Playing Dirty: Monkey Business Trio

Playing Dirty: Monkey Business Trio

by C. L. Parker

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ISBN-13: 9781101882955
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/12/2015
Series: Monkey Business , #1
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 156,125
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

C. L. Parker is a romance author who writes stories that sizzle. She’s a small-town girl with big-city dreams and enough tenacity to see them come to fruition. Having been the outgoing sort all her life—which translates to “she just wouldn’t shut the hell up”—it’s no wonder Parker eventually turned to writing as a way to let her voice, and those of the people living inside her head, be heard. She loves hard, laughs until it hurts, and lives like there’s no tomorrow. In her world, everything truly does happen for a reason.

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Chapter 1


“So the goal here, people,” Wade Price, CEO of Striker Sports Entertainment, said as he wrapped up—­I hoped—­his very long-­winded pep talk, “is to wine and dine Rockford. Give him any and everything he wants. Romance him until he signs with this agency. Matthews, I’m counting on you and Whalen. And, since you’re the best of the best, I’m sending both of you to meet with him. The decision I make regarding the partnership hinges on who is able to succeed. Simply put, whichever one of you gets me Rockford gets the position.”

It figured.

Every agent employed by Striker Sports Entertainment was present at the weekly staff meeting to give witness to what was, undoubtedly, the biggest showdown between the most competitive agents in the city. And they just happened to be employed by the same agency. I was one of those agents, Shaw Matthews. The bane of my existence, Cassidy Whalen, was the other.

After Wade’s partner, Monty Prather, retired, the vacant spot came up for grabs. Cassidy and I had been competing for the job since it had been announced, three months ago. I think Wade loved to watch us go at each other. I know the rest of the office did. We were both ruthless in our antics, unforgiving in our quest to secure the most coveted prizes, which were usually the same clients every other agent in the nation wanted. More often than not, we won. Combined, our haul was impressive, but it was small potatoes compared to what was in store. Cassidy and I had never gone head-­to-­head for the same client.

Until now.

It wasn’t often that one of the most sought after athletes ditched their agent and publicly advertised that they were on the lookout for someone who could make them even more money than they were already making, which was an insane amount. Wade Price wanted a taste of that insanity, so he was unleashing his favorite pets and pitting us against each other. I had to hand it to him; it was a smart move. Tapping into our insatiable need to one-­up each other guaranteed that Striker would bring home the win.

Our target was Denver “Rocket Man” Rockford, San Diego’s star quarterback. Apparently, his former agent hadn’t had the same vision as Denver for his future, so he got sacked (no pun intended), and Denver was on the hunt for new representation. And it just so happened his contract was up for renewal, with him coming off a more than stellar performance for the season and little time left before he needed to get back to training for the next. Fast decisions needed to be made, which meant fast talking and fast walking. Naturally, Wade felt Striker was the agency that could best negotiate the deal. And even though the payday was a nice bit of incentive, it was the notoriety of being Denver’s agent that I craved most.

Cassidy stood in the way of that. I meant to plow her down, but she wasn’t going to make it easy.

She was a real man-­eater, the sort whose career meant more to her than enjoying the fruits of all that labor. She never missed a day of work, and she knew things about her clients they didn’t even know about themselves. Cassidy Whalen was as worthy an opponent as I had ever come up against. In fact, her client list was every bit as impressive as mine. Not bad for a chick. She was good. She was also a bore. And a bitch.

She didn’t like me very much, which was unusual, because most women did. Maybe she just needed to get laid. I doubted very seriously that anything like that was happening. I didn’t really care, but I’d made it my business to know my enemy, so I’d paid attention to details. No ring on her finger meant she wasn’t married or engaged. And around here, no gossip at the water cooler meant she also wasn’t involved in any interoffice romances. Not that gossip equaled fact. There were plenty of stories circulating about me, but those were all wishful thinking without an ounce of truth.

