Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

by Lesley Davis


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Takira Lathan’s life revolves around her restaurant. She owns it, cooks in it, and is one hundred percent dedicated to its success. Her life starts to veer off course when money goes missing and so does her restaurant manager, leaving her in the lurch. Most importantly, raising her young nephew was never anywhere in her plans.

Dante Groves could be the answer to Takira’s prayers. She’s an excellent manager and is totally at ease with children. She’s also mature, kind, and unashamedly butch. Takira can’t help being attracted, but Dante’s emotional baggage from her last relationship has left her way too wary of romance.

Betrayed by those they trusted, Takira and Dante must rely on each other to create a recipe for success, both in business and in love.

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ISBN-13: 9781635554335
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Publication date: 06/11/2019
Pages: 266
Sales rank: 206,846
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Lesley Davis lives in the West Midlands of England. She is a die-hard science-fiction/ fantasy fan in all its forms and an extremely passionate gamer. When her games controller is out of her grasp, Lesley can be found seated before the computer, writing.
Truth Behind The Mask was Lesley's first book published with Bold Strokes Books. Since then she has had published Playing Passion's Game, Dark Wings Descending (a Lambda Literary Award finalist for Lesbian Romance), Pale Wings Protecting, Playing In Shadow, Starstruck, and Raging At The Stars. Lesley has had short stories published in Erotic Interludes 2: Stolen Moments, Erotic Interludes 5: Road Games, Romantic Interludes 2: Secrets, Breathless: Tales of Celebration, and Amor and More-all from Bold Strokes Books.

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Playing with Fire 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
GayleT00000 10 days ago
This is a sweet, flowing story about two women who have both had their share of heartbreak and doubts in their lives. Dante is a lovely butch who thought she knew love, only to have her partner cheat on her, causing her to leave town and travel the world, trying to forget the pain of betrayal. Takira is a woman who has been neglected all her life, even in the face of her twin sister's wild ways and eventual death. She runs a popular restaurant in Columbia, Missouri, which is also Dante's home town. Dante returns to town after several years and lands in Takira's restaurant for a meal and to slow down from her constant travel. She and Takira meet for the first time, introduced by a mutual friend. Takira learns that Dante used to be a restaurant manager, which is something Takira desperately needs. The slow burn starts from the moment these two women meet, and it doesn't let up. This is a sweet well-written story with a good plot and populated with friends and family.
Reader4102 3 months ago
This is the third book in the series written by the author. You need not to have read the first two books to enjoy this one. Takira Lathan has spent years making her restaurant successful. However, her manager has managed to steal her blind and she must now work twice as hard to restore her finances and keep the restaurant operating while she finds a replacement manager. Enter Dante Groves who arrives on the scene fresh from roaming Europe after a bad breakup a few years earlier. They are introduced by a mutual friend and Takira hires Dante on the spot even allowing her to share her apartment above the restaurant. This book has an interesting setting, the restaurant, and two likable main characters. But there’s something lacking here. We’re told there’s chemistry between Takira and Dante, but the reader never really feels it. Takira allows Dante to take over running her beloved restaurant with nary a thought to what the consequences may be. As Dante arrives in Takira’s life so does her deceased sister’s two-year-old son – and guess what? Dante is surprisingly good with children even though there’s nothing to indicate she’s had any dealings with toddlers. I wanted to like this book because I liked Takira from the first page, but the author failed to add depth to either Takira or Dante. Yes, there was angst, Dante had closed herself off from her emotions when her previous relationship ended badly. Takira wasn’t prepared to be a mother and reeled from the perfidy of her manager, but at some point when the angst becomes the novel, the novel becomes boring. Several secondary characters have walk-on roles here, but since this is one in a series, the reader suspects the author is teasing her with these characters, perhaps soon to be main characters in future books in this series. Finally, the author gets preachy about Dante being a mannish-looking woman and two of the characters giving long lectures to others about how everyone should be judged on who they are not what they look like. This book could have been so much more than it is. But if you like strong women with a gooey inner self, then this would be the book for you.
Reader1983 3 months ago
I really enjoyed this book. This is the third in the Playing Series, Trent and Elton make an appearance in one of Davis's other books, and it is a good one. It can definitely be read as a standalone but having read the others gives you better appreciation of Juliet, Trent, and Harley as well as the other characters from the past. This one is about Tekira, a restaurant owner, and Dante, a wondered coming home to put down roots. They meet at a time that they can both benefit from, Tekira needs a new manager and lo and behold Dante just happens to be an amazing one looking for a job. Through in an unbelievably cute kid in Finn and his and Harley's interaction and it's just perfect. Now there are some set themes, I think is the right word though maybe not, in this book. One is the older/younger romance. I think the age difference is like 12 years. There is also the butch/femme, which honestly is one my favorites. I love a good butch/femme read. I know some people find them stereotypical but hey I read for the stereotypical and the happy ending not for the complete politically correctness of it all...cause honestly I would love everything in life to be NEW but that's not realistic so why should my reading (stepping off my short soapbox). Anyways, like previous books in the series there are some obstacles, a little bit of angst, great characters, great "family," and feel good feeling surrounding them. I really enjoyed it and readers of the previous one will too. Definitely my second favorite in the series