Plantation America: Modern day slavery

Plantation America: Modern day slavery

by Jack Freeman


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"Plantation America" will reveal to you the open secrets and the unedited truth. That here in America we currently live on a Modern day slavery plantation. In this scientific age where the technology allows for space travel and wireless transmissions of invisible radio waves , we find our society mind controlled on a slave Plantation called "country" or "state". By the use of advanced scientific technology in television , music, nutrition , and mind hypnosis, the people are herded like cattle with only a few wealthy families at the top of the power structure. Slavery has always existed in such a brutal and violent form, but nowadays we live in modern day slavery , a more sanitized and subtle version. Methods are refined , more effective and more wide spread. As you will read , the most effective methods are the corruption of the English language combined with the peoples lack of knowledge concerning the many subjects that affect out lives on an everyday basis . Welcome to the truth backed up with loads of undeniable and irrefutable evidence. Welcome to the future ....."Plantation America". Read how you have been deceived in plain english and learn how they hide the information in plain sight! buy it tody

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ISBN-13: 9781482035094
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/25/2013
Pages: 184
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