My adversary’s aversion to me, seemingly without a man to whom she was simply loyal, forced me to formulate my own theories in an attempt to reason it all out. The one at the top of my list was pretty clever, in my opinion. I was betting she was secretly a black widow, sucking the life out of men who dared get near her. Even if I’d hit the mark with that one, I wasn’t the least bit intimidated. I could handle her. Admittedly, I was sort of curious to know if she was as much of a hellcat in the sack as she was in the boardroom. Lord knows she’d given me more than one hard-­on while strutting her stuff like her shit didn’t stink, mostly while taking shots at me.

“Sir, do we have anything on him?” Cassidy’s glasses were perched on the end of her nose, and her long legs were crossed, with her hand poised to jot down any information he could provide on her next target. Somehow she even managed to make suck-­up look sort of sexy. Not that she’d intended to.

She and I were alike in a lot of ways, but this wasn’t one of them. I preferred the casual approach, leaning back in my chair and propping an elbow on the table to take it all in. For one thing, I was bored. For another, this meeting had already gone on far longer than necessary, and I had shit to do. I didn’t bother with a pen or a pad of paper; I wasn’t interested in taking notes. I didn’t need to. I had the memory of an elephant and could recall details others missed even if they’d recorded the whole damn thing.

I chuckled under my breath, amused by Cassidy’s eagerness. She must have heard me, because the spike of her heel found its way onto the top of my foot. And it felt none too pleasant. I shot up straight but covered my growl with a cough when Wade’s eyes pinned me to my seat. Cassidy sat prim and proper beside me, like nothing had happened. Innocent, she was not.

I took the look of disapproval from Wade and kept my trap shut so he could answer her and this meeting could be over with already.

“I expect you to do your own digging for his personal details. Makes it more authentic. And you could use a challenge, Whalen.”

Cassidy nodded. “Yes, sir. I look forward to it.”

Suck. Up.

“I want a report from each of you first thing after your meeting. Now get your butts out of here. It’s a madhouse out there, and I want to head home.” Finally. He turned away, mumbling under his breath, “I hate rush-­hour traffic.”

As eager as I was for the meeting to adjourn, I was even more eager to mess with my nemesis. Maybe shake her foundation a bit. Any chance I had to do it, I pounced. So I took my time hauling myself out of the leather seat, which had nearly become glued to my ass, while the room cleared and Cassidy studiously gathered her things. No one needed that much crap for a staff meeting.

Once the room was empty, I leaned in. “Ever worry your nose will get stuck in his ass and you’ll have to have it surgically removed?”

Without so much as a pause in her actions or a look in my direction, she came back with “Ever worry you’ll get lockjaw from sucking his cock?”

There she was. Cassidy Whalen had everyone else in the office fooled, but not me. I’d been on the receiving end of her mouth since the day I’d arrived, almost a year before. She was jealous, and she’d formulated her opinion of me before I’d even stepped foot back on American soil after my long tenure abroad.

“Nice, Whalen. Really nice. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“Who I kiss and with what is none of your concern.”

“How about you pucker up and kiss my ass?”

Cassidy dropped her messenger bag and turned on me. “I am so sick of your crap, Matthews. Since the day you got here, you’ve acted like everything should be handed to you. And now you think you deserve the position I’ve been busting my butt for?”

“Oh, so you’re the only person who’s been busting their ass around here? I’m sure the rest of the staff would appreciate knowing that.”

“Don’t put words into my mouth. You knew what I meant.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not fluent in bitch.”

Her laugh was sarcastic, but the ire behind those green eyes was completely authentic. She was so cute when she was perturbed.

“Listen up, golden boy.” She leaned in, encroaching upon my personal space. “You might have been Monty Prather’s pride and joy, but he’s not here to pamper you anymore. Which means you might actually have to do some real work, because if you think for one second that I’m going to roll over and play dead to appease your sense of entitlement, you’re even dumber than you look. You want that partnership? You better get your act together, since I will not hesitate for one second to do whatever I need to in order to rip it out of your precious, perfectly manicured clutches.”

Pfft . . . I did not get manicures. And she obviously didn’t know a thing about me, other than how to piss me off. My chair shot back when I stood—­not that I’d meant for it to happen, but the effect was cool. “I was going to take it easy on you, but just for that, now I’m going to bury you!”

