Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals after Dark Series #9)

Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals after Dark Series #9)

by Kresley Cole

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ISBN-13: 9781416580959
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication date: 02/16/2010
Series: Immortals after Dark Series , #9
Edition description: Original
Pages: 448
Sales rank: 145,168
Product dimensions: 4.24(w) x 6.82(h) x 1.15(d)

About the Author

Kresley Cole is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Immortals After Dark paranormal series and the young adult Arcana Chronicles. Her books have been translated into over twenty foreign languages, garnered three RITA awards, and consistently appear on the bestseller lists in the US and abroad. Before becoming a writer, Cole was a world-ranked athlete, coach, and graduate student. She has traveled over much of the world and draws from those experiences to create her memorable characters and settings. She lives in Florida with her family and “far too many animals,” and spends any free time traveling. You can learn more about her and her work at or Sign up for Kresley’s email newsletter to receive the latest book release updates, as well as info about contests and giveaways (

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Pleasure of a Dark Prince

  • Southern Louisiana

    Present day

    “Munro, you daft git, pass the ball!” Garreth MacRieve yelled at his kinsman over the thunder and howling winds.

    Tonight was their yearly skins-versus-demons rugby match—a tradition for Garreth and his clan, meant to take his mind from the anniversary this day marked. Garreth was barefooted, wearing only jeans and no shirt. Rain pounded in strengthening intervals, turning this abandoned grassy airstrip in bayou country into a mire of muck and turf. Sweat mingled with mud—and some blood.

    He almost felt . . . not numb. And that in itself was a feat.

    Munro flipped him off but did finally sling him the ball. The leather was coated in grit, mixing with the filth covering Garreth’s bared chest. He feinted left, then sprinted right around two colossal Ferine demons, shoving his hand in their faces, stiff-arming them.

    As he ran, with his heart pounding in his ears, he could forget. The exertion and the aggression were both so welcome, he wanted to beat his bare chest.

    The swift Ferines surrounded him, so he tossed the ball to Uilleam, Munro’s twin, who took it in to score. His brothers-in-arms were strong and ruthless contenders, as was he. The beasts inside them loved to fight, to play. Rough.

    The demons responded to the goal with trash talk and shoving. Like a shot, Garreth was in the middle.

    “You’re raring to fight for an heirless king,” Caliban, the Ferines’ leader, sneered. “Nothing new—you Lykae go through kings like I piss demon brew.”

    Of all the sore subjects to bring up, Garreth’s kingship was the one most infuriating. And on this day?

    He launched himself at Caliban, but Munro and Uilleam heaved him back. As other demons steered Caliban away from the scuffle, Munro said, “Save it for the game, friend.”

    Garreth spat blood in Caliban’s direction before letting the two lead him away to cool off. While Uilleam and Munro stayed with him, the other Lykae on the team made their way to the sidelines to mingle with the “cheerleaders.”

    The demons took the opportunity to take a timeout and drink demon brew. The only bad thing about playing with demons—one of the few species in the Lore that could contend with the Lykae in a physical contest—was their continual “brew breaks.” Only seemed fair that Garreth and his kinsmen shoot copious amounts of whiskey to mitigate their advantage. They swilled it straight from the bottle, each one with his own, the Lykae version of Gatorade.

    Their cooler was full of fifths.

    “You’ve got to let this go, Garreth,” Munro said, taking a deep drink.

    Garreth swiped his hand over the back of his neck, getting the feeling that he was being watched. But then, he and all the other players were. Nymphs lined the field, oblivious to the rain, touching themselves and sucking on their own fingers as they impatiently waited for this game to turn into an orgy.

    He irritably gazed at the females. “Why’d you invite them?” he demanded. “Damn you both, I weary of this. Did you never think that I doona like nymphs?”

    “Nay,” Uilleam said with a swig. “Any being that sports a penis likes nymphs.”

    Munro drained his bottle and added, “You canna argue with medical facts.”

