Plunkett's Banking, Mortgages and Credit Industry Almanac 2007: Banking, Mortgages and Credit Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends and Leading Companies

Plunkett's Banking, Mortgages and Credit Industry Almanac 2007: Banking, Mortgages and Credit Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends and Leading Companies

by Jack W. Plunkett
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Plunkett Research

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Plunkett's Banking, Mortgages and Credit Industry Almanac 2007: Banking, Mortgages and Credit Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends and Leading Companies

The lending industry is comprised of a wide variety of sectors, such as banking, credit cards, mortgages, leasing and consumer finance. Many of these sectors have interconnections and synergies. In addition, a large number of related services and technologies have a major influence on the lending and credit business. These services include e-commerce, credit risk analysis, call centers and information technologies. Rapid changes have taken place in lending in recent years. For example, large amounts of business and consumer debt are now syndicated or securitized. Meanwhile, non-bank firms, such as GE, have become immense competitors in the lending arena, and international acquisitions are shaping up the globalized banking industry of the near future. This carefully-researched book (which includes a database of leading companies on CD-ROM) is a banking, credit and mortgages market research and business intelligence tool-- everything you need to know about the business of banking, credit cards, mortgages and lending, including: Money center banks; Regional banks; Savings associations; Globalization of the banking and lending industries, including our profiles of nearly 350 of the world�s leading international banking firms; Mortgage banking and brokerage; Home equity loans; Credit cards; Lending and other services provided by non-bank enterprises; Significant trends in banking and lending technologies; Risk analysis, payment processing, call centers and other support services; Online banking trends; ATM trends and technologies; Banking industry software.

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ISBN-13: 9781593920784
Publisher: Plunkett Research
Publication date: 11/28/2006
Pages: 459
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.90(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

A Short Banking, Mortgages & Credit Industry Glossary i
Introduction 1
How to Use This Book 3
Chapter 1: Major Trends Affecting the Banking, Mortgages & Credit Industry 7
1) Introduction to the Banking, Mortgages & Credit Industry 8
2) Branch Banking Booms While the Total Number of Banking Companies Declines/Startup Banks
on the Rise 9
3) Banks Adopt Sophisticated Technology and Retail Perks to Attract Customers 10
4) Banks Vie for Previously Underserved Markets and Focus on Hispanics 10
5) Mergers and Acquisitions Continue 12
6) National and International Bank Chains Expand 13
7) Japan�s Parliament Agrees to Privatize the Japan Post�One of the World�s Largest Financial
Services Organizations 13
8) China�s Banking Market Looms Large 14
9) India�s Banking Restrictions Slow Foreign Investment 15
10) ATMs Evolve from Cash-Dispensing Machines into Financial Services Depots 15
11) Non-Bank Competition Grows/Retailers and Automobile Makers Become Bankers 16
12) Hedge Funds Enter the Lending Fray 17
13) Credit Swaps Soar into the Trillions of Dollars 17
14) Banks See Growth in Online Services 18
15) Credit Cards Fiercely Competitive/Card Giants Launch IPOs 19
16) Credit Card Technologies Advance with Better Security and Contactless Payment 20
17) Smart Phones May Replace Smart Cards 21
18) U.S. Consumers Allowed Free Access to Their Credit Reports 21
19) U.S. Homeowners Refinanced Vast Amounts of Mortgages Through 2005, but the Mortgage
Market has Changed 22
20) Home Equity Borrowing Cools as Housing Boom Slows 22
21) Total Mortgage Originations to Drop in 2006 and 2007 23
22) Mortgage Borrowers Turn Away fromARMs as Interest Rates Rise 23
23) Mortgage Market Facts 24
Chapter 2: Banking, Mortgages & Credit Industry Statistics 29
U.S. Banking, Credit and Mortgages Industry Overview 30
I. Banking 31
The Top 30 Banks in the U.S., by Assets 32
The 19 Largest Bank and Thrift Merger and Acquisition Deals 1996-2006 33
Employment In the U.S. Banking Industry: 1999-August 2006 34
Assets and Liabilities of FDIC-Insured Commercial Banks, Grouped by Asset Size, June 2006 35
Deposits, Income and Expenses of FDIC-Insured Commercial Banks: June, 2002-2006 36
Assets of Foreign Banking Offices in the U.S.: 2001-June 2006 37
Savings and Investment, U.S.: 1960-June 2006 38
Prime Interest Rate, U.S.: 1995-October 2006 39
Bond Yields and Interest Rates, U.S.: Selected Years 1940�September 2006 40
II.Mortgages 41
U.S. Home Ownership Rates, by Region: 1990-2005 42
U.S. Home Ownership Rates, by Race and Ethnicity of Householder: Selected Years, 1995-2005 43
New Privately-Owned Housing Starts, U.S.: 1980-2006 44
U.S. Home Mortgages, by Holder: 2000-2005 45
Home Equity Loans, by Holder, U.S.: 1999-2006 46
Mortgage Loans Outstanding, U.S., 1975-2006 47
Top Ten U.S. Mortgage Finance Companies, 2005 48
III. Credit 49
Consumer Credit Outstanding, U.S.: 1965-August 2006 50
Consumer Credit Outstanding, By Major Holders, U.S.: 2001- August 2006 51
Terms of Credit at Commercial Banks1: 2000-August 2006 52
Chapter 3: Important Banking, Mortgages & Credit Industry Contacts 53
(Addresses, Phone Numbers and World Wide Web Sites)
Chapter 4: THE BANKING & LENDING 300:
Who They Are and How They Were Chosen 77
Industry List, With Codes 78
Index of Rankings Within Industry Groups 80
Alphabetical Index 88
Index of Headquarters Location by U.S. State 91
Index of Non-U.S. Headquarters Location by Country 94
Index by Regions of the U.S. Where the Firms Have Locations 96
Index by Firms with Operations Outside the U.S. 104
Individual Data Profiles on Each of THE BANKING & LENDING 300 107
Additional Indexes
Index of Hot Spots for Advancement for Women/Minorities 434
Index by Subsidiaries, Brand Names and Selected Affiliations 436

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