No, it wasn’t a zinger of a comeback, and I was disappointed in myself. It was like lying in bed with an exotic beauty and having nothing to offer but a limp cock. And no, that had never happened to me, either—­the limp cock, not the exotic beauty. I knew Cassidy was quick on the draw, though, so I didn’t stick around for her witty retort. Instead, I bolted out of the boardroom and slammed the door behind myself.

The woman infuriated me to no end. I had never let anyone else get under my skin, and I was perplexed as to why she was able to do it so easily. Normally, I was pretty laid-­back, cool as a cucumber, comfortable in any element, without a care in the world. But when Cassidy Whalen walked into the room, something inside me went haywire. She was the Achilles’ heel to my composure, kryptonite to my self-­confidence. I kept it together for the most part when she was around, not wanting to show my hand lest she use it to her advantage. I knew she would because I would do the same thing. But she wasn’t going to win. I’d never concede victory to a woman. I just wasn’t made up of the stuff that would allow me to utter those blasphemous words from my mouth.

My feet landed heavily on the trek back to my office to pull my shit together so I could get the hell out of there and find a tall cold one. I even blew past the gaggle of assistants and receptionists who liked to bat their lashes and show way too much cleavage; I wasn’t in the mood to flirt. Okay, I could’ve used the boost to my ego, so I probably should’ve made that stop, but I didn’t.

When I reached my suite, my assistant snapped his head up from his desk and stared after me. “I take it the meeting went well?”

“Can it, Ben!” I barked. “Shit! Shit! Shit!”

“What happened?”

“I’ll give you three guesses.”