    Garreth knew Uilleam and Munro meant well, but this was getting old. “I doona like them. They’re too . . . too . . .”



    “Easy,” Garreth said. “They’re too easy. For once I’d like to have a female give me a challenge. One that would no’ fall into bed with me because I’m supposedly a king.” When Munro opened his mouth to speak, Garreth said, “Aye, supposedly.”

    Munro shook his head gravely. “And still you believe Lachlain will return.”

    The three had been round and round about this for one and a half centuries, since the time his older brother had vanished after setting out to hunt vampires.

    Uilleam and Munro told Garreth that he awaited Lachlain unreasonably. Best accept that his brother was gone, especially after so long had passed since his disappearance. One hundred and fifty years—to the day, this day. They said Garreth hadn’t moved on and accepted his responsibilities as king.

    They were right.

    “When will you believe he’s no’ coming back?” Uilleam asked. “Two hundred years from now? Five hundred?”

    “Never. No’ if I still feel he’s alive.” Though vampires had killed the rest of his immediate family, for some reason, Garreth still sensed Lachlain lived. “No’ if I feel it as I do now.”

    “You’re as bad off as Bowen,” Uilleam said, finishing his own bottle—and opening another.

    Bowen was Garreth’s first cousin, a shell of a man since he’d lost his mate. He spent every waking moment in agony, yet he wouldn’t accept the loss and end his life as most Lykae males would have in his situation. “No’ like Bowen,” Garreth said. “He saw his mate gored, saw her death. I dinna see such proof with Lachlain.” No, I searched and searched and found . . . nothing.

    “Game on!” a demon called.

    Garreth shook himself from his memories, swigged whiskey, then mustered to the field with his kinsmen.

    Caliban bared his fangs at his opponents, a gesture Garreth returned as the teams huddled up.

    Quick snap. Ball in play. Passed to Caliban. Garreth saw his chance, charging for him, pumping his arms for speed . . . faster . . . faster . . . He leapt for the demon, tackling him with all his strength.

    As they careened to the ground, a length of Caliban’s horn snapped off, and he bellowed with rage. “You’re going to pay for that, Lykae!”

    For miles, Lucia the Huntress had been stalking her night’s prey, growing increasingly perplexed when the tracks she followed led her closer to what sounded like a battle, echoing with roars and curses.

    Mayhem? Without inviting the Valkyrie? And in our territory, too? If beings were going to trespass in order to war, they should at least have the courtesy to invite the host faction to the conflict.

    When she came upon the battlefield, Lucia canted her head to the side. Clash of the Loreans, she thought as she beheld modern gladiators—not at war, but at play. Immortal rugby.

    Winds whipped along the mile-long field, and lightning flashed above them, mirroring the intensity of the contest. It was like a ceremony celebrating . . . maleness.

    Lucia easily recognized the horned players as demons, and she suspected their shirtless opponents were Lykae. If so, then the rumors were true. The werewolves were in fact encroaching on Valkyrie territory. She was surprised. In the past, they’d kept to themselves, staying at their sprawling compound outside of the city.

    Congregating at the sidelines, Nymph spectators trembled with excitement, likely seeing this as no more than a mud-wrestling match between brawny heartthrobs.

    A ruthless hit on the field made Lucia raise a brow. Not at the violence—she was a shield maiden after all—but at the unthinking violence. Though these Loreans all trespassed, they were oblivious to an Archer in their midst, one who could inflict serious damage—very swiftly and from a great distance.

    Levelheaded Lucia, as she was now known, didn’t comprehend unthinking. But then she didn’t comprehend men. Never had.

    Luckily for them, the only violence she’d deliver this eve would be to her targets: two kobolds—vile gnomelike creatures—who’d been seen stalking human young to feed on.

    Her sister Nïx, the half-mad Valkyrie soothsayer, had dispatched her to these bayous to dispose of them. Lucia had asked Regin to join her, but she’d declined, preferring to play video games in the comfort of their coven over another “rain-drenched bug hunt.”

