Plant Cold Hardiness: Gene Regulation and Genetic Engineering

Plant Cold Hardiness: Gene Regulation and Genetic Engineering

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2002)

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th We compiled this volume mostly from presentations at the 6 International Plant Cold Hardiness Seminar (PCHS) after consulting with Professor Tony H. H. Chen, Oregon State University, USA, Professor Pekka Heino, University of Helsinki, Finland, th and Dr. Gareth J. Warren, University of London, Surrey, UK. The 6 International PCHS was held at the Unitas Congress Center, Helsinki, Finland from July 1-5, 2001. There were 110 registered scientists at the serttinar representing 20 countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Gennany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and United States of America. The infonnation compiled represents the state of the art of research in phmt cold hardiness in tenns of gene regulation, gene expression, signal transduction, the physiology of cold hardiness and, ultimately, the genetic engineering for cold tolerant plants. The International PCHS was initiated in 1977 at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota. It has been traditionally held at 5-year intervals at various locations. th Because of the rapid advances of research in plant cold hardiness, attendees at the 6 meeting unanimously adopted a resolution to hold the seminar in 3-year intervals instead of 5 in the future. Consequently, the next seminar will be held in 2004 in Sapporo, Japan, and Professor Seizo Fujikawa from Hokkaido University will serve as the host.

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ISBN-13: 9781461352051
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 09/20/2012
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2002
Pages: 294
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Table of Contents

Part I: Gene Regulation and Signal Transduction. 1. Molecular Genetics of Plant Responses to Low Temperature; B.-h. Lee, et al. 2. Mutants Deficient in Cold Hardiness: What Can They Reveal About Freezing Tolerance? G.J. Warren, et al. 3. Molecular Cloning of Eskimo1 Gene of Arabidopsis Reveals Novel Mechanisms of Freezing Tolerance; Z. Xin. 4. Early Events During Cold Signaling; V. Sangwan, et al. 5. ATPP2CA Negatively Regulates Aba Responses During Cold Acclimation and Interacts with the Potassium Channel AKT3; S. Tähtiharju, et al. Part II: Physiological Aspects of Plant Cold Hardiness. 6. Physiological Aspects of Cold Hardiness in Northern Deciduous Tree Species; O. Junttila, et al. 7. Cold Acclimation in Rhododendron: a Genetic and Physiological Study; R. Arora. 8. Early Acclimation Response in Grapes (VITIS); A. Fennell, K. Mathiason. 9. Survival of Tropical Apices Cooled to -196°C By Vitrification: Development of a Potential Cryogenic Protocol of Tropical Plants by Vitrification; A. Sakai, et al. 10. Expression of Cold-Regulated (cor) Genes in Barley: Molecular Bases and environmental Interaction; L. Cattivelli, et al. 11. Involvement of Glutathione and Carbohydrate Biosynthesis Moreover COR 14B Gene Expression in Wheat Cold Acclimation; G. Galiba, et al. 12. Photosynthesis Ar Low Temperatures: A Case Study With Arabidopsis; V. Hurry, et al. 13. Changes in the Plasma Membrane From Arabidopsis Thaliana Within One Week of Cold Acclimation; Y. Kawamura, M. Uemura. 14. Cryoprotectin, a Cabbage ProteinProtecting Thylakoids from Freeze-Thaw Damage: Expression of Candidate Genes in E. COLI; S.M. Schilling, et al. 15. Extrinsic Ice Nucleation in Plants: What Are the Factors Involved and Can They Be Manipulated? M. Wisniewski, et al. 16. Attenuation of Reactive Oxygen Production During Chilling in Aba-treated Maize Cultured Cells; W.-P. Chen, P.H. Li. Part III: Genetic Engineering. 17. Genetic Engineering of Cultivated Plants for Enhanced Abiotic Stress Tolerance; L.V. Gusta, et al. 18. Engineering Trehalose Biosynthesis Improves Stress Tolerance in Arabidopsis; I. Tamminen, et al. 19. Enhancing Cold Tolerance in Plant by Genetic Engineering of Glycinebetaine Synthesis; R. Yuwansiri, et al. 20. Wheat Catalase Expressed in Transgenic Rice Plants can Improve Tolerance Against Low Temperature Injury; T. Matsumuraa, et al. Index.

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