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Playing Dirty: Monkey Business Trio 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
bibliophile15 More than 1 year ago
This has an interesting plot line as Shaw and Cassidy, two supposedly professionals adults from the same agency, battle over a new client. The secondary characters help make the story more believable and the main characters feel somewhat real. Unfortunately, the surface sexual tension and on-off relationship between Cassidy and Shaw gets tired and trite about half-way through the story. The sex scenes are well-written, and if you are mostly looking for extended erotica it won't disappoint.
JoannaDursi More than 1 year ago
Playing Dirty is in a category all its own. It’s not an enemies to lovers romance it’s enemies that ARE lovers! You can feel their hate for each other pour off the pages. There are no hearts and flowers during any of their conversations. Cassidy and Shaw are pitted against each other to land a high sort after client and the winner will make partner. That’s when things start getting dirty. I loved every minute of this book. It was funny and sexy and I also enjoyed the side characters. They were all quirky and I am looking forward to seeing more of everybody.
Linda_RochesterNY More than 1 year ago
Oh my gosh! I loved it! The love/hate relationship and the crazy hot sex in this book is fabulous. Cassidy and Shaw are explosive together and so much fun. I really want to know the stories of their friends as well. I can't wait to start book 2.
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
This book was fantastic. I just FLOVED the hero, the heroine and the whole story! Cassidy Whalen and Shaw Matthews have been at each others throats at work since Shaw started working at Striker Sports Entertainment. Both of them being sports agents they are very competitive and are constantly trying to one up each other. When one of the managing partners of the company decides to retire, the gauntlet is thrown down....between Cassidy and Shay, whomever gets Denver Rockford to agree to sign with the company and let them be his agent, will get the partnership. And the war begins..... These two were so entertaining trying to outwit the other. There were many laugh out loud moments between these two and their banter was just awesome. What these two didn't expect was to be attracted to each other because of the competition. They hated each other but still lusted after each other....and the sexy times were HOT! Shaw thinks she is and ice queen and has no emotions whatsoever. Cassidy thinks he is a playboy that flaunts his wealth. What neither of them realize is that they are both alike in so many ways. I loved the way their relationship progressed and how they slowly started to realize things about each other that they had taken for granted. I loved how each of their groups of friends, were also friends. When Denver's finally ready to make his decision, things change in a heartbeat because of call Cassidy receives from back home. She must now fly back to Stonington, Maine because of her mother. This doesn't sit well with Shaw. He doesn't know why she left, but he decides to hop a plane from San Diego and follow her. I was surprised by the big reveal at the end and also can't wait to see what happens next. I loved this story and just could not put it down!
chelleq More than 1 year ago
For some reason, I had a really hard time getting into this book. It took over half the book before I could warm up to Shaw and Cassidy. I did like the way Cassidy operated by not letting anybody walk all over her in a man's world. Having to compete against each other to land a huge client for the firm, Shaw and Cassidy try to come up with ways to make themselves look good and the other one bad in front of the client and his family. I was pulling for Cassidy to win the competition because of how cocky Shaw kept coming across. The impression that I had of Shaw at the beginning of the book changed by the end of the book. After I found out how charmed Shaw's life had really been, I still kept pulling for Cassidy to win because of how cocky he still came across and how he would treat her. There were times that I did not know which way things would go and when the client finally decides which agent he is going to sign with, something happens that shake things up between Cassidy and Shaw even more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you publish a book, finish it. Do not try and increase sales for next book by leaving cliffhanger. It is wrong and devious.
Doodlebug4444 More than 1 year ago
5 out of 5 for this reader folks! SMOKIN’ HOT, TOE CURLING, YUMMILICIOUS! Yup …. just a few words to describe this hot hot read. Playing Dirty by C.L. Parker is the first book in her Monkey Business Trio series and what a fantastic start. If you like erotica, sports and a two strong willed leads that are fuelled by that fine line of love and hate, then you will adore this book. Shaw Matthews and Cassidy Whalen are two sport agents that have been pitted against each other to win a partnership within their agency. Both are worthy of this position, are excellent at what they do and have been advised to break the rules to sign the latest hot ticket player in the sports world. They also can’t stand each other, which makes this battle that much more bitter sweet. Shaw is fierce and will go to all extremes to get this contract, including seducing his nemesis. Cassidy has had to battle up hill her entire career just because of her sex alone, so she sure isn’t going to lose this contract on account of a sexist pig who she believes has had everything handed to him on a silver platter. She may have to pull the one card she has never pulled … her sex appeal. These two collide, go head to head and toe to