    Lucia had jumped at the chance. After donning a T-shirt and hiking shorts, she’d strapped on her leather thigh quiver, archer’s glove, and forearm guard. With her trusty bow in hand, she’d set out at once . . . .

    Another brutal hit. She nearly winced at the impact from that one—a piece of horn skipped down the field like a lost helmet—but she wasn’t surprised. Lykae and demons were two of the most brutal species on earth.

    Worse, one of those bare-chested males had caught Lucia’s attention. Completely. No matter how badly she wished otherwise, Lucia still noted attractive men, and as the teams skirmished, she couldn’t help but appreciate the power in his towering frame, his speed and agility. Though mud splattered his torso and a shadow of a beard swathed his lean face, she still found him handsome in a rough and tumble way.

    His eyes were a burnished gold color with rakish laugh lines fanning out from them. At one time, he’d been happy; he clearly wasn’t now. Tension radiated from his body, anger blazing off him.

    When those golden irises flickered a bright ice blue, she confirmed what he was. A Lykae. A werewolf.

    An animal. His handsome face masked a beast, literally.

    “You call that a hit, you bluidy ponce!” he yelled at one of the demons, the muscles in his neck and chest standing out in strain as he bowed up and bared his fangs. His accent was Scottish, but then most of the Lykae were Highlanders—or they used to be, before homesteading southern Louisiana. “Aye, Caliban! Go fook yerself!”

    Others were drawing him back from a particularly large demon, seeming exasperated, as if the male had been picking fights all night. Probably had. The Lykae were considered a menace in the Lore, with little control over their ferocity. In fact, they seemed to revel in it.

    One hundred percent unadulterated male, alpha to the core. And still he was making her . . . lust. As the game continued, Lucia waited for revulsion to drown out her attraction. And waited.

    Yet with each pitiless blow the male gave—and took—and with each of his growled threats and taunts, it burned hotter. Her breaths shallowed and her small claws went from straight to curling, aching to clutch a warm body to her own.

    But when she remembered the last time she’d felt like this, a chill swept over her. She dragged her gaze from his antics and surveyed the nymphs frolicking on the sidelines. Lucia had once been like them—hedonistic, serving no higher purpose.

    Am I still to be like them? No, she was disciplined now; she had a code. I’m a Skathian—by right of pain and the blood I’ve spilled.

    With a hard shake of her head, she forced herself to focus on her mission—dispatching the kobolds. To the naked eye, they appeared cherubic, but they were actually ground dwellers with reptilian features. And when their populations went unchecked they tended to snatch human young, which jeopardized all of Lorekind.

    The pair had split up, one of them fleeing deeper into the swamps, while the other hid behind the wall of nymph spectators, assuming itself safe in this crowd.

    Lucia absently fingered the flights of the barbed arrows strapped to her thigh and savored the comforting weight of her bow over her shoulder.

    Her prey assumed wrong. The Archer never missed.

