Plum Tea Crazy (Tea Shop Series #19)

Plum Tea Crazy (Tea Shop Series #19)

by Laura Childs


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ISBN-13: 9780451489609
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/06/2018
Series: Tea Shop Series , #19
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 94,910
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

Laura Childs is the New York Times bestselling author of the Tea Shop Mysteries, Scrapbooking Mysteries, and Cackleberry Club Mysteries. In her previous life she was CEO of her own marketing firm, authored several screenplays, and produced a reality TV show.

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Tall sailing ships, their masts and sails outlined with glowing white lights, ghosted across Charleston Harbor in a glittering parade. Canvas snapped, wooden hulls creaked and rocked, and an enormous crowd of onlookers, completely galvanized by this amazing spectacle, let loose shrieks of joy.

"This is fantastic," Theodosia Browning said as she lifted a hand to her face to block out a sliver of ambient light. "I've never seen anything like it."

"Magnificent," Drayton Conneley declared. "There hasn't been this much razzle-dazzle since the Union shelled Fort Sumter back in 1861."

It was the night of the Gaslights and Galleons Parade. Two dozen tall ships had sailed here from all points of the globe—Britain, France, South America, even Singapore—to dazzle the thousands of people who had gathered in White Point Garden on the shell-strewn banks of Charleston's famed Battery. Of course, Theodosia and Drayton, as invited guests of Timothy Neville, were thrilled with their perch high up on the third floor widow's walk that graced their friend's Archdale Street mansion.

"Wouldn't you love to be sailing on one of those ships right now?" Theodosia asked Drayton in a dreamy voice. Running the Indigo Tea Shop was her number one passion, but sailing wasn't far behind. She was in heaven when she was out on the water, the wind snapping her riot of auburn hair into long streamers and the salt air making her blue eyes sparkle and lending her fair complexion a soft glow as if lit by a saint's candle.

But Drayton looked absolutely horrified as he answered. "Me? On a sailing ship? Absolutely not. Don't you know by now that I'm a confirmed landlubber?"

"What if you were magically transported to a clipper ship?" Theodosia favored him with a wry grin. "One of the early ships tasked with transporting bales of wonderful black tea from China to England?"

"Say, now," Drayton said, taking a step back from the railing. "That's not quite playing fair. You're appealing to my weakness for tea and history."

Drayton was sixty-something, the portrait of a proper Southern gentleman with his tweeds, bow ties, grayed hair, and regal bearing. He was also the best tea sommelier Theodosia had ever encountered. Drayton was so well schooled in the art of tea and tea blending that she considered herself fortunate to have wooed him away from his teaching post at Johnson & Wales culinary school to work side-by-side with her at the Indigo Tea Shop. They'd been together for a half dozen years now, always refining their tea menu, upgrading the décor of the charming Church Street tea shop, and catering countless tea parties.

Tonight was one of those parties. Well, sort of.

A recent spate of warm spring weather had caused native plum trees to explode in a riot of purple glory all over the Historic District. In a nod to this auspicious occasion, Theodosia had brought along a wicker hamper heaped with plum and black currant scones. Drayton's contribution was a special plum-flavored Ceylonese black tea that he'd custom blended. These offerings were in addition to the elegant light supper buffet that Timothy had laid out in the downstairs dining room for his two dozen guests.

"Getting chilly," Theodosia said, pulling her pink cashmere wrap tight around her shoulders. She was outdoorsy and loved to jog, sail, and hike. Delighted in breezing around the low country with the hardtop off her Jeep, but tonight had turned downright cold.

"But nobody's leaving," Drayton pointed out. They were standing at one end of the widow's walk, a long, narrow wooden walkway that ran the length of the home's roofline. All along the walkway, people were spread out, conversing quietly in small groups, eagerly watching the ships as they bobbed and wheeled in the harbor. It was difficult to see who these other guests were up here, since the night sky was so black and moonless and Theodosia and Drayton had arrived a little late to the party. Too late to be properly introduced. In any case, all the folks up top had to concentrate on watching their step, since the decorative wrought-iron railing that bordered the widow's walk was barely three feet high.

"Perhaps we should go in," Drayton suggested. "Warm up and enjoy some light supper along with Timothy's hospitality." He glanced at his watch, an antique Piaget, and frowned. "It's gotten so dark I can't quite make out the time."