toe, one up another and ultimately land in each others bed (or car, plane, wall .. you get the picture .. LOL) . Between these sheets the storm is as turbulent and possessive as are their verbal and strategic fights and before they know it, many lines are blurred and the real prize just may not be the coveted contract. I seriously loved these two characters and I am admittedly a sucker for a fierce hot battle. C.L. Parker delivers realistic scenes (in my world at least ..WINK), characters and a clear lesson that what you see isn’t always what you get. Many other characters were introduced and given their own little side stories that just added to the heat, humour and story development. The reader is left on a cliffhanger begging her to hurry up and release the next book. If you love the dirty talk, breaking rules and harsh truth in your books, then check this one out for sure! HAPPY READING! Copy supplied by Netgalley
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't wait for book #2!!! A must read. Great story line.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SummerSnowFalls More than 1 year ago
PLAYING DIRTY pits two alpha-personalities against each other in an all-out, no-holds-barred competition to snag the coveted sports representation of superstar Denver “Rocketman” Rockford. Cassidy Walden and Shaw Matthews are the top recruiting agents for a major sports representation firm. They bitten, clawed, and scraped their way to the top and are now poised to take over the single partnership opening – whoever lands Denver lands the job. Like any alpha, Cassidy is a competitive, almost-arrogant perfectionist who stops at nothing to get what she wants. Shaw is her complete male counterpart – equally arrogant, equally competitive, and just as willing to get his hands dirty getting what he wants. In this respect, I thought these character were TOO alike. There was little to no balance between them. They didn’t bring out the other’s good qualities as much as I’ve come to expect from romance and erotica. Instead, the fighting came across as mean and even childish. That said, once these two pulled the walls down and let their mutual attraction flow – wow! The passion, fire, and chemistry almost ignited my e-reader! I believe the phrase I’m looking for here is “hate-f*ck” – when characters take all that hate and anger and channel it straight into lust. That’s exactly what happened in PLAYING DIRTY. And over the course of their many love scenes, we learn a little bit about why Cassidy and Shaw act the way they do and get a hint of deeper feelings lingering below the surface. Shaw and Cassidy’s story is not over! This novel ended on a cliffhanger that will have you screaming and scrambling to push that “pre-order” button. Originally posted at Plot Twist Reviews [dot] Com I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
KYBookmama More than 1 year ago
Shaw and Cassidy hate each other. They work for the same sports agency and are vying for an open partner spot. When they are pitted against each other to sign a football player, the hatred comes out stronger. But despite this, they have HOT, STEAMY sex. So good and so well written. I knew this book was a trio but I thought the next book was about two supporting characters but alas we need to find out what happens next with Shaw and Cassidy. Not a cliff hanger but I was so caught up in the book that I was totally bummed when it ended! LOL. It's going to be hard to wait till November for the next book!
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Angela and posted at Under The Covers Book Blog Both Cassidy and Shaw are sports agents at the top of their game. They have always been in competition, but now the stakes are higher.  A partnership position is up for grabs, and Cassidy and Shaw are equally qualified. Only one will get the spot and only if they land the account with San Diego’s top Quarterback.  This competition will not only bring out their hate for each other, but their lust, and if they’re lucky, maybe love. I am impressed with Cassidy and Shaw. These two are such goal-oriented people who are obsessed with winning, and because they are equally driven and competitive, they found each other irresistible. It was pure hate and lust.  C.L. Parker packed this book with one hell of an erotic punch! I was taken aback with the s*x scenes in this book. It wasn’t quite BDSM but more kink, IMO.  There was a lot of power play, and there were times it happened in places least expected.  Bottom line, the steam factor was off the charts. As far as the relationship goes, I thought it was cute and sometimes a little disturbing that they couldn’t see what was in front of them.  As much as they played coy, it was obvious they felt something for each other. You’ll see that it’s not something they can control for very long.  Unfortunately, I’m ‘not sure where Parker will take this story.  Be forewarned, there is a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of this book.  Cassidy and Shaw’s story is not quite over yet, and I have a feeling it will get worse before it gets better.  There are signs of a love triangle in the future of this story.  I’m guessing it will be a bad boy vs. the boy next door kind of story.  It gives me butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. The story of the hero/heroine and secondary character kept me turning the pages as well. I loved that the storyline did not solely concentrate on the primary characters. I thought it gave the story a little more substance.  Overall, Parker did a great job with this book.  Playing Dirty is on my top ten hottest book for this year.  
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