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    Pleasure of a Dark Prince 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 742 reviews.
    OpheliaTX More than 1 year ago
    Kresley Cole delights readers once again with yet another amazing Lore tale, Pleasure of A Dark Prince. Lucia the Huntress is a fierce Valkyrie who has experienced love as a young girl but all was not as it seemed. She barely survives to enter into her immortality and becomes a fierce Valkyrie along with her sisters. She paid a high price to survive. She's confronted with Garreth, the womanizing highland warrior Prince reluctant to take his older brother's place as king of the Lykae. But he definitely recognizes Lucia as his mate. And with the Ascencion nigh, a kind of apocalyptic battle of immortals, can Lucia afford to give into her passion for Garreth when she has so much to lose? She's a runner, evading Garrett and leading him on a merry chase which royally pisses him off. He finally catches up to her in the Amazon - let the party begin. Hot, hot and hotter. Temps outside equal temps in the bedroom. Garreth is determined to keep his mate safe and help her in her quest to kill an evil god. But of course, he wants something too, using blackmail and whatever means at hand to get what he wants. And with Lucia keeping secrets from him, Garreth is not a happy mate. Their journey will lead them to an unimaginable culmination with so much suspense along the way, I couldn't put the book down! These two characters practically smolder off the page. Kresley Cole has written another winner! Garreth and Lucia's story has been worth the wait. She has built a rich cast of characters, teasing us with Garreth and Lucia's story in her first book. As a bonus, we get catch up with Lachlain (Garreth's brother and the rightful Lykae king) and Emma (A Hunger Like No Other) and Bowen and Mariketa (Wicked Deeds On A Winter's Night). Mariketa has to be one of my favorites, she's too funny and cute in her avarice when it comes to business. And what an epilogue! Yes, definitely - more of that please!
    WantonWoman More than 1 year ago
    This is my first experience with paranormal romances and I have to say that I was spellbound. I can't wait to read more of Kresley Coles other books and have ordered them already! I was in awe of Garreth's love and obsession with Lousha (Lucia) that my heart just melted. I was entranced by his want and need to finally "claim" her. I was almost in tears near the end of the book (I won't reveal what happens), needless to say, I felt I was right there with him, along with Lousha. This book will be one to read over and over again and will definitely be part of my growing library.
    BuckleMe More than 1 year ago
    Between the dictionary of terms in the front and the hilarious Nix herself, this series is amazing. I love how the Lore runs there own world, not weighing down the story with human interactions and no hiding their true natures. It is breathtaking to have an author that can continue to churn out good, entertaining books time and time again. Cole has even managed to tie in the Lords of the Underworld (my personal favorite men by author Gena Showalter). She can never go wrong with that. I'm hoping Nix is able to free one of the warriors from their sin. I look forward to reading more of Cole's work.
    supechick More than 1 year ago
    I am reading the series in order. After I finish one, I think it is the one I like the most. Who would think that these immortal men wore their hearts on their sleeves? Too bad there aren't any immortals like that running around in our time. I would really like to meet up with some!! It was a very good book the suspense kept you wanting to turn to the last page just to make sure things turned out well. Enjoy!!
    ReadingRaven More than 1 year ago
    Although I didn't enjoy this novel quite as much as the previous installments, it did hold great adventure in the Amazon and the mysterious El Dorado, and the main characters, Lucia and Garreth, were intense. The relationship between Lucia and Garreth was stressful because he chased her all over the world for over a year, and still she is not able to accept she's his mate because she will lose the powers gifted to her. These powers allow her to keep an evil god from rising every century to rule the world, and torture her with pain and bearing his children. There wasn't a lot of high-end romance, but there was major intrigue and desire. During the great Amazon adventure, although she had to refuse going all the way with him, he blackmailed her into succumbing to all other desires, and built on the ever-present attraction. The creatures described in the rainforest were awesome, and especially at the end we find out things that have happened that foretell even more great adventures. Yet another great novel in Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark Series, I recommend this series to all readers.
    Chocolategrl More than 1 year ago
    When my best friend bought this book and started to tell me about it i knew i had to read it. It turned out so good that we're in the process of getting all the rest of Cole's book. I've already read Kiss Of A Demon King and it was great as well. The werewolf was (scream)!!!!!! I love this book it was ultra sexy one under 10 should be reading this!
