Plant Based Cookbook: Alkaline Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss & Health

Plant Based Cookbook: Alkaline Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss & Health

by Marta Tuchowska
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The Alkaline Plant-Based Diet Made Easy, Exciting, Doable, and Fun!

This Special Book Edition includes:

Part 1: Alkaline Diet Cookbook: Breakfast Recipes: Insanely Good Alkaline Plant-Based Recipes for Weight Loss & Healing

Part 2: Alkaline Diet Cookbook: Lunch Recipes: Insanely Delicious Alkaline Plant-Based Recipes for Weight Loss & Healing

Part 3: Alkaline Diet Cookbook: Dinner Recipes: Delicious Alkaline Plant-Based Recipes for Health & Massive Weight Loss


Discover over 120+ amazing alkaline-friendly, plant-based recipes that will help you revolutionize all areas of your health, and (if desired) start losing weight.

Enriching your diet with a myriad of nutrient-packed, unprocessed, alkaline, plant-based foods is the best health decision you can ever make (whether you do it full-time or part-time).

The question is- how to keep it simple, doable and fun?

How to create delicious and super healthy recipes you enjoy?

This is exactly what this book is all about!

Tips, recipes and inspiration. Motivation.

Super Healthy Lifestyle. Practical stuff you can implement right here right now to get closer to your health goals.

No bashing, no shaming, no nutritional dogmas.

Only an abundance of delicious, alkaline and almost alkaline, plant-based recipes you can pick and choose from to create the health, vitality, and energy you deserve to thrive!

The Best Part? It's Easy:

-Most ingredients are healthy, everyday and “common sense” ingredients that are easy to find at your local grocery store or supermarket.

-You don’t need to be a good cook or a qualified chef to learn those simple and delicious recipes.

-You don’t need any fancy kitchen equipment to get started on the plant-based recipes contained in this cookbook.

Get your copy today!

You'll be surprised how easy it is to stay healthy, feel energized, and keep on track!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781913517502
Publisher: Digital Zone Media Ltd
Publication date: 12/17/2019
Series: Nutrition, Weight Loss, Plant Based Diet , #1
Pages: 262
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

Table of Contents

The Alkaline Diet- The Common Sense Approach

Alkaline Diet Crash Course- Understand the Basics

Never heard of the Alkaline Diet and don’t know where to start?

The benefits of eating more alkaline & plant-based foods

The Alkaline Diet Made Easy. Even for Busy People

Alkaline Diet- Common Questions

Are lemons acidic or alkaline?

What about Protein?


Translations (US-UK English)

Beautiful Alkaline-Diet-Inspired Clean Eating Breakfasts

Amazingly Delicious and Nutritious Smoothies and Juices

Hunger Satisfying Alkaline Recipes

Amazing Alkaline Lunches

Side Dishes and Quick Snacks for Busy People

Tempting Afternoon Treats (gluten-free, dairy-free and virtually sugar-free)

Amazing Alkaline-Friendly Dinners

+ Alkaline Pizza, Treat Meals and Much, Much More!

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