Upon finishing, my initial reaction: Captivating. Seriously. But that ending? I'm about to flip my lid because I DON'T WANNA WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. My Thoughts (full review): If someone would ask me to describe this book in one word, it would be "sexy" because SERIOUSLY. Holy moly! You know those books where the two main characters have the sexual tension that results in extreme banter where they're a hair away from macking because they're in each other's faces? That's what I'm talking about. Cassidy and Shaw are an intense combination--completely at each other's throats and fighting for the same job. When things begin to heat up between them, the results are electric--proof that hate can be just as powerful a motivator as love when it comes to desire. Despite the fact that they do still hate each other--even after becoming lovers--the cracks begin to show, but barely. They're both too desperate to win that they refuse to see what's right in front of them. Playing Dirty was a captivating and, yes, sexy read. It was difficult for me to put it down for too long because I wanted to see more banter, more kissing, more everything. The only, and I don't even mean this in a bad way, thing I didn't like--that freaking cliffhanger! I seriously lost it when I turned the page and that was it. And even worse? The next book isn't out until November. *passes out* In any case, I'll definitely be getting my hands on the rest of this series by C.L. Parker because I can't get enough of Cassidy and Shaw! My Rating: Very Good
psee More than 1 year ago
5 Brilliant stars...but I didn't anticipate the ending Yes, this book really put me in a great mood as the funny banter and steaminess reminded me of books like Wallbanger and Tangled. As I loved those books consider that hi praise for Parker's Playing Dirty I love the feisty ball busting heroine, Cassidy Whalen and she is rivaled by Shaw Matthews, a hero who is a sexy enigma and has no hesitation going head to head with Cassidy. They are agents both looking to secure a partnership by signing football's hottest QB. Cassidy, having climbed her way up in a good old boys career struggles when she feels she must use her sexuality to land the QB. Shaw is not beyond playing dirty too and along the way they find out there are other ways they both like to be dirty. The chemistry and relations between Cassidy and Shaw are off the charts hot. Equally good is their navigation of that fine line between love, or at least lust, and hate. I love that along the way they start to question everything they have believed and have been fighting for, and I love that when it comes down to it, Cassidy does make a decision letting her heart take the lead. What I couldn't believe is that it ends with a cliffy....shoot me now. I only say this because I loved this book, didn't know that was going to happen, and now I must try to patiently wait for the next book. Luckily it isn't one of those gutting cliffhangers, but it leaves us desiring the next segment. I am conflicted because I have always felt it is best to wait for the next book before you start to read, but honestly, this book is so good I just want to tell everyone to read now. Hopefully Parker is typing away and the next book will be here soon. Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
mary8808 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads, so here is my review. Playing Dirty is just what it says, Cassidy Whalen and Shaw Matthews work at one for the top agencies for sports players and they will do anything to win the biggest player in the world of football. Denver "Rocketman" Rockford is the guy that every team wants and he wants an agent that will get it for him. Cassidy and Shaw will try to out do the other to win Denver over. And the way they hate each other you would think that they would not be seen in the same room. When they are alone the sparks fly and they can't stay away from each other. Their love/hate relationship, or lack there of, is what keeps the other fighting. What will they do to try and win Denver over and get the partner position at work? Both Cassidy and Shaw can't stop thinking about the other. Will they let the lust between them ruin their changes of winning over Denver? They are drawn to each other as they learn more about each others past. They will both learn of lies told, guilty feelings and running away. This is a first for me from C.L. Parker and I can't wait for more of this series. **Wicked Reads Review Team**
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
Shaw Matthews plays to win, and he intends to snag a coveted partnership at San Diego's hottest sports agency by signing America's top athlete. Only one woman stands in his way: rival agent Cassidy Whalen. But eliminating the competition will be Shaw's pleasure when he concocts an ingenious plan to seduce Cassidy and show the beautiful ballbreaker who's the better man for the job. That is, until Cassidy turns the tables—and their steamy encounters start breaking all the rules.  Cassidy has worked hard to make it in a man's cutthroat arena, and she isn't going down without a fight, not even against the six-two alpha hunk whose rock-hard body awakens desires she's never known before. As Cassidy shares night after night of unending passion with Shaw, the game begins to change. Now Cassidy stands to lose everything—unless a fiery contest of wills can become a winning proposition for two people who keep raising the stakes.  Review: You know what was one of my favorites things about this book, the dialog.  It had just the right amount of snark and it was smart, fun and witty.  Plus, the dirty talk was excellently done.  I really fell for this enemy to lovers story, in part from the dialog but the characters also.  At points I was in love and hate with Shaw and Cassidy.  The constant tension between Shaw and Cassidy, their trying to one-up each other lent to some great moments both emotionally and sexually. But, damn, they are sexy together even if they are not always good for each and the Author did a great job of writing some get your blood-a-pumpin' scenes.  Honestly, I thought the Author did a good job of clouding up whether the two of them will really make it in the long run.  Okay, now I am a little mad because I got to the last page and, crap it is a cliff-hanger and we have to wait until November :(  So needless to say, but this is Not a stand-alone book if you are one of those who needs to complete a series in one sitting. This is the first time I have read this Author and 1. cannot wait for book two in this series and 2. will definitely go check out her other stories. Hurry up November............. 4Stars