    Kallisto More than 1 year ago
    Wow... where to begin.!!! If you want to enjoy sexy, provocative, every man a woman could dream of, that sexy woman a man wishes for... they're in this book. The plot is a fantasy treat so sweet it'll leave you wishing there was already a sequel out there waiting for you. The characters are far from simple sexual tension; there are deep and riveting layers of emotions for the reader to dive in head first. The writing is a wonderful experience that will have you googling every other book this author has written. By far an absolute delightful experience.
    The_Reading_Reviewer More than 1 year ago
    Lucia Archer gave up her name (Lucia the Maiden), her freedom and ability for a healthy sexual relationship in exchange for her life and an existence tied to the bow and arrow. She did so freely knowing that in order to stop the eventual Armageddon that would be caused by the Broken Bloody One should he find her. This man was a monster but she had married believing he loved her and would worship her entire existence but instead he took torture to a higher level than she could ever imagine. However, Lucia remained true to her Valkyrie sisters and their mission. Garreth MacRieve is one alpha male who belongs to the Lyake Clan and spends the full moon as a werewolf. He is reluctantly ruling his pack until his brother, the rightful king would return and trying to keep everyone away from harm. But a sudden turn of events places him squarely in the path of major trouble in the form of Lucia. Garreth immediately becomes aware of the fact that he had met his match in her as well as his mate. He will do everything to keep her safe and protect her from danger and spends the next year of his life following her around the world on her quest to prevent the end of the world. Lucia is not so accepting that she needs Garreth and does what she can to lose him but he is a werewolf after all and he can find his mate with a sniff of the air. Once they are united on a boat not safe for any voyage let alone one into the Amazon River Garreth and Lucia become one united front dealing with evil, danger and the other passengers on the boat who have agendas much scarier than earlier imagined. Garreth continues to pursue Lucia and prove that he is her chosen male but Lucia fights the idea with all of her powers but every day she loses a little more of her resistance to his charm and the ability to just say "no" to him and consummate their relationship even knowing what the consequences are. When the danger becomes out of control and possibly fatal to Lucia, Garreth has enough power and love to take the situation under his command and make sure those who are threatening his love pay for their misdeeds and Lucia become mated to him completely and forever. Kresley Cole takes each book in this series up a notch so that if you thought you had read it all guess again. You never tire of the characters, fail to enjoy the story or wish the next book was coming out in a week instead of a year. This book does keep you on your toes because it moves around a little within the other books in the series but if you have read them no problem understanding the plot and if not Ms. Cole explains everything so that you will follow the storyline just fine. Mary Gramlich ~ ("The Reading Reviewer") ~
    Aula on LibraryThing 10 months ago
    I read these books for the sex scenes, as I find the gendering of the characters atrocious (dominant men who don't respect women or their wishes and women who want dominant men who don't respect them or their wishes). The phrase 'she says no but her body means yes' would be a great tag-line for this series - how many times was that used as a defence in rape cases? I don't find any romance in these books as it's all solely focused on sex (which is fine, in and of itself) but the attempt to equate dominance and sex with a real emotional connection is trite.That aside, I've enjoyed - to a lesser or greater extent - most of Cole's books in this series. This one I didn't - the characters were annoying and under-deveoloped and the ending just irritating in its blatant setup for a few more books to come.My least favourite of them all.
    NiinaC on LibraryThing 10 months ago
    Garreth MacRieve is sick of easy women, sure the Lykae are the best built and most ruggedly handsome Lore creatures around but Garreth, the "king" until his brother Lachlain is found, is done with easy. Just as this crosses his mind in the middle of a Lykae vs. Demons rugby game he catches a whiff of his destined mate, the one woman who he now simply cannot live without, and when he catches the sight of her he's surprised to see a bow wielding Valkyrie. This bodes ill as the two Lore fractions don't... get along, to put it nicely.Lucia the Archer, came by her ability as she laid broken and raped on the floor of temple of the Goddess Skathi who bestows on her her talent for archery and a mission to keep The Bloody Broken One, her attacker from leaving his ghastly residence every 