Theodosia glanced sideways at St. Sebastian's, the nearest neighborhood church in a city so filled with churches it had been dubbed the Holy City. A lighted clock in a red brick steeple shone the current time. "It's just nine o'clock," she said.

"Still, tomorrow is a workday," Drayton said. "You know how I like to get a jump on Mondays."

"I hear you," Theodosia said. "Plus, we've got . . ."


A thunderous roar pierced the night, frightening onlookers and rattling windows in homes up and down the block.

Theodosia clapped a hand to her chest. "What was that?"

"Cannon volleys," Drayton said. "From two of the ships in the harbor, I'd guess."

Theodosia peered through the still mostly bare treetops. "Let's hope they don't do it—"


"—again," she finished

But this time the cannons' roar was followed by a high-pitched scream.

"Help!" came a woman's cry from the far end of the widow's walk. "He's been shot!"

"What?" Drayton said, startled.

A second scream rose up, a terrified yelp that quickly morphed into an anguished and frantic shriek, like steel wheels grinding against hot metal rails.

Then came a terrifically loud thumping, like the sound a flat tire makes when it whap whap whaps against pavement. Except this was no flat tire. This was . . .

"Someone's fallen!" a man's voice bellowed. This was followed by a dozen voices rising in a collective, jangled outcry.

Theodosia spun quickly and peered down over the edge of the roof. Off to her right, twirling head over teakettle, a man was hurtling down the sloped slate roof of Timothy's house as if he were zipping down a child's slide.

"Help!" the falling man cried as he flailed and fought for handholds. His pleading, anguished note pierced the darkness. Pierced Theodosia's heart as well.

"Dear Lord!" Theodosia cried. She hoped the poor man would find something, anything, to break his fall.

"This is dreadful," Drayton said with a sharp intake of breath.

They watched helplessly as the man flopped and tumbled, then landed in a deep V that formed one of the eaves in the expansive roof. His arms flew out, beating wildly, as his fingers scrabbled desperately to find something to grasp. But he was moving too fast to completely arrest his fall and immediately catapulted down another few feet, heading for a decorative balcony. The man floundered again, making a grab for a balustrade to halt his terrible descent. His fingers grazed it by a mere inch. Then his body torqued grotesquely as he banged his forehead against the top of a stone window pediment and a thin mist sprayed out in slow motion. Blood.

Theodosia was in shock. It was as if the poor man had been caught in a hellish pinball machine, helplessly spinning and bouncing his way downward.

Theodosia felt Drayton's hand grab her shoulder in a death grip as they watched the man take a final, sharp tumble and then disappear into darkness.

"Was he really shot?" Drayton asked, his voice hoarse and shaking. "By the cannon? Or did he fall?"

But Theodosia had already bolted past Drayton and was dashing for the doorway.

"Does anybody have a phone?" she cried out. "Someone call an ambulance right now! Please!"

And then Theodosia was running, practically stumbling, down a flight of steps, the thick Oriental carpet whisper soft under her fast-moving feet. She hit the second floor landing, spun past a man and woman who stared at her with quizzical expressions, and then rushed down a wider stairway to hit the first floor landing. From there she was pounding down a long hallway past a parade of Timothy Neville's Huguenot ancestors, all memorialized in gleaming oil portraits and staring down at her with faintly disapproving looks.

Out the front door she ran, across the broad piazza, down the front steps, and around the side of the house into Timothy's garden. It was an elaborate Asian garden replete with reflecting pool, thickets of bamboo, statuary, and pattering fountains.

Maybe the poor man hadn't been fatally wounded at all, Theodosia reasoned. Maybe he'd simply lost his footing, tumbled down, and somehow landed in Timothy's reflecting pool. That was her one hopeful thought. That he was spitting water right now, shaking his head, moaning over a broken arm or smashed collarbone. He'd need an ambulance, of course. And a wild-lights-and-siren trip to the emergency room. But perhaps there was still hope. There was always hope . . . wasn't there?

