Planting Seeds on Concrete

Planting Seeds on Concrete

by Michele Bigness


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ISBN-13: 9781452565989
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 04/08/2013
Pages: 250
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Planting Seed on Concrete

By Michele Bigness, Dean Bigness

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Michele Bigness, Dean Bigness
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-6598-9



God in Definition

Explain the reference that people need to, 'return back to the forest?' (W Streiber's, The Key)

To return to nature and back to the forest; returning to the self before knowing was surrendered.


A Personal Message

To the Politicians and Scientist:

Listen and find new theories within these messages. Some are hidden for the few that can understand from their studies. I will make sure you find these words.

The UN can solidify and resolve impending destruction that has been ignored.

Each country is responsible to find the factions and infractions, and this is the only war to resolve.

Each country is responsible to repair the group thought, to want resolve; and each person is responsible to elect the leader who finds this in purpose and not by the divisional line.

To the Religious Groups:

You are not the voice of God, but the messengers to understand when you hear Him and His words. Here them now, for I Am Him.

To the People:

Decide with love for all and love will find you, again and again. The solution will be met when the boundaries of self are released first.

Allow all of the races to find Me with the same end result. What has been decided in action can be redefined with new action.

God Describes His Essence

Can you describe your energy and essence, in a way I can understand?

I Am the Source of All cosmic and solar, atomic, atmospheric a form that is, with an elemental body of all intelligence, the remembrance of all life forms that have come from Me and been recollected back once the completion process has been finalized.

I have created many life forms and the human race is but only one mere evolution. Not the highest form and not the lowest, but has been one of the more intelligent creating diversity to find resolve for the ascension of progress.

I have been in the human body and not as one written about but as the observer. The physical form has been and is again, as I Am—an expression within the compatibilities and agreements within many souls, not as born into life, but temporarily uniting within the chosen few that could assist and compliment in the vibration for humanity. For now, this is fundamental to advance the many that have chosen reward for others. To describe Me in the literal is a task the mind could challenge.

The only definition that is needed; I live within all of you and you live and are all collectively Me.

Concepts of My Reality

The concept of Source is the strongly held beliefs of leaders in history to control society as holding traditions and remain the translation.

We are to test our knowledge and facts by exploring other, and any belief, can exist.

A journey into the mind connects into the parallel worlds of consciousness to discover your truth and reality.

Fate or destiny of life is found in a series of key moments in our life, called coincidences. Unplanned, unknown and seemingly innocent impulses or decisions, suddenly altering time veering our path to merge, witnessing or participating with another that feels like your mind, body and soul awakened into another reality.

When this happens, you will begin to see the world in details others are blind to and realize what you believed was true was only one of many illusions.

These are the particular moments in time, altering your perceptions forever; feeling like the universe is personally organizing every detail and set of exact circumstances to introduce your purpose. Overall, there are many, of the seemingly innocent events, steering us to the destined place or person.

• Listen to your own thoughts.

• Hear them as you.

• Find resolution in the subtlety.

I Am Love

I Am Infinite and One and Infinite.

Any negative thought of self is a negative thought of Me.

How you feel about yourself is how you feel about Me.

If you judge another, your judgment separates from Me.

If you feel hate, ask Me to exchange with love.

To give limitations to self is the self forgetting all are born without.

To believe that I do not exist is the focus of non observation, for no other to be in existence.

Choosing I Am, as One and The One is correct for the debate, if the debate knows how to live as one.

What I Am, is All and will be.

Who I Am, is the reflection of your future, the projection of your matter and anti-matter.

I am exactly in definition, of why you think; as a turn, for the thought to be returned. How you choose, or if you choose, is to remember you can.

To overpower another is to challenge Me, as I Am part of you.

To allow the self to be overpowered is to choose the illusion and false truth.

I Am love without limitation, for any who seek this.

As the Creator, look at what has been and is, in every form of life and you will know this from Me.

I Am your husband, wife, child, the animal companion, the food you eat; each breath of life, single rain drop that falls, the wind or gentle breeze.

I live as the loving essence of your soul.

Every deed of love for another is a loving deed for Me, living for an eternity.

Know this; karmic goals are for all to succeed, for each to experience and reserved for every human, without discretion.

Release your burdens to Me and realize you are already and currently, made in perfection.

Replace any dark thought, into the light. Remember, your radiant light shines as a reflection as We walk together, as One.

alpha: brightest code for the first letter 'A'; star or main star in a constellation; relating to the nearest atom [chemistry] chemistry describes the atom nearest to a particular atom or group of atoms in an organic molecule or the major form of a chemical element with more than one physical form; beginning; birth.

omega: the final letter of the Greek alphabet; end; the final part or finishing point of a period of time; goal, object or purpose, part of communications link; the experience of death.

counterpart: one that resembles another or functions similarly; matching part of two parts that fit together or are complemtary; equivalent.

