Plato's Dream

Plato's Dream


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When does life end and death begin?

Is it possible, they are the same?

Is death a state of nothingness or, as theorized by Philosopher Plato

in the year 360 B.C., a state of sleep whereby the person experiences

the consciousness of others as dreams? Plato believed a person's

conscious was based on the prior conscious of others. Consciousness was

an act of nature; a plan whereby one person passed their consciousness

to another. Plato's pupil, Aristotle, believed the combined conscious

was passed by the male parent, at conception, and the female parent

passed her combined conscious prior to birth. It is possible, that

within each of us, we hold the consciousness of our relatives and at our

death; we could experience the combined conscious as a series of dreams.

This experience is called Plato's Dream.

Gregor Mendel partially proved Plato's and Aristotle's theories, in the

year 1865, with his discovery of genetic inheritance. The discovery of

DNA, in the year 1953, proved Mendel's theories. No one has proved or

disproved Plato's theory, yet!

Based on the consciousness theories of Plato and Aristotle and the

genetic research of Gregor Mendel, Plato's Dream takes the reader on an

intellectually stimulating and fascinating journey. A journey where life

and death mix and eternity is only a single night.

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Publication date: 03/28/2005
Pages: 320
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