But when Theodosia reached the backyard, she slid to a stop and gasped in shock. The poor man had landed directly on top of the antique wrought-iron fence that encircled Timothy's property. Reeling from such a frightful sight, Theodosia put a hand to her mouth and stifled a groan. Like a carefully collected insect held in place by a pin, the man was grotesquely impaled upon the sharply pointed fleur-de-lis spikes that topped the old fence.

Tiptoeing closer, drawn almost hypnotically to this gruesome tableau, Theodosia stared at the hapless man. His eyes were open wide in surprise and his white shirt was splattered with blood. Worst of all, one of the razor-sharp points of the fence had been driven clean through his neck.

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Plum Tea Crazy 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This latest addition to the Tea Shop Mysteries, by Laura Childs, is one of her best. Red herrings abound as Theodosia and her right-hand man Drayton try to find out who killed a bank executive during a party held on the widow-walk of a Charleston historic home. The addition of Detective Riley, Charleston’s newest policeman and boyfriend of Theodosia, brings a refreshing perspective to the usual cast of intriguing characters. Page-turning excitement and delicious teas and recipes combine to create a must-read cozy mystery.
Delphimo More than 1 year ago
For some unknown reason, I am behind in reading the Tea Shop Mysteries, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Plum Tea Crazy. A new shop owner appears in town and the killings begin. Who can be silently killing these individuals, but Theodosia rushes in where fools fear to tread. I adore the mix of adventure, tea blends, and mouth-watering recipes in each of the mysteries. Laura Childs does not sink into the psychological mind of the killer but stirs the senses in her cozy mystery. The characters in each of the stories are wonderful from the police detective to Theodosia’s co-workers, and of course the other shop owners in Charleston. Laura Childs does a wonderful job in bringing life to old Charleston.
csrsvivr More than 1 year ago
Up to Chapter 30 I was not really sure who did it; which is good right, but then eventually everything fell into place. Don’t mess with Theo’s Aunt Libby or there will be sparks flying! Timothy Neville has a small get together that ended in tragedy. He solicits Theo and Drayton to find out who the murdered is and why. Their day job is running the “Indigo Tea Shop”, so they already have a lot on their plates. This is the 19th. book in this series and for me, I believe the best one. Please give it a try!!!!
ekehlet More than 1 year ago
From the lovely cover to the yummy sounding recipes, Plum Tea Crazy is a delight! In the 19th Tea Shop mystery, Theodesia is at a party when she witnesses the terrible death of a man everyone believes has fallen from the roof. One close look tells her that it was no accident, and when her friend the party host asks her to investigate, she obliges. I always enjoy Theodesia’s adventures. She’s a clever sleuth and the tea shop setting is just wonderful. The tea info and food descriptions make me wish I could visit the Indigo Tea Shop in person, rather than just read about it. I hope there will be many more Tea Shop Mysteries!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love reading the tea shop mysteries. There is no foul language or unwanted explicit sex & yet she keeps you enthralled until the end. Wonderful!
LisaKsBooksReviews More than 1 year ago
There’s always a cup of trouble in the Tea Shop Mysteries. This nineteenth installment is no exception. Some of my best times reading have been spent in the Indigo Tea Shop. I can vividly smell the smells, imagine the tastes of all the delicious offerings, hear the clink of spoons to fine bone china, as well as the voices of Theo and Drayton. When not talking about tea, they’re talking about murder. And I’m always wrapped up in every word of it! PLUM TEA CRAZY was a great mystery. I pondered every angle of the story, reread what I felt were important clues, put forth my inner Nancy Drew, and still never guessed the killer. Well done! I honestly didn’t want this book to end. I would have read it in one setting if my tired eyes hadn’t betrayed me. Laura Childs in an exemplary writer. Her books are always well plotted, entertaining, and interesting. This series is proof of that, and PLUM TEA CRAZY is the truest testament yet.
ValerieL More than 1 year ago