taisheena More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book by CL Parker. The story was refreshing and seeing her perspective become dimensional on the pages was marvelous. I was so intrigued that I couldn’t put it down. I kept flipping pages until the end. Good surprises as well as bad ones. It will keep you enthralled.  It’s a dog eat dog world as Shaw and Cassidy know. The story is wrapped around their quest to be a partner at their agency. They each try to seduce the other to get to the top. It is great fun to watch things unfold for this couple.  I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review. 
AmyBosica More than 1 year ago
Actual Rating: 3.5 Stars! Playing Dirty is the first book in the Monkey Business Trio series. I think this series is off to a good start and has a ton of potential. This book is HOT, steamy, and has no shortage of drama! I will warn you that this story does end with a cliffhanger, and I"m really looking forward to seeing how it will all play out.. *I was provided an ARC copy of this book via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*
mslizalou More than 1 year ago
***3.5 out of 5 stars*** I was provided a review copy from the publisher through NetGalley. C.L. Parker is a new-to-me author and I was excited to give her new series a try. I really loved both Shaw Matthews and Cassidy Whalen. The animosity between them was so intense, I knew they wouldn't be able to stay away from one another. I loved how competitive they both were at the sports agency. Both Cassidy and Shaw work so hard to land Denver "Rocket Man" Rockford for their agency, knowing the partnership in the agency is on the line. I could totally feel the mutual attraction between Shaw and Cassidy even as they were hating on each other and fighting to land Denver as a client. There is a fine line between love and hate, and the passion between Shaw and Cassidy seems to run along those same lines. Shaw and Cassidy couldn't seem to keep their hands off one another, yet continued to act as if they hated one another. In fact they had some pretty hot angry sex more than once in Playing Dirty. Shaw and Cassidy honestly had the most unconventional office romance. Their love/hate relationship was actually pretty epic in Playing Dirty. As much as they appeared to hate one another, they seemed to love to have sex with one another. In fact, they pretty much were guaranteed to be together if they were ever alone in a room together. I have to say I liked the more time they spent together, the more the hate end of their relationship started turning to like and edging towards love, at least from Cassidy's point of view. I realized that Playing Dirty was book 1 in the Monkey Business Trio, but assumed, in error it would seem, that each book would be about a different couple. I'll totally be honest and let readers know there is a cliffhanger ending with Playing Dirty. While I'm not opposed to the cliffhanger ending, I do like to have a bit of warning and honestly didn't see it coming with Playing Dirty. I really thought I would turn the page and have another chapter when I got to the end of the book.  I really enjoyed the progression of Shaw and Cassidy's relationship in Playing Dirty. I felt like both characters grew by spending time together and even fighting to land Denver as a client for the agency. While I didn't love the book ended on a cliffhanger, I still felt the story was very strong and I'm impatiently waiting for the next book in the Monkey Business Trio.
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
Shaw and Cassidy are sports agents competing for the same partnership and they will do anything to win. Funny, sexy and entertaining. I enjoyed the banter between Shaw and Cassidy as well as their chemistry together, very hot! Excellent Read.
MaineBookMomma More than 1 year ago
HOLY HOTNESS!! A little healthy competition between two sexually charged people makes for an exceptional plot!! I loved every aspect of Playing Dirty. It was an excellent start to a new series - I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on the other books in this series. Playing Dirty is Shaw and Cassidy's love story. The two have worked together for about a year when they are suddenly competing against one another for the same promotion. At this point, the book kicks into high gear. Their romance ignites and consumes all the oxygen in the room. It is sexually charged and intense. You're never really sure if Cassidy is going to kick Shaw in the balls or go down on him and vice versa with Shaw towards Cassidy. What makes it so fun is that both characters are clever and calculating. Almost over the top in their cockiness and arrogance but it is not annoying. Shaw and Cassidy will to do anything to win, neither one willing to back down. From their jobs, to their friends and with one another, they actually might be the most passionate people I've read about in a while. They captivate your attention and you can't look away. It's incredibly entertaining. Everything about this book drew me in. The characters. The plot. The quick, witted banter. The erotic sex scenes. The more I read, the harder it became to put the story down. I had to see who won or how the author resolved the couples situation. So I was completely disappointed when it ended. I'm ready for more!!!