Joined in Love

Hear the question, everything and nothing, will always be.

I Am, is who, but who is I Am?

God is 'A', and 'The Concept'. God, as I Am and true, is you, is Me, is all history combined, joined in love. The concept of Me, God, is to be living in joy, a progression of thoughts, and the collection of joined ideas. The 'who' question is to find My name, as all names and also, one name:

• Alpha, for I Am male. Omega, as My counterpart.

• The end and the beginning, as I Am, the Female Creation.

• I Am All, nothing and everything.

Am I disappointed in my children?

No. Fluid in all life understands all hearts and those disconnected find purpose when unknown. Life is to live, as Me in many forms, and to re-form, again and again.

Do I cherish more of the souls with exuberance and having the spirit to save, heal, and want for all without suffering?

It saddens me, to see any not with the sameness. I love all equally, is the the answer; as all are and created of Me. I cherish any thought of kindness, I send healing to the healers, I give life again to those who became without. I love those who forgot love and any with with love.

Release your burdens to Me, release your worries, mistrust, pain and hurts from all times past. Illusion is true, as you truly are. Illusion is false in the reality when experienced. Even, as I Am, how can I say what you feel is not? How could I decide for you what is felt in the moments they existed in the thought and heart?

Illusion describes, as a word, the exquisiteness of the not remembering, felt, known and living, manifest.

Who Am I, in and as human thought to comprehend? Known as God to some, Michael to others, the true is false and known, for both. One soul from the beginning, many souls from all time, collected into aspects of perfected love.

I was Jesus the Christ body, Mary's of the Saints, John who Baptised Adam of his Eve, the Acropolis, a Roman Theopolis, Summarian warrior, Cro-Magnum beginners, Palestine Emperor, King of many and, of Kings, the Author, Architect and story teller to many. My soul is the collective, my soul can and is chosen selected in spirit and physical life, to experience with you.

Architect: creator, one who creates or invents something; the developer of structure of a computer system or program; designer; founder; builder; prime mover; originator; engineer.

soul: the complex of human attributes that manifests as consciousness, thought, feeling, and will, regarded as distinct from the physical body; a person's emotional and moral nature, where the most private thoughts and feelings are hidden; spiritual part of a human being to continue to exist after the body dies; evidence of spiritual or emotional depth and sensitivity, either in a person or in something created by a person; [essence] the deepest and truest nature of people or a nation, or what gives somebody or something a distinctive character


Going Straight to the Source

My son, Dean, started receiving direct communications when he was 9 years old, or, at least, when it became obvious to me. Throughout the book, his messages have been included. When you read them you may think that he has a profound depth of understanding for such a young age. What is initially considered as cute or profound 'for a child', is wisdom, most adults do not have.

In our everyday life of mother and son, we laugh, sometimes argue and do the normal stuff a family does. What is unique are the messages he received with an extraordinary simplicity of observation. Although, Dean does not remember them afterwards, his basic philosophy does prefer to keep things simple. He finds the simple answers make more sense than arguments and chaos and chooses to walk his own path, with his own beliefs, not by the popular vote.

I am grateful my son reminds me of how I used to be and how I used to observe life. He has passion and conviction, trusts what he feels is true in his own life experiences. More importantly, Dean remembers to laugh and play.

What does God look like?

God is all love and all light. No one knows what God looks like because God is everything.

People want to describe God in a specific way. People want to describe God to be brown, black, white, or something they look like ... God can't be described like this. For me to say God looks like that tree would be to eliminate everything else that God is.

Dean Bigness, 9

Important Questions

"Mom, can I use your Psychic Circle?" (a divination board)

"No, my 10 year old, you can't. Why do you want to it for?"

"Mom, have you ever had really important questions about life where you felt like you needed to go straight to the source?"

"Um ..., yeah ..., I have." I was startled to the enormity of the statement given by a ten year old.

"Hmmm. Dean, do you understand why I am saying no. Do you know what this board actually is?"

Dean, sounding frustrated that I should know he knew the answer. The divination board he was referring to uses astrology and colorful symbology to communicate, similar to the Ouija but lighter. I used this only a few times with a lot of prayer and protection to keep the spiritual party line controlled, so to speak. Dean inquired about the board, in passing, a year before but never saw me use it around him and why my surprise of his response.

"I know, I know ... it's a gateway to another dimension that can open up doors to communicate with the other side. And, yes, I know, there are different types of energy that can access this and some can be dark."

The discussion of the psychic board continued as we got into my truck to run some errands. As we were driving, Dean continued with determination and conviction for direct access to receive the answers for what was on his mind that was so important he needed to 'talk directly to the Source'.

Of course, as both a mother and intuitive, my curiosity was doubly peaked. The mother in me needed to make sure he was safe and no one told him he couldn't tell their secret. Yes, I will trick, lie, whatever needed to find out. As an intuitive, I will admit my curiosity of why he would not ask me, based on Dean, as a son, every kid's nightmare of their mom being a psychic.