This newest installment in the Tea Shop Mystery series from Laura Childs is just as wonderful as the others have been! I love the cast of characters in this series. Honestly, if I didn't, I wouldn't still be reading the series. Characters are far more important to me than the plot line. I can put up with pretty abysmal plot lines (which this is NOT one of those books - this plot line was excellent) if the characters are awesome. I've always enjoyed Theodosia, Drayton, Haley, Detective Tidwell and the rest. It's fun to come back each spring to another visit into their world! These are well-rounded, complex, developed characters and they're delightful. The plot line in this one was excellent. There were enough suspects that it was hard to know who was the true villain. I did guess correctly, but it would have been very easy for me to be side-tracked by one of the other options. There was just something about the villain character that seemed "off" about them. That's all I'm going to say so I don't give anything away though! If you haven't read the series before, you could certainly start with this one as each mystery is its own story, but I would recommend starting at the beginning of the series with Death by Darjeeling. There are backstory things that will make more sense if you start the series at the beginning. Either way, pick up Plum Tea Crazy and enjoy the newest installment in this great series!
MareCT More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed this visit with Theodosia, Drayton, and acquaintances. As usual, the story was delightful, the recipes delicious, and the plot devious. Always a pleasurable way to spend with a wonderful story teller.
Missisue4 More than 1 year ago
One of the many reasons that I love the Tea Shop Mystery series by Laura Childs is the confidence that Theodosia Browning, the main character, has. Halfway into the story you have this tidbit of a conversation ..... "And you'll call your friend, Detective Riley? Tell him that it would be so great if the police could kind of keep an eye on my house and my shop?" "Of course I'll ask him," said Theodosia. "And I'm sure he'll be happy to extend a little extra protection. After all, he's been working on this case for several days now. It's a tangle, but I'm confident he'll get it sorted out." Because if he doesn't, I'll have to figure it out myself. And it's that last sentence that grabs you...because you know that that is exact what will happen !! Theo has this way about her that people are drawn too. Maybe because she owns the Indigo Tea Shop and tea is seen as a relaxing and enjoyable drink, or maybe because she has a way of seeing people differently than others view them, or maybe it's because she's done it in previous books. But whatever the reason, even if you are just reading Plum Tea Crazy as your first Laura Child's novel or it's your first Tea Shop Mystery series book, you will draw the same conclusion...... Theo is someone you want on your side and in your corner. And Laura Childs is a no-nonsense author just like Theo is a no-nonsense main character. Within the first chapter of Plum Tea Crazy the stage is set !! The murder has occurred and the list of suspects is already growing !!! And Theo and her dapper side-kick, Drayton, are first on the scene....well they are at the party because they are catering the event but still..... And the story stays strong throughout the entire book. From just hanging around with Theo and gang at the Tea Shop preparing teas, you never know who will interrupt or what will occur to Theo trying to obtain information from her boyfriend, Detective Riley without tipping her hand in the knowledge that she has learned and other little thing in between. You will love Theo, Drayton and the Indigo Tea Shop as well as the circumstances surrounding the murder and I believe that you will be just as shocked as I was when you find out who the actual murderer is and why !!! Childs and Theo have you so focused on certain people that when Theo finally does revel the actual guilty person, you will be stopping to catch up !!! And don't stop there....make sure you read the recipes and the helpful tea time tips at the end of the story. I, for one, plan to try some of the yummy recipes !!!
GratefulGrandma More than 1 year ago
I have only read a few books in the series, but I am glad I read this one. The first thing that drew me to this book was the lovely cover. This book starts off with a bang when Theodosia (Theo) and her good friend and tea sommelier, Drayton Conneley, are viewing the the city’s Gaslights and Galleons Parade event. Sailing ships from around the world are converging on Charleston and the pair have been invited to view it from the widow's walk of one of the spectacular mansions situated on the route. When one of the guests appears to have been shot and falls from the widow's walk during the event, Theodosia jumps in right away. She ends up chasing a person who she thinks is responsible through the B & B next door. When it’s reinforced that it was a murder and not a horrible accident, Theo's friend asks her to poke around and see if she can come up with some suspects. This is a busy time of year in Charleston with the Cat Show and the accompanying Hair Ball, The Ancient Guns and Weapons Show, a Fashion Show at her "friend" Delaine's boutique and the Garden Club's Plum Blossom Tea that Theo and her staff are kept hopping. Somewhere in there, she has time to make a new friend, Alexis, who has opened a Japanese Gallery down the street and to investigate the murder. Theo’s supportive friends are there to help her out from Drayton to Haley, the talented shop’s chef, and