celticmaggie More than 1 year ago
This is a powerful story. C L Parker has a really deep story line for us to follow. She has some really strong people who made the story. Cassidy works for a Sport Agency finding and signing athletes. Shaw is a newcomer and so starts the battle between both of them. One partner retires so they are pushed to sign a big athlete to become the new partner. They argue a lot. They have friends and all try to balance each other. Denver, the quarterback, teases Shaw and Cassidy, as to who wins his account. There are small twists and turns through the story but the big one comes at the end. I hope you enjoy reading this story, I have this book for an honest review for NetGalley.
JeriTRyan More than 1 year ago
When I got the invitation to read this book, I was fully into it without actually caring to take a look at Goodreads where I might would have found out that this is NOT A STANDALONE which copes with the story of Cassidy and Shaw. I was actually confused when there were not even 20 % left. I was like "Ok, now they really need to hurry up!" And then you turn the last pages and it sinks in that the second story will be also about them ! Yeah, speaking of an enormous badass surprise(n ot that I am not happy about one more book!). Right from the beginning of the story you are involved in a very steamy and pushing story which is full of powerful situations! The competition between them really grabs your attention as there are so many scenes in which you are like " Oh man, this is going to end soooooo badly! " For the reader it's pretty obvious right from the beginning that the plan to seduce each other is "interesting enough" to be the basis of a very powerful story. After reading other books, I probably would have complained about the mass of sex scenes in the book, but you get exactly what is written in the plot, so complaining about this wouldn't be fair. When I wrote down notes during reading, I actually have written down exactly these points. That there are so many hints(for instance about not letting themself feel anything for a person), but you often don't get to know what is the reason for these statements. And because I thought of this book as a completed story, I just wished for this book to include more background information and perhaps even less sex scenes. But now that I am finally clear about it, I hope that the author will use all these really good rudiments to create an even better second book! The fact that there are at the end ,for me, kind of too many new beggining story-lines is something I right now would not see as criticism. Something else I would like to mention is the fact that the story is very concentrated on the two protagonists even if we get to know all these lovely friends who all have a very special personality. On the one hand it's good as there is enough stubborn material to work with. In my opinion, it just would have been even better to put a little bit more "effort" into the description of their ,for example, business life. After all it is a sport agency. So with including typical scenes concerning this topic it would have been even more authentic. What can I say? This story got me right from the beginning. And when you read the title "Playing Dirty", I can guarantee you for sure that this is what you get. In more than one way..... > > > I have received this Book as an ARC from the Publisher < < < > > > In Exchange I promised an honest Review < < <
Samantha_Alice More than 1 year ago
LOVE! This book sucked me right in and didn't let me go until the last word to alert me to a cliffhanger. I've never read C. L. Parker's writing before this novel and I'm in love with both the writing and Shaw. The writing is vivid and compelling, the characters complicated and easy to like, and the story line is great.  Cassidy and Shaw work for the same sports firm and are pitted against one another to get a new client and the spot of partner. The two come from different upbringings and have always been in competition with one another. They say they can't stand one another, but remember there's a fine line between love and hate. The two begin an affair without meaning to while vying for the same client. Things come to a head while they are in Detroit and we get a look into Shaw's personal life just a bit.  Through twists and turns we begin to see the two need one another and the hate they thought was there has been replaced with other feelings. Shaw has had a rough life and the more you learn about him the more you can understand him. Cassidy is witty and full of confidence. Shaw is crude, charming, and overly confident. The two make for an interesting while redeeming couple. I can't wait for the next book in this series! I was given this book on exchange for an honest review and hope to get the second one when it's ready.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
OK, I think I'm calm enough to write this review now. I've retrieved my kindle after it hit the wall at the end of this book! I didn't realize it had a cliffhanger and the story continues in the next book so be warned. That said, overall I really enjoyed this very steamy and well crafted story. The writing was great although I did think it was slightly drawn out. Really loved the characters too. The secondary characters really help make the story. The quick and witty banter between Shaw and Cassidy was hilarious at times. It was laugh out loud funny at times and heart touching at others. Overall a really good read and I would definitely recommend it.