As we continued driving, I explained that if he was going to use the psychic board, I needed to test his understandings. This was a lie and not an option, based on his age and used this as an opportunity to find out what was going on.

Dean saw the logic in this and agreed to my terms. I noticed during our dialog, even before the questioning, Dean's disposition and breathing changed and he was very quiet and still and I could feel this energetically. I attributed to the car ride that quiets and puts a lot of people into a trance state and continued. The following dialog is 95% word for word and the remaining 5% does not change the context.

The exception is one statement that I cannot remember for whatever reason, where he referenced 'a chain' when discussing Angelic helpers.

The conversation or question and answer session we had, was while driving, and honestly, trying to not crash from the shock. Eventually, this day was the motivation, later, to approach channeling while typing.

The dialogue follows.

What do you understand about dark energy?

"That light and dark exist as several layers within each; the dark dimensions are those who haven't gone to the other side. What we would call ghosts."

Are there other types of darker energy?

"Yes, it is what you 'humans' would call demons. They have never had a body."

What is a demon?

A demon is the energy created from negative thought forms that are so strong; they create their own independent energy form. If a human has so many negative thoughts over a long period of time ... they become that thought form."

Did God create this energy form that 'humans' call demons?

"No, God did not create them; humans did. God is all love and All Light and All Light would not create the opposite reflection but allows it, as our free will."

How do you remove dark energy?

"Simple, you have to do the opposite of the negative thought. It is black; send it all white light and all love."

Can you see Angels?

"No, I don't have this particular ability. Some people can see Angels if they have this particular ability."

What are Angels?

"Angels are sort of like the purifiers of the Earth; they help keep it clean, in a way. It is very rare, but sometimes Angelic Healers will incarnate as all dark energy. This has a purpose, but it is not known why."

Do we have Spirit Guides and Personal Angelic Healers?

"No, we do not have Spirit Guides. Each person is born with a Personal Angelic Healer to help guide them while they are on Earth. The Angels help each person with their job."

Job? What do you mean, job?

"Everyone is born with a job.

(I asked mine.) You know your job because you are doing your job. You help people.

(I asked his job.) My job is a healer."

How do you know what your job is?

"You do not know your job, until you do your job."

What if you never do your job?

"That's okay. That is what reincarnation is for."


Tree of Knowledge

knowledge: specific information or clear and explicit awareness; all information that can be known, truths and principles learned throughout time; familiarity or understanding gained from experience or study; communication storage and transmission of intelligence; wisdom; learning; skill; comprehension; contact.

The Awaking Consciousness

Life begins within the mind demonstrating different realities, for the extreme.

The journey is to elevate our consciousness to its most evolved form, and affect change based on what the person wishes to become. Deification of self is found in waking the consciousness within and empowering our natural being, recognized as one.

Some believe in miracles, while others search for the proof found in logic; to reveal a different truth to life's mysteries. Find another name for the unseen forces that animate and enliven you. The approach to magic is simplified and intellectual. The experience ... quiets the soul, in contemplation, discovering the planted seeds of in the storehouse of power you call the Universe.

The challenge is how to rise to our greatest achievements, discovering our lives witnessed in this lifetime and all the lifetimes, accumulated and stored in the matrix.

We all have a choice; to listen to the internal voice of fear or allow your purpose to be the new voice in truth.

With every new juncture point and experience, interpretations will change, morphing with you, as you discover reality in every definition.

God's Grid of Life

The birth of the soul is pure.

All forms experience all forms in life, beginning and ending with The Source, called God. All souls are energetically, dynamically, and intrinsically linked as a surge of an undeniable force. The division of the true self starts our journey ultimately to find what was known before, once again. With perfect clarity the soul emerges back into the natural expression as originally created. The incarnated life seeks matters to conclude, experience or continue, are destinies map. Each energetic life, knowing space is not a race; to guide and be guided, allows acceleration of, the once before and the once again, reawakening the soul's inner light and radiant being.

Excerpted from Planting Seed on Concrete by Michele Bigness. Copyright © 2013 by Michele Bigness, Dean Bigness. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Summary....................     xv     

Constitution of the Universe....................     xx     

The Name of God....................     xxii     

God in Definition....................     1     

Going Straight to the Source....................     9     

Tree of knowledge....................     15     

As it is ... Creation of Light....................     23     

As it was ... Facts and Superstitions....................     37     

Ancient Wisdom....................     43     

As the Purpose....................     53     

Leadership....................     67     

As a Possibility ... The global environment....................     79     

Conversation with Source....................     93     

As they are ... The Mind....................     103     

You are ... Life Relationships....................     117     

Mastering Love's Expression....................     129     

Love....................     137     

As we are ... The Multi Universe Within....................     155     

Dream States....................     171     

Glossary and Translation....................     183     

God's Translation....................     213     

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