Haley’s young nephew, Jamie. The supporting characters are well thought out and add fun to the storyline. Theo’s relationship with Detective Pete Riley helped her to gather some facts and I find it refreshing that he doesn’t demand that she stop snooping. There were some laugh out loud moments in the book that I enjoyed as well. I thought I figured out who the murderer was and I was right, but the reveal was well done and tied up all the loose ends. I enjoyed this story and will probably go back and read some of the ones that I have missed. I will also try a couple of the recipes included in the back. If you are a tea lover, there are also some Tea Time Tips and links for Tea Resources, which you might want to check out. I received a copy of this book from the First To Read Program. I willingly reviewed this book and the opinions are my own.
Deana0326 More than 1 year ago
As always the author delivers a scrumptious story filled with murder, mystery and a wonderful assortment of teas to try out. The characters are classy and intriguing. It's not long into the story until a murder occurs which sets in motion an adventure that is like a cat and mouse game. I simply adore Theodosia. She is charming and has a knack for finding out information very cleverly. I would love to sit with her at her shop and sip tea and eat scones . I could visualize the beautiful and delicate tea cups and setting that is calming and inviting. The victim is a surprise to some in the town, but his enemies start to line up in this fast paced story. The author captures the untimely death with a very unexpected fall and ends with a painful injury that was vividly described. Someone sure wanted to make sure our victim was dead. I really like the theme in cozy mysteries where there is a detective dating or married to the person who eventually figures out who the killer is. Riley is a very smart detective who happens to be dating none other than Theodosia. I liked how he at times seemed to be exasperated by Theodosia's interference in the investigation.I had to laugh when she continued to bombard him with questions that he knew he shouldn't answer. If you have ever witnessed a physical fight between two women, you know it can be funny at times. The scene that the author writes between the wife and mistress of the deceased is nothing short of hysterical and over the top entertaining. It is probably not a great idea to invite them both to an event unless you are prepared for fireworks to go off. The fight has tongues wagging as it becomes front page news. Theodosia can add two more suspects to her ever growing list after this escapade. The more Theodosia delves into the mystery, the more her life is in danger along with her friends and associates. Someone is not happy that Theodosia is involved in the investigation and is pulling out all the stops to encourage her to not play detective. The story is very well written and had me on the edge of my chair till the end. I loved the twists and turns and suspense as the author leaves a trail of subtle hints to the killer's identity. I love the way the author is able to give such precise details of weapons and the history behind some of them. The more I read the book, I realized how talented the author is. She can weave a tale of mystery that captures your attention right away, while enticing you with witty sayings like, "Sweet Fanny Adams," or "You're like a danger magnet." I love that she can make you laugh while still adding intense drama to the story. The ending is one you don't want to miss as it reaches a level of high danger for Theodosia. Don't miss this wonderful addition to A Tea Shop Mystery Series that is Laura Childs at her best. I received a copy of this book from The Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour. The review is my own opinion.
CozyUpWithKathy More than 1 year ago
a fast paced, action packed mystery with tons of fun and tea! PLUM TEA CRAZY by Laura Childs The Nineteenth Tea Shop Mystery Theodosia Browning and her friend Drayton are enjoying the Gaslights and Galleons Parade from the widow's walk of Timothy's home when a local banker falls to his death. The horrific accident turns out to be murder as it wasn't the fall that killed him, but rather the quarrel he was shot with! Now Theo is off and running, literally, as she tries to catch a killer. I'm delighted to return to the Indigo Tea Shop to spend time with Theo and the gang. As always, I wish I could try some of Drayton's tea blends, not to mention Theo's T-bath products and Hailey's treats. I love the plum blossom motif and how it contrasts with the antique weapon angle. It proves a fitting combination for the mystery as well as the behind the scenes relationships. Theo is a bit more eager to get involved in murder than perhaps she should be, running blindly after a killer with only Drayton behind her (no offense, Drayton) when she doesn't even know what's going on or who could be involved. And doing some, not quite legal, digging for answers. Still, this is her nineteenth outing and so with plenty of experience behind her, I guess she feels competent. It's no secret that Theo does love the adrenalin rush, whether from solving murders or going for a run, even without chasing any criminals! PLUM TEA CRAZY is a fast paced, action packed mystery with tons of fun and tea! I devoured this book, reading it quickly as it spurred me on to keep turning pages as I was so caught up in the action. One scene in particular is still fresh in my mind, it was so memorable. I still find myself chuckling, I won't give any spoilers, but watch out for a certain fashion show! Recipes and Tea Time Tips included. FTC Disclosure – The publisher sent me a copy of this book in the hopes I would review it.
