager came to put our cases in the trunk. He gave us directions to a hot spring, and we set off.

The drive was a long one, but we continued on, passing through many places, but were drawn to none. In the sky we noticed a rainbow, and we stopped to take a picture as it made a bridge across the sky. When we finally arrived at the hot spring we did not like the feel of the place. The spring turned out to be more of a swimming pool, and that didn't appeal to us. What was going on? We didn't feel as if we were in the flow at all.

We did not intend to arrive in Nelson for another few days, but as we found the Prestige Hotel down on the lakeside, tired and confused, we gave in. At the reception, we asked for a room, but there was only a room with a king-size bed overlooking the lake. It was very expensive, so the receptionist found us a room with two beds at the back of the hotel.

As she began typing on the computer, I used alchemy to shift this, as I wanted a room looking out over the water. It turned out that Robyn was also working to create a room overlooking the lake. I began to see lights and rays working through the computer. The receptionist then said the room she had given us at the back of the hotel had not yet been cleaned so she would upgrade us to a better lakeside room with two beds for the cheaper price. We both looked at each other and smiled.

The room was perfect. We sat on the balcony enjoying the peace and view. We had manifested the room that we wanted this time. The following day we spotted Ganesh in the elephant mountain across the lake.


Template 4—Beauty Allowing Certain

As I woke the next day, I heard a loud noise. It sounded like a ship's horn. Eventually I realized that it was coming through my body. I decided to listen to an alchemy class again. Robyn also listened to hers. On completion of our classes we noted how we had used the vibration of beauty, and now had two more vibrations—allowing and certain—which formed another aspect of the matrix we were creating.

We talked about our previous day, and saw that our attention was on aspects that had come up for transformation. Robyn's was doubt, and mine was speaking out. I realized that I had been toning as I woke that morning. The non-physical was expressing itself through my body. I also noticed how I had spoken out many times on this trip, and wondered if this had shifted my energy so more of my non-physical self could be expressed. I picked up the phone, and used the rays to create another day for us here. The receptionist confirmed we could keep our room.

I was beginning to understand how the sound frequencies were so important in the work we were doing. As I sat contemplating this I was guided to shift the energy of doubt into certainty. I watched this embody into my spirit. I was beginning to see how these vibrations were shifting in my spiritual body, and how Robyn and I were mirroring one another and helping each other grow.


Template 5—Happy Health Love

Robyn had woken sensing The smell of freshly-baked bread. We spent most of that day mooching around the shops on Baker Street, which made us laugh. We liked this town, and decided to stay longer. Out on the street we found an unusual shop called Through the Looking Glass. It was here that I noticed a greeting card, which had a picture of the flowers I had been seeing in my meditations since I arrived in Vancouver. They are black-eyed Susans and there on the card was our next vibration health, happy and loved. We later had an aqua feather beaded into our hair by a lady called Sharmain. We didn't notice the significance of her name at the time.


Template 6—Allowing Peace Joy

There was a blue moon that night, and in the morning I woke feeling heavy, and aware of a lot of energy shifts in the collective. We spent the whole day hiking up to the glacier at Kokanee. It was so beautiful. We collected flowers to press, and played the singing bowl over the lake at the top. Robyn had woken in a state of beauty, and this was reflected back in everything she saw that day. I was again drawn to tune into a rock, and felt myself enter it. There I saw the rainbow consciousness. Robyn wondered, "Can the stones tell us how the ancient stone monuments were created?" We began to understand the different vibrations of the waters and the rocks.

As we recorded the sounds of nature we realized that "peace" was our first word of the day. A man passed by, and told us to enjoy our day. Our alchemy session later was all about allowing. Later we listened to an interview with Robert Sabella. He explained how the consciousness of earth known as Gaia was leaving the planet, and a new consciousness was coming in. This transition had never occurred on this planet before when a cycle of time was ending. We listened to an alchemy update, and it was confirmed that some collective work had been done on the blue moon. My awareness seemed to be expanding further.


The Healing, Nelson

The following morning we packed and headed to Baker Street for one last look around Nelson before we moved on. As we pulled up to park a man on crutches came forward to tell me that as it was a holiday there was no need to put any money in the meter. I felt grateful for his intervention. Robyn joined me, and he asked for six dollars to refill his puffer as he had a pulmonary disease. I could feel Robyn's resistance to this request. She later disclosed that she had seen him begging from someone else. We gave him three dollars.


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