500 years. Lucia swears an oath of purity, swearing celibacy for her healed body and unmatched archery, if she is to sleep with a man her gift would be gone. Another term is that if she misses she will experience unimaginable pain.Now a wolf is watching her like she was made for him, and he doesn't take half-hearted no - after all he is gorgeous - for an answer. Finding out MacRieve's secret she tricks him and escapes to find the diemont, the god killer, which she can use to actually kill the god, The Bloody Broken One. But Garreth follows her whereever she goes, hunting her, always one step behind her. But she can't be distracted there is an apocalypse to stop.I absolutely loved this book! The story is fairly simple but Garreth and Lucia make it so spicy!Lucia desperately wants the werewolf even though she cannot admit it, and Garreth can't think of anything except having her for forever even if this means chasing her all over the globe. It's such a yummy combination that it's impossible not to get a little giddy!I'm a fan of Kresley Cole, and this was very similar to A Hunger Like No Other ( IAF#1 ) in its mood, and I absolutely loved it. Loved the world, loved the nasty dangerous Amazon and the Indiana Jones-esque story with hot enough romance to melt one's panties!
    TheBooknerd on LibraryThing 10 months ago
    I didn't like this book much, which greatly disappoints me because I was hoping this would be a great, new series for me. Yummy cover art aside, I found Garreth annoying -- and Lucia not much better. The plot was an interesting concept that wasn't played out to my satisfaction. Worst of all, though, were the skips in time that made the story disjointed. One minute you're here, next minute you're there. With no or poorly executed transitions between some scenes, there was a lot of "wait, what?" As part of a series, this book definitely does not stand alone. In fact, I think one would need to read several books from this series simultaneously in order to get a smooth reading experience.
    ZosiaCanberra on LibraryThing 10 months ago
    I fully intended to read this whole series in order, and read the first three, but the fourth book didn¿t capture me and this is the only other one I had in paperback. Firstly, I¿d like to say Kresley Cole is a very talented writer. She¿s one of those people who can write extremely readable prose, and she has some great ideas. But the problem is she¿s so caught up in her `great ideas¿ that the story suffers greatly for it. This series is very heavy on the sex, so be warned. For me, it is a much more erotic series than, say, the Black Dagger Brotherhood. And - as always - we have the `almost sex¿ scenes for most of the book and the characters always have some excuse as to why they cannot sleep together. Right from the first paragraph I encountered the main problem I have with this series: too much made up stuff. Too many strange names and made up creatures. In most paranormal series we have to learn the world rules for one or two species. In this one there are two trillion and counting. It¿s so overwhelming there¿s a great long glossary to study up on at the beginning of the book - and even then it doesn¿t make much sense. You should NEVER have to study before reading a book, and an author should be able to get their story across without gigantic information dumps. Kresley Cole breaks these two rules, and the story loses its impact. This one follows a Lykae, Garreth (think super cool werewolf), and Lucia, a Valkyrie (uh, an immortal warrior woman who texts like a teenager and speaks like a sixth grader). I enjoy reading about the Lykae in this series, but the Valkyrie are annoying and always spend the entire book pushing the hero away. This story has been a long time coming. It happens parallel to the first few books in the series, and we¿ve seen it unfolding in the background of other books. The concept of telling a story from so many perspectives is interesting and fun to a certain extent, but perhaps now - so many books into the series - it¿s time to move forward. Is it not a little strange that after thousands of years all the characters find their mates in the same few weeks? There is so much careless, calculated violence in these books. The leading characters are always being badly hurt and hurting each other. There¿s little appeal in a heroine who has no qualms about firing arrows through her mate. I don¿t care if these characters are immortal - pain and violence are still revolting when unnecessary. Kresley Cole information dumps like nobody¿s business. It gets to the point where I just don¿t care if I understand everything or not and start skipping pages. For example, ALL of chapter seven was an information dump. We learnt about six new characters, found out about a whole lot of convoluted mythology, and the storyline was not furthered AT ALL. Cole writes incredibly well when she¿s writing action or love scenes, but then her books grind to a halt while we get a fed endless clever facts about `the Lore¿. It¿s frustrating. I don¿t like the Valkyrie and all the `feisty cuteness¿ the author has given them. I don¿t like silly yet cold-hearted ancient warrior women who act like teenage bimbos and treat their men like garbage. I don¿t like heroines who are `romance cute¿. I could not believe the ending - or non-ending, as it is - which failed to wrap up the story and instead smacked of `buy my next book!!