MariWatson1 More than 1 year ago
Laura Childs has continued the adventure in her wonderful Tea Series. Theodosia Browning and Drayton Conneley are invited guests of Timothy Neville at the Gaslights and Galleons Parade. The widows- walk on the roof is the perfect place to watch the ships come in from all over the World for the Event. Amidst a volley of cannon...a scream rings out and a man falls. Carson Lanier, is impaled on a wrought iron fence. It is an obvious case of murder, but he seems to have no enemies...or even a good reason why this should happen. Theodosia, who works side- by- side with Drayton in the Indigo Tea Shop is asked by Timothy to help investigate the mystery. She is dragged into a feud, with a scene worthy of a cat fight in a film noir, between Sissy Lanier and Betty Bates during a showing at Delaine’s shop. A rock is tossed through her window. Sissy shows up at the tea shop bereft because her Fidelity account had been raided. Jud Harker’s apartment is illegally visited and she finds out some juicy information concerning Bob Garver’s grant money and loan. A very entertaining plot unfolds with some of the locals providing the bounty. But for me... the Teas that are served and the food throughout this book are especially charming. Imagine a carefully blended plum-flavored Ceylonese black tea. This was a visit for me with old friends in their elegant Tea Shop and a chance to try some of these wonderful blends... as I sat with my cup of Tea and read this book. A delicious little mystery and a surprise twist at the end. Very enjoyable. My thanks to Berkley and Netgalley
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
Plum Tea Crazy by Laura Childs is the nineteenth story in A Tea Shop Mystery series. Theodosia “Theo” Browning owns the Indigo Tea Shop in Charleston, South Carlson. Theo is aided by her tea sommelier, Drayton Conneley and chef, Haley Parker. Drayton and Theo are enjoying the Gaslights and Galleons Parade from the widow’s walk of Timothy Neville’s Archdale Street mansion. When the cannon volleys begin a scream rings out, and Carson Lanier slides down the roof to his death atop a fleur-de-lis fence finial. Upon inspection of Carson’s body, it is discovered he was shot by a quarrel (type of arrow used in a crossbow) which caused him to tumble over the railing of the widow’s walk. Timothy requests that Theo use her skills to investigate Carson’s murder. It turns out that there are several viable suspects that include a protestor of the upcoming antique firearms display at the Heritage Society, Carson’s estranged wife, a co-worker, and the manager of a local bed-and-breakfast. Who shot Carson and why? Theo works in her sleuthing in between working at the tea shop, handling catering gigs, taking care of Earl Grey, and specialty tea events they have scheduled at the Indigo Tea Shop. The killer, though, does not appreciate Theo’s snooping and attempts to dissuade her (the person evidently does not know Theo). Will Theo be able to expose the guilty party before she ends up the next victim? Plum Tea Crazy may be the 19th book in the series, but it can be read alone. I do, though, highly recommend reading each book in this charming cozy mystery series. A Tea Shop Mystery series is one of the first cozy mystery series I discovered. I found the books in my local bookstore (before e-books) and quickly devoured Death by Darjeeling. I then returned to the store and purchased the other books in the series that were out at the time. I look forward to a new book in this series each year. Plum Tea Crazy is well-written, has a steady pace and engaging. I love when I am drawn into the books world as I was with Plum Tea Crazy. The book contains delightful characters that are well established, and they continue to grow as the series progresses. Theo is an intelligent woman who is warm, thoughtful and has a big heart. I like the interactions between Theo, Haley, Drayton and Earl Grey is just adorable. The only character that I dislike is Delaine Dish. She is overbearing, pushy, annoying and seemed a little off balance (she grates on my nerves) in this book. Delaine is one of those people that can only be taken in small doses. The setting of Savannah, South Carolina sounds just lovely. Laura Childs provides beautiful descriptions of the area, homes, the featured stores and the Indigo Tea Shop. The mystery is complex, and it will perplex readers. There is a clue to the killer’s identity, but you will need a keen eye to spot it. The book contains delectable food and tea descriptions. I especially enjoyed the cozy moments in Plum Tea Crazy. I did feel that Plum Tea Crazy needed an epilogue to tie up all the loose threads (details seemed to be lacking). There are recipes and tea tips at the end of the book as well as a preview of Glitter Bomb. Plum Tea Crazy is an engaging, light hearted cozy mystery that will delight fans of Laura Childs.
