Playwutchyalike: The Best of Digital Underground

Playwutchyalike: The Best of Digital Underground

by Digital Underground


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Playwutchyalike: The Best of Digital Underground

2003's Playwutchyalike differs significantly from 2001's No Nose Job in its treatment of Digital Underground's album material, and yet both compilations play to the group's strengths rather well. The only miscue worth truly griping about here is the absence of "The Return of the Crazy One"; aside from that, it comes down to weighing album tracks against one another. This disc smartly includes the album mix of "Underwater Rimes," and it also features a number of other tracks not found on No Nose Job: "Sex Packets," "Nuttin' Nis Funky," "Heartbeat Props," and "We Got More." However, the likes of "Carry the Way," "Flowin' On the D-Line," "Doo Woo You," and "Dope-a-Delic" -- all of which are present on No Nose Job -- are sacrificed. Again, some significant singles are found in their truncated radio-edit versions, which is detrimental to songs that are more enjoyable in the loosest form possible. The group's best material has aged extremely well, with "Same Song," "Doowutchyalike," and especially "Kiss You Back" proving that the group's most popular hit wasn't even their best. As with No Nose Job, Playwutchyalike ends the coverage at 1993's Body-Hat Syndrome, with none of the group's post-Tommy Boy material (wisely) considered.

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Release Date: 06/10/2003
Label: Rhino
UPC: 0081227386122
catalogNumber: 73861

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Digital Underground   Primary Artist
Bulldog   Vocals
Randy Brooks   Synthesizer Bass
Master Mind DJ   Rap
Saafir   Vocals
Clee Askew   Vocals
Big Money Odis   Vocals,Rap
Michael Boston   Vocals
Bonnie Boyer   Vocals
George Clinton   Vocals
D-Love   Rap
Gwen Everett   Vocals
Ronald "Omar" Everett   Vocals
Fuze   Vocals
Ramone "Pee Wee" Gooden   Vocals
Michael Hampton   Guitar
Toby "T-Love" Holton   Vocals
Jeremy "Jay-Z" Jackson   Turntables,Vocals,Sampling
Ronese Levias   Vocals
Descaro Moore   Vocals
Kim Morgan   Vocals
O.B.   Rap
Piano-Man   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Turntables,Sampling
Ronvell Sharper   Vocals
Shorty B.   Rap
Shirley Tabor   Vocals
Sleuth   Vocals
Dan Myers   Vocals
Mark Moore   Vocals,Rap
Deon Evans   Sampling
Big Stretch   Rap
Bret Davis   Vocals
Yukmouth   Track Performer
Conditioner   Guitar
Omar Everett   Rap
God Rakiem   Rap
Mack-Mone   Vocals,Rap
MC Blowfish   Vocals
Niggerachi   Synthesizer,Keyboards
PeeWee   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Vocals,Rap
Shassiah   Rap
C M J   Vocals
Tupac Shakur   Vocals,Rap
Kent Racker   Bass Guitar,Vocals
Liz Racker   Vocals
Tanisha Spencer   Vocals
Vinny B   Vocals
Ron "Money B" Brooks   Vocals,Rap
Maverick & the Underground Speakhowyalike Crew   Vocals
Juan Carlos   Percussion
Blocko   Vocals,Rap

Technical Credits

Digital Underground   Producer
Donna Summer   Composer
Bernie Worrell   Composer
Miles Davis   Composer
Herbie Hancock   Composer
Earl Humphrey   Composer
Walter "Junie" Morrison   Composer
Giorgio Moroder   Composer
Clee Askew   Composer
Pete Bellotte   Composer
Bootsy Collins   Composer
Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner   Composer
Ron Brooks   Composer
Chopmaster J   drum programming
George Clinton   Composer
Steve Counter   Engineer
Michael Denten   Engineer
Glen Goins   Composer
Ramone "Pee Wee" Gooden   Composer
Michael Hampton   Composer
Darrin Harris   Engineer
Jimi Hendrix   Composer
Brian Holland   Composer
Herbert Ivey   Composer
Jeremy "Jay-Z" Jackson   Programming,drum programming
Marshall "Rock" Jones   Composer
Dewayne Blackbyrd McKnight   Composer
Bob Morse   Engineer
Piano-Man   Programming,Producer,String Arrangements,drum programming,Sample Arrangements
Garry Shider   Composer
Mark Slagle   Engineer
David Spradley   Composer
Jim Vitti   Composer
J.S. Theracon   Composer
Greg Jacobs   Composer
Bryan Lasley   Art Direction
Carrie Askew   Composer
Robert Bateman   Composer
Deon Evans   drum programming
Edmund Vance Cook   Composer
Jerold Ellis   Composer
MC Blowfish   Producer
Underground Production Squad   Producer
Blackbyrd McKnight   Composer
Davey D   Liner Notes
Peter Bishop   Composer
Tupac Shakur   Composer
Dany C. Tone   Liner Notes
David Elliot   Composer
Terence Raymon Woodford   Composer
P. Bishop   Composer
Eddie Humphrey   Composer
Earl Cook   Composer
P. Wynn   Composer

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