¿. There were four cliffhangers, presented one after the other in a terribly disjointed fashion, shamelessly dragging us into the next story for answers. Any book in any series should be able to be read as a standalone, and we should reach the end and feel the story has a resolution that¿s satisfying. There¿s a good story in there, with an interesting plot and some very clever ideas. However, it¿s so buried in `the Lore¿, and so constantly interrupted with annoying bits and pieces, that I had a hard time appreciating it. Kresley Cole is a very talented author, but her fantastic prose is ruined by her determination to write ev
    bluedragonfly81 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
    I LOVE the IAD series! [SPOILERS] I love Garreth and Lucia as a couple. Cole knows what each of her couples needs in terms of a mate and it definitely comes through on the page. Their adventure takes them to the Amazon. Regin is missing, and as usual Nix knows more than she is letting on. Their journey to the steamy Amazon is reflected in the relationship that develops between Garreth and Lucia. Lucia fears losing her archery abilities by having a physical relationship with Garreth, but of course her feelings for him are too strong and she succumbs to passion. Lucia has to battle an old enemy who likes to play with peoples minds, so of course he uses the couple against each other and Garreth is made to believe that he killed Lucia... I loved this story and this series is AMAZING!!!
    FantasyDreamer on LibraryThing 10 months ago
    After reading Pleasure of a Dark Prince, I'm going to say it's my favorite book in the Immortals After Dark series. I can't think of a better fit as a paranormal couple then Garreth and Lucia. Lucia is a beautiful and confident female whose not afraid to toot her own horn, which she does in a hearty but succinctly way. Now, the main interest for me in this story was the so very sexy, Garreth MacRieve. Garreth was my ideal fantasy man throughout this entire story, so full of raw animal magnetism, it oozed off the pages. I loved his devil-may-care attitude towards the world but loving and solicitous demeanor towards Lucia. I swear he had my heart pounding too many times to count, you couldn't ask for a better alpha male.The entire story was action packed full of heart-pounding scenes and intrigue, there wasn't a dull moment for me. There were spot appearances from previous main characters but not enough to feel like it overwhelmed Garreth and Lucia story in anyway.The Immortals After Dark series is a must read for paranormal romance readers and current readers of this series should not, I repeat, should not miss this book.
    Camxso on LibraryThing 10 months ago
    Kresley Cole does it again. Another wonderful book for the powerful series.
    risadabomb on LibraryThing 10 months ago
    I really love Kresley Coles historical romances; If You Dare is one of my all time favorite books. I am not so hot about her paranormal romances. This one I loved Garreth (I have a thing for Scots) but Lucia was a bit annoying. All in all I liked the build up and anticipation of their romance but I guess Ms. Cole has set such high standards from her previous work and these novels have been falling a bit short.
    flemmily on LibraryThing 10 months ago
    I enjoy this series, and this book was no exception. It wasn't my favorite (which is funny because I've been waiting for the Lucia book since the first novel), but I still found it captivating by the end. I like the development of the overall series plot as well.
    Deserie.Comfort on LibraryThing 10 months ago
    I love this series and am looking forward to future book releases from Kresley Cole. Pleasure of a Dark Prince, the ninth release in the series. This book focuses on the romance between Garreth and Lucia. Garreth is the brother to the king of Lykae, Lachlain, and this book takes picks up the time frame surrounding Lachlain's return, as we saw in the first book. Lucia is known only as the Archer among the Valkyrie. This book contains a lot of action, from the misty swamps of New Orleans to the exotic hell of Amazonian Jungle and frozen peaks of northern mountains. The love story is fairly typical, considering that the male is dominating werewolf, who is driven by desire to protect his mate. A mate who would rather prefer to handle her own problems, than relinquish her career for an insanely hot piece of man candy. Add to that vows of chastity that the heroine made a long time ago.....and the sexual tension ensues. It was nice watching these two fall in love and defeat evil and darkness together while learning that they can in fact trust and rely on one another. Another great book and anxiously awaiting the next release in the Fall!!!
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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    fantasyismyrealitty More than 1 year ago
    poor garreth, I love this book!