CozyMarie More than 1 year ago
I always look forward to new installments of this series. It was one of the first cozy mysteries I found and it’s like comfort food in book form. My favorite part of the book is always the imagery. Laura Childs should be paid by the Charleston, South Carolina Visitor’s Bureau because she always does an amazing job of putting Charleston on the top of my vacation list. You’ll fall in love with the characters, the town, and the Indigo Tea Shop. Two thumbs up!
WisReader More than 1 year ago
When you think about a quaint and elegant tea shop you may picture delightful pottery and scents and delicious scones. I generally do not expect murder and weaponry. Only Laura Childs can combine such things and make me want to keep turning pages. The book begins with a celebration that quickly turns tragic! Was it an accident or a devious plot? Theodosia Browning is developing a habit of being in the right (or wrong) place at opportune times. Her business partner once again is by her side. I adore the characters in this series. Theodosia never fails to surprise me. Moving from venue to venue and following the clues and catfights, this was quite the adventure to read. I admire how Ms. Childs seamlessly blends the town events into an engaging and intriguing action filled mystery.
kimdavishb More than 1 year ago
It’s always a pleasure visiting Charleston, South Carolina on the pages and catching up with Theodosia Browning and the crew at the Indigo Tea Shop! From the inviting cover of PLUM TEA CRAZY, the nineteenth book in the Tea Shop Mystery series by Laura Childs, to the very last page, this brand new release kept me entertained and reading late into the night. This latest installment finds Theodosia and her good friend and tea sommelier, Drayton Conneley, participating in the city’s Gaslights and Galleons Parade event. Sailing ships from around the world are converging on Charleston and the pair have a bird’s-eye view at one of the spectacular mansions situated on the route. When a gruesome tragedy happens during the event, Theodosia jumps in right away. She is a take charge type of gal and the action starts right off the bat. When it’s determined that it was a murder and not a horrible accident, Theodosia gets involved in solving the case after her host begs her to. Her hunt takes her on searches for antique weapons, high society fashion shows, a Japanese art gallery, and a “Hair Ball” black-tie event benefiting homeless cats. Theodosia is one busy woman with all the special events going on all over the city along with hosting several events at the Indigo Tea Shop, including the Plum Blossom Tea event! I enjoyed the descriptions of the events and could envision the settings perfectly. Theodosia’s supportive friends are there to help her out from Drayton to Haley, the talented shop’s chef, and Haley’s young nephew, Jamie. The supporting characters are well thought out and add fun to the storyline. Theodosia’s relationship with Detective Pete Riley is progressing and I find it refreshing that he doesn’t demand that she stop snooping. He accepts her for who she is… although I wish he’d tell her to stop running down dark alleys late at night! The exciting, suspenseful reveal surprised me with how it played out but it wrapped up the plot and subplots nicely. I was greatly entertained by this newest installment in this series and look forward to the next one! Ms. Childs provides several delectable tea time recipes at the back of the book along with Tea Time Tips and links for Tea Resources, which you’ll want to bookmark. I was provided an advance copy via Netgalley with the hopes I would review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
CozyMysteryLover1 More than 1 year ago
I can never get enough of this fabulous series by Laura Childs. I remember the first time I picked up one of these books, I was automatically hooked. I feel like I would know Theo and Drayton anywhere. The dynamic duo not only brew up an amazing cup of tea, but their unique way of solving mysteries are just as fun. While attending a private party, Theo watches a man drop to his death, she thinks surely it was an accident. When Theo runs to his aid, she makes a gruesome discovery which leads her and Drayton into a mysterious world of the rich, where answers are waiting to be discovered. The recipes always sound delicious and the mouthwatering tea will have you brewing up your own special blend in no time. Fans of this series will be delighted with Plum Tea Crazy. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book provided by the publisher and NetGalley.