Pleiadian Principles for Living: A Guide to Accessing Dimensional Energies, Communicating With the Pleiadians, and Navigating These Changing Times

Pleiadian Principles for Living: A Guide to Accessing Dimensional Energies, Communicating With the Pleiadians, and Navigating These Changing Times

by Christine Day

Paperback(First Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9781601632616
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 06/24/2013
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 401,064
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About the Author

Christine Day is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, healer, and channeler, and is often referred to as the Pleiadian ambassador for the planet. Christine travels the world channeling Pleiadian seminars and offering live transmissions from the Pleiadians. She has also been initiated into the Shaman traditions by the Pleiadians and offers Pleiadian Shamanic retreats and vision quests in different areas of the world. She currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more information visit:

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Redefining Your Relationship to Your Human Self: Being Human/Being Sacred

You hold the sacred design of your New Dawning pattern within you. Your unique design is a part of the collective energy, ready to birth through your cells. It is going to require your conscious participation, meaning that you claim your Self now through this sacred design. This is the pre-agreement that you made, to come and do this now.

The new dimensional energies anchoring onto the planet support, hold, and align with you, so you are able to move away from the third-dimensional separation within you. It's like breaking the mold that has held you in place for lifetimes. This is part of a grace given to you in the New Dawning, designed to make it easier for you to open into this new relationship, this new way of being with your Self.

The new fourth/fifth-dimensional energies that are birthing onto the planet allow you to take your next step in building a new relationship with your Self. It allows you appreciation for your human element, honoring yourself for all that you have gone through on this journey so far on this planet, and for every experience you have created for your Self.

An important part of your learning process is to know and understand your human vulnerabilities so you can appreciate and support yourself on this journey. It is essential that you bring all parts of your Self on this journey of transformation. In order to do this you must be able to love all aspects of your Self, and embrace all parts of your vulnerability.

Your human aspect has another role to play during this New Dawning. Its third-dimensional role is almost complete, and its new fourth/fifth-dimensional role involves being part of a working union with your divine spiritual aspect, with all parts of your Self consciously flowing together, taking steps toward home.

Many of you have an internal separation with yourselves based on self-judgment and self-condemnation for things you've done, the experiences you have lived, and the choices you have made or not made. You have a list of things that you have held against yourselves, and yet you have chosen to have this human experience.

The Pleiadians continue to remind us that everyone is "perfectly imperfect" as human beings. Yet, the lie is that, in order to be enlightened, you have to be perfect. Really, all you have to do to become enlightened is end the separation inside your Self and accept your Self in your "perfectly imperfect" state. You cannot move into enlightenment while you are separated with your Self. You need to celebrate your humanness; remember that you came to the earth plane to have a human experience.

A big component of this shift (the Pleiadians say "the most important part") is the process of self-acceptance in which you move into a practice of self-love. This will come automatically when the fourth/fifth-dimensional energies anchor onto the earth plane; however, right now there is still a third-dimensional illusion operating on the earth plane.

As you transform, your spiritual aspect can evolve because your internal separation ends. This transformation will birth within you a sense of peace and stability, and bring you back into re-alignment with a fourth/fifth-dimensional relationship with your Self. You will become a witness to the third-dimensional drama on this earth plane rather than being a part of it. It is time to come full circle, back to your Self. You'll be amazed how quickly your life will unfold once you begin unraveling what is inside.

As a human being you tend to put your attention toward distractions. You move your energy outside of your Self. It is challenging to feel the human element within your Self, to feel your vulnerability, to explore what is inside of you.

It is important to understand the process of your creation. When you need to learn something your higher divine aspect creates a series of situations within your world as a way for you to have an experience. This enables you to take another step toward a better understanding of your human vulnerabilities. Sometimes a situation is created so that you have another opportunity to work through an issue that you did not deal with in previous experiences.

You don't interpret it that way when you are in your human aspect, when you're in the illusion, but the truth is, everything that comes toward you is mirroring what's already inside of you, all that you have not been able to work through. By owning your creation, you begin to deal with the feelings inside that arose from the situation.

As you are willing to bring your awareness right into the center of the feeling that is inside of you, you breathe into the feeling, almost as though you're drowning in the experience. Then the feeling can leave the body. The situation will also be able to leave because it is no longer required. Your healing is complete; the issue has released.

This is the recipe for dealing with the issues inside of you. Realize that you can no longer be a victim in your life. This is your key piece to the transformation of your separation elements. What is going on in each person's life is each person's creation, so that they can transform. This birthing process is not easy, but you create what you need in each moment. It might be uncomfortable, traumatic, or dramatic, and it might cause chaos inside of you, but it is all coming as a gift.

