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Taylor & Francis
Planetary Science: The Science of Planets Around Stars / Edition 1

Planetary Science: The Science of Planets Around Stars / Edition 1

by George H. A. Cole, Michael M. Woolfson


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ISBN-13: 9780750308151
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 04/28/2002
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 528
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

The Unity of the Universe
The Sun and Other Stars
The Planets
The Terrestrial Planets
The Major Planets and Pluto
The Moon
Satellites and Rings
Dust in the Solar System
Theories of the Origin of the Solar System
Special Topics:
Basic Mineralogy, Geochronology-Radioactive Dating, The Virial Theorem, The Jeans Critical Mass, Free-Fall Collapse, The Evolution of Protostars, The Equilibrium of Stars on the Main Sequence, Energy Production in Stars, Evolution of Stars Away from the Main Sequence, The Chandrasekhar Limit, Neutron Stars and Black Holes, Planets Around Other Stars, Solar-system Studies to the beginning of the XVIIth Century, Newton, Kepler's Laws and Solar System Dynamics, The Formation of Commensurate Orbits, The Atmosphere of the Earth, The Physics of Planetary Interiors, The Transfer of Heat, Seismology-the Interior of the Earth, Moments of Inertia, The Gravitational Field of a Distorted Planet, Precession of the Earth's Spin Axis, Intrinsic Planetary Magnetism, Magnetic Interactions Between Planet and Star, Planetary Albedoes, The Physics of Tides, Darwin's Theory of Lunar Origin, The Roche Limit and Satellite Disruption, Tidal Heating of Io, The Ram Pressure of a Gas Stream, The Trojan Asteroids, Heating by Accretion, Perturbation of the Oort Cloud, Radiation Pressure and the Poynting-Robertson Effect, Analyses Associated with the Jeans Tidal Theory, The Viscous-Disk Mechanism for the Transfer of Angular Momentum, Magnetic Braking of the Spinning Sun, The Safronov Theory of Planet Formation, The Eddington Accretion Mechanism, Life on an Hospitable Planet, The Role of Space Vehicles, Planetary Atmospheric Warming, Migration of Planetary Orbits, Interactions in an Embedded Cluster
Physical Constants
Solutions to problems

Supplementary materials available at Planetary Science World Wide Web Sites

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