Planetary Types

Planetary Types

by Anthony Cartledge


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Do you believe in astrology? This ancient art has persisted as a tool of self-discovery for thousands of years, yet has not fared well under the unforgiving scrutiny of science.

In Planetary Types: The Science of Celestial Influence, author Tony
Cartledge charts a unique course between the true believers and the hard-core sceptics, to try and determine, once and for all, whether the planets influence human life.

Tony Cartledge is an author and researcher and has published articles with WellBeing International, Conscious Living, and other magazines and web sites within the alternative fields. He is a features writer and sub-editor and writer for his local newspaper and lives in
Queensland, Australia.

A.T. Mann is a leading astrologer and author of many books including
The Round Art of Astrology and Life Time Astrology.

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ISBN-13: 9781906834036
Publisher: Bardic Press
Publication date: 07/30/2009
Pages: 254
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