Playford: Apollo's Banquet

Playford: Apollo's Banquet

by Andrew Lawrence-King


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Release Date: 05/12/1998
Label: Harmonia Mundi Fr.
UPC: 0093046718626
catalogNumber: 907186


  1. Tom Scarlett
  2. Old Simon the King
  3. Another Division upon a Ground
  4. Moll Peatly
  5. The Bear's Dance
  6. Hunsdon House
  7. Sir Martin Marah's Jigg
  8. Fy Nay, Prithee John!
  9. Paul's Steeple (or The Duke of Norfolk)
  10. The Glory of the West
  11. The Mock Glory of the West
  12. The Glory of the Sun
  13. Faronell's Division on a Ground
  14. Prelude (from "The Division Violin...")
  15. Long Cold Nights
  16. Johney Cock Thy Beaver: A Scotch Tune to a Ground
  17. Greensleeves, English folk song
  18. Stingo
  19. Cockleshells
  20. Another Division upon a Ground by Mr. P.B.
  21. The Queen's Jigg

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