Platinum Vignettes - Anatomy & Embryology: Ultra-High Yield Clinical Case Scenarios For USMLE Step 1 / Edition 1

Platinum Vignettes - Anatomy & Embryology: Ultra-High Yield Clinical Case Scenarios For USMLE Step 1 / Edition 1

by Adam Brochert
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Elsevier Health Sciences

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Platinum Vignettes - Anatomy & Embryology: Ultra-High Yield Clinical Case Scenarios For USMLE Step 1 / Edition 1

Each volume of the Platinum Vignettes presents 50 classic, ultra-high-yield case scenarios of frequently tested topics to give you a clear advantage on the vignette-based Step 1 exam. Plus, the case discussions provide a wealth of tips, insights, buzzwords, advice on handling distractors, and guidance on just what the boards will ask and how to answer.

• Dr. Brochert has now written 11 books for USMLE prep and is well-recognized name in the board preparation literature
• High-yield Step 1 case scenarios are well-written in an easily accessible format
• In Anatomy & Embryology, readers are asked to identify portions of figures, second-guess treatments, and define terms
• Multiple pointed questions hammer out the salient details of each case
• Each case includes the valuable feature "More High-Yield Facts"
• The format allows the reader to guess the diagnosis and postulate on which test to order, what therapy to give, and what to "watch out for" in the patient's condition
• Hundreds of important buzzwords for the boards are highlighted

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781560535812
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 04/11/2003
Series: Platinum Vignettes Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 100
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents

Case 1 MRI neuroanatomy
Case 2 Sickle cell anemia
Case 3 Turner syndrome
Case 4 Tetralogy of Fallot
Case 5 Bitemporal hemianopsia
Case 6 Fetal circulation
Case 7 Bones of the hand and wrist
Case 8 Carpal tunnel syndrome
Case 9 Radial and ulnar nerves
Case 10 7th cranial nerve (Bell's palsy)
Case 11 The rotator cuff
Case 12 Down syndrome
Case 13 The porta hepatis
Case 14 Fetal alcohol syndrome
Case 15 Inguinal canal
Case 16 DiGeorge's syndrome
Case 17 Pelvic x-ray anatomy
Case 18 Neural tube defects
Case 19 Rh factor incompatibility
Case 20 Portal hypertension
Case 21 Spinal anatomy
Case 22 Vagus nerve (cranial nerve X)
Case 23 Patent ductus arteriosus
Case 24 Syringomyelia
Case 25 Thalassemia
Case 26 Herniated lumbar disc
Case 27 Abdominal aorta and branches
Case 28 Trigeminal nerve
Case 29 Thoracic aorta and aortic coarctation
Case 30 TORCH in utero infections
Case 31 Heart and septal defects
Case 32 Neurofibromatosis
Case 33 Hereditary neoplasia
Case 34 Circle of Willis
Case 35 Innervation of the eye
Case 36 CT abdominal anatomy
Case 37 Hemophilia and the coagulation cascade
Case 38 Cranial nerve VIII
Case 39 Neuroembryology
Case 40 Innervation of the leg
Case 41 Tracheoesophageal fistula
Case 42 Skull bones and foramina
Case 43 Brachial plexus
Case 44 Klinefelter's syndrome
Case 45 The bones of the foot and ankle
Case 46 Cystic fibrosis
Case 47 Subclavian and axillary arteries
Case 48 Leukocytes
Case 49 Genitourinary embryology
Case 50 Meckel's diverticulum

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