Pleasing to God: The Life Inside

Pleasing to God: The Life Inside

by Raj K Saganty


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This book is for all believers and disciples of Christ and for all stages of their Spiritual lives. It includes deep word of God and helps the reader to come closer to God and to Please God. Includes topics "Lord Jesus Love for you - No Greater love than this", "How sin came into existence?", "Evil and suffering - Is God unjust"?, "Increasing in faith", "Pure Heart", "Permanent Salvation", "Body, Spirit and Soul", "Why Lord Jesus called it as Narrow Way"?, "From death to life", "Living under the Grace of Lord Jesus", "Victory for your Spiritual life", "Receiving Blessings from God", "How to deny your old self and live by the new self", "How to align your mind to Lord Jesus and His Word"? "Guarding your heart in this world", "Answer for your life", "Living by The Holy Spirit", "Living a Successful Christian life" and more.....

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ISBN-13: 9781519546463
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/09/2015
Pages: 412
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.92(d)

About the Author

Raj Saganty is a Sr.Preacher, Founder and Chairman of his ministry and he is from India and born and brought up in a Christian family by God- fearing parents. His Grand Father was a School principal and also the Pastor to a Church. His Dad served the Govt in India as police officer. His Dad was a wonderful man of The Almighty. His Dad was an example for the colleagues and the population.

He also did His Masters in theology. Holy Spirit taught Him and gave Him the deep understanding of the Word of God because of Lord Jesus's Grace alone. When He was 14 years of age, He accepted Lord Jesus as His Savior and He learned and completely submitted His Life to Christ. When He was around 21 years, He decided to seek for the Lord for days and Lord Jesus Heard Him and spoke to Him through the Word of God and gave Him His promise from Lord Jesus.
Isaiah 60:1 Arise, shine for your Light has come, for the Glory of the Lord rises upon you.

After some months Lord Jesus spoke to Him in the night when He was walking after dinner on the terrace and said "Come and serve me" but He did not understand much at that time. But where ever He was, Lord Jesus was using Him as a testimony before His friends, class mates and the world.

One day He prayed to Lord Jesus to give Him understanding and knowledge of the Word of God and Lord Jesus Heard His prayer and blessed Him with deep understanding and wisdom of the Word of God.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! All the Glory to Lord Jesus Christ alone!

Lord Jesus performed many miracles and Healings in His Life and ministry and Lord Jesus Healed People with ear problems, Rheumatic arthritis even when doctor's gave up but Lord Jesus Healed them completely. Lord Jesus even saved some Souls of unknown and unseen People with just a prayer because of His Grace upon their lives. We are all zeros but Lord Jesus is The True Hero. He is the Founder and Director/President of his Ministry "Glory To God Jesus Ministry".

Lord Jesus gave you even His Life on the Cross when you did not ask Him, would He not give you if you ask Him?
Ask, it Will be given to you, seek you Will find, knock the door Will be opened.
Glory to Lord Jesus alone, The TRUE HERO and the LION of JUDAH.

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