Planning Applications: The RMJM Guide

Planning Applications: The RMJM Guide



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ISBN-13: 9780632018949
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Pages: 172

About the Author

Henry Brown RIBA, MRTPI, DipArch, Cert AA (UD) is a Consultant Architect Planner.

Adrian Salt DipArch, DipTP, FRSA, FRTPI, principal author, was an Associate Director of RMJM and now acts as Consultant to RMJM.

RMJM is a multi-skilled consultancy including planners, architects, engineers and landscape architects. They deal with a wide range of planning design and development issues. Since its foundation in 1956 as Robert Matthew, Johnson-Marshall and Partners, the firm has developed steadily to become one of the UK’s leading consultancies.

Table of Contents

2The Flowchart5
3Notes on the Flowchart9
4The Procedures30
1Application for Full Planning Permission to Develop Land32
2Application for Listed Building Consent45
3Application for Conservation Area Consent53
4Application for Approval of 'Conditions' on a Planning Permission56
5Application for Varying or Discharging Conditions Attached to Listed Building Consent or Conservation Area Consent58
6Application to Vary or Revoke Conditions Attached to a Planning Permission61
7Application for a Certificate of Lawful Existing Use or Development (CLEUD)64
8Application for Approval of Reserved Matters, Following an Outline Planning Permission67
9Application for Winning or Working of Minerals and Determination of Conditions69
10Application for Express Consent to Display an Advertisement92
11Application for Hazardous Substances Consent96
12Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Use or Development (CLOPUD)104
13Application for Scheduled Monument Consent108
14Application to Fell a Tree Covered by the Forestry Act 1967114
15Application to Fell or Lop a Tree Subject to a Tree Preservation Order116
16Notification to Fell or Lop a Tree in a Conservation Area118
17Notification under Circular 18/84 for Crown or Local Authority Development120
18Application for Outline Planning Permission to Develop Land122
19Application for a Certificate of Immunity from Listing124
20Determination of the Need for an Environmental Assessment126
21Application for Renewal of Planning Permission134
22Application for Prior Approval for Demolition136
Summary of Procedures138
BSupporting Material141
CScale of fees146
DUse classes150
EPermitted Development153
FAdvertisement Control167
GEnvironmental Assessments175
HHazardous Substances181
IOther Agreements and Applications184
JLocal Planning Authorities and DETR Offices, Names and Addresses188
KStatutory Consultees for a Planning Application206
Acts Relevant to Planning Applications209
The GPDO and the GDPO210
PPGs, MPGs and Circulars Relevant to Planning Applications211

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