Pleasures Unknown

Pleasures Unknown

by Maria Isabel Pita



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Pleasures Unknown by Maria Isabel Pita

One storming night in the English countryside, lovely and artistic Maia Wilson is driving home past a group of standing stones when an old oak tree hit by lightning collapses across her car, and as she lies unconscious in the hospital, life and death do battle for her soul...

In Maia's vividly sensual dream she is torn between two seductive men� - Christopher Thorn, an artistic carpenter, and a sexy rock musician, Eric Wolfson, who persuades her to star in the video being filmed deep in the woods of his luxurious estate...

When medical efforts to revive her keep failing, Maia's parents desperately seek the help of Drew Landson, high priest of a group of modern Druids. Drew locks himself in Maia's bedroom at home, and surrounded by her personal belongings, he finds himself mysteriously falling in love with her as he follows her into another dimension. Maia now finds herself excitingly caught in a web spun by three enigmatic men, yet Drew captures her heart in the end, and by way of a dark and ancient rite brings her body back to life in his arms...

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ISBN-13: 9780972633963
Publisher: Magic Carpet Books
Publication date: 12/01/2003
Pages: 253

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