Within the New Dawning energy there is support for you to own where you are in your path right now. Through the action of your Conscious Choice, you are enabling yourself to align to your spiritual aspect. As you consciously own your creation, and open to the feelings that are being provoked, a transformational process will begin to take place. This is you beginning to consciously work in alignment with your divine Self, your creator Self. This re-union will begin to propel you forward on your path, and you will be able to move differently in your world as you flow in alignment with your destiny pathway.

It all comes down to two elements: fear and love. When disturbing feelings come up, and you study what you're holding against yourself, you'll be amazed. Equally amazing is how fast your life will transform. It's unbelievably magical how quickly you can change and turn things around in your life with this process. I encourage you to open up to your life and be willing to own your creation. Be willing to feel what is in front of you. The question to ask your self is, "What is the lesson in front of me right now?"

Give yourself permission to remember, to make mistakes. You do not need to be perfect. Take joy in humanness, remove yourself from the cross, hold yourself in love and understanding, and breathe into your cells. Align with your sacred heart; your heart is the connection between spirit and human. Bring in the sun; the sun is the light of you. Honor yourself for every slip on the journey and hold every aspect of your experience with love and compassion. Each cell resonates and resurrects with this glorious experience of ending separation.

This process of ending your internal separation touches my heart deeply. The journey I took to end the separation was a powerful process. I was on a conscious path of awakening, committed to my journey and my mission, knowing that an important part of my ongoing unfolding involved working on my Self. I shared my meeting with Jesus in an earlier book. It was during this discourse with Jesus that he showed me how I had put myself up on a cross with tremendous self-condemnation. I was shocked and yet I knew what he said was true. He also said that I had put myself up on that cross and I was the only one who could take me off. He told me I had come here to resurrect myself in this lifetime.

As I spent time with this information I discovered a huge internal separation within me, and my next step was introspection, self-examination for all the things I was holding against myself. Each day I would take one item from my long list and hold myself, reminding myself I was "perfectly imperfect" and that I came here to learn through my mistakes. I would remind myself that I was not responsible for anyone else's experience. As I did this I could feel that huge, tight ball inside of me slightly loosen.

I could feel the importance of working toward holding myself with love and compassion for all that I had suffered within the experience I was working on. Each moment that I was able to successfully hold myself with love and compassion was accumulative. I didn't know how long this process was going to take; I just committed to learning about me, my vulnerabilities, and my fears.

One day as I completed a moment of holding myself, an amazing thing happened. There was an explosion of light and Mother Mary was standing beside me. Behind me my cross was burning. In that moment my internal ball of twine collapsed, and the separation ended inside me. I was filled with the glorious truth of my life, knowing that everyone had played their parts perfectly so I could have my learning experiences. I was filled with a joy and exhilaration beyond anything I had ever experienced. The beauty of that moment is still with me, and the truth of that moment transformed me and the way that I live each moment of every day.

I didn't need to work down my whole list as I had imagined. I just had to reach a point for that tight ball of twine to loosen, and then I was able to transform and liberate myself from the separation within, and my cross burned behind me.

This birthing process was such a glorious moment, and it continues to unfold me, even now, years later. The truth doesn't leave you; when you get to that pure truth it continues to evolve through you. There is a tremendous love that began to naturally birth through every one of my cells, opening me up to a powerful self-healing process. This was a natural result of my transformation.

I encourage each one of you to begin your list, to open to the next step of your journey. There is no greater reason to do this than self-love. Take a breath. Claim your Self and your humanity. It makes all things possible. Allow all experiences as learning experiences. Allow everything else in your life to be, to just rest.

After Your Separation Has Healed, What Next?

When you have healed the third-dimensional separation within you, you will have evolved into a stable alignment to the fourth/fifth-dimensional realm. At times you will need to revisit the third dimension to complete the healing within your humanness, and this is okay. As you evolve you will consciously open to your ongoing learning process. No longer a victim, you will embrace whatever experiences come your way.

Most important, your transformation will allow you to fulfill your mission by working in alignment with the natural forces on planet Earth and expand into a more conscious working relationship with the spiritual realms on a daily level. A direct alignment into the sacred heart consciousness creates the sacred connection between your humanness and your divine aspect. This enables you to move differently in the world and have a different experience with your Self and other human beings. You begin to experience the truth of Oneness.

Your individual transformational journey will support the earth plane in its unfolding, because when you end your internal separation, your abilities expand to help anchor the transformation of human consciousness. This anchoring within the earth plane plays a major role in assisting others to make their own transformation journeys.

You become the gift just by being on the earth plane and carrying the element of re-union within you. You become a natural transmitter of the love you have become. It is important that now is the time for you to take your steps forward to fulfill this aspect of your mission.

There are many life force groups within the Universe. Human beings are the only life force group within the whole Universe still operating within the third-dimensional illusion. Because of the separation that exists within the human element it is challenging for you to trust each other, fully let go, and open your hearts to each other.

Initially, you are going to find it easier to open up to other life force groups within your planet, such as the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom, and the animal kingdom, In addition, you will open to other life force groups outside your planet, such as all aspects of the spiritual realms, the alien energies, and all other life force within the Universe. All of these have a consciousness that can support you right now in your integration and birthing process. It is important to seek out their support and know you are not alone in this aspect of your journey. The support of Mother Mary, the Pleiadians, the Angels, Sai Baba, Jesus, and many Light beings has been an integral part of my resurrection process. It was never intended that we complete this journey of self-resurrection alone!

The time will come when the human race will need to open up and receive each other in a loving union. Just like the ball of twine that I described in my resurrection process, there will be a moment when the collective energy of many of us will manifest this transformation and the separation will collapse. Then the truth of this interconnection that exists between us and the God essence will be revealed. This time will come naturally as we begin to unfold. This truth will liberate you and then naturally extend out to meet other humans through your heart center. As all separation ends, our hearts will meet within the Oneness on the fifth-dimensional level.

As our crystalline structures birth within each one of us and our crystalline energies are activated, the union with all human beings becomes a possibility. The common element among all unique crystalline structures is the God consciousness. It is this element that links us and allows you to experience Oneness with all life force within the Universe, including all human beings. This is a glorious time of true re-union of soul groups. Now is the time for you to begin opening toward this mutual life force that we share with all human beings. The end of separation between all human beings has to start with you.

There will come a time on Earth when the third-dimensional illusion will no longer exist here. You don't have to wait long for this; the actual third-dimensional energy can leave your world now. You can choose to move through these pieces very quickly, because there's a huge new supportive energy on the planet.

There are some difficult times coming on the earth plane and there will be many challenges. Your transformation process to end your separation will support you during challenging times. It will help you stay out of the human drama and experience clarity and connection with the flow of your intuition. You will be able to consciously move with the birthing energies of the changes as they come. You can consciously meet this glorious time and open up to your place in it.

Your first step right now is to birth your Self consciously and be willing to meet all aspects of your vulnerability. Find your sacred connections. This is where "all" that is inside of you and your connection to the universe lies.

Sit and be with your Self. When you are ready, take this step. I truly hold that space for you.

* * *

Beloved Ones,

We greet you; we honor you and the journey you have chosen to take on this earth plane. We honor your human journey, and the steps you take toward your resurrection process. We remind you of your divine alliance to all other human beings on your planet, and the importance to see how each human being is doing the best they can within their own experience. We witness each person in that experience, honoring how they need to be within the choices that they make for themselves in each moment. It's about not interfering in another's way, understanding that they need this experience and will do what they need to do in their own time. This is a true loving action, not trying to fix anything for them. Nothing needs to be fixed.

You need to witness the drama around you but not become part of that drama. Make a choice to focus on what you have created around you. Open to the moment of learning and feel what is here for you to understand within your creation. Hold your Self with love in this moment.

We remind you of the intensification of the third-dimensional illusion on your earth plane. Don't get caught up in it. Know that through your sacred heart there is stillness, a peace, and truth that will be revealed. Begin with the Conscious Choice to align more and more within your sacred heart. You can do this for yourself and make a huge difference, to yourself and also to anchor this energy for the planet and for all human kind.

We love and support you in this. Reach out to us. Call us forward for support in all ways. It is the time.


The Pleiadians


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Introduction 9

Introduction From the Pleiadians 13

Chapter 1 Redefining Your Relationship to Your Human Self: Being Human/Being Sacred 17

Chapter 2 Conscious Choice and Pre-Agreements 24

Chapter 3 Activating Your Crystalline Structure 35

Chapter 4 Activating Your Telepathic Communication and Telepathic Communion 48

Chapter 5 Harnessing the Energy of the Earth's Natural Forces: Sacred Communion With Nature 60

Chapter 6 Aligning to Your Mission, Fulfilling Your Destiny 74

Chapter 7 Building Your Telepathic Communion With Life Force Groups 84

Chapter 8 Crop Circles 95

Chapter 9 The Sacred Matrix 107

Chapter 10 Activating Your Command Energy: Conscious Choice to Activate Your Energetic Portals 118

Chapter 11 Working With Your Command Energy and the Earth's Natural Energies: Creating Energetic Alliances 130

Chapter 12 Aligning to Your Sacred Flow, Re-United to Your Place 145

Appendix A Questions and Answers 157

Appendix B Ongoing Work with Christine 182

Index 187

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