Plunkett's Consulting Industry Almanac 2010

Plunkett's Consulting Industry Almanac 2010

by Jack W. Plunkett


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ISBN-13: 9781593921712
Publisher: Plunkett Research, Ltd.
Publication date: 03/07/2011
Pages: 406
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

A Short Consulting Industry Glossaryx
How To Use This Book3
Chapter 1: Major Trends Affecting the Consulting Industry7
1) Introduction to the Consulting Industry7
2) Consulting Firms Accept Assignments with Contingency Fees11
3) Accounting Firms Refocus/Smaller Consulting Firms Gain Clients11
4) Many Industry Sectors Seek Consulting and Outsourcing Income, Competing with Pure Consultancies13
5) Major Corporations and Organizations Develop Internal Consultants to Cut Costs14
6) Corporate Clients Want Solid Returns on IT Investments14
7) Federal Government Consulting Will Be Strong, Including the Sectors of Transportation, Health Care, Energy and Cyber Security15
8) Consultancies Move Towards Globalization16
9) Offshoring to India Drives Changes in Global Consulting17
10) BPO and KPO: White-Collar and Professional Tasks Are Offshored to a Growing Extent18
11) New MBAs Desire Consulting Jobs20
Chapter 2: Consulting Industry Statistics23
Consulting Industry Overview24
Consulting Industry Revenue & Expenses, U.S.: 2000-200925
Management Consulting Services Revenue, U.S.: 2005-200826
Environmental Consulting Services Revenue, U.S.: 2005-200827
Consulting Industry Employment, U.S.: 2002-200928
Chapter 3: Important Consulting Industry Contacts29
Addresses, Telephone Numbers and Internet Sites 
Chapter 4: THE CONSULTING 250: 
Who They Are and How They Were Chosen62
Industry List, With Codes63
Index of Rankings Within Industry Groups65
Alphabetical Index73
Index of U.S. Headquarters Location by State74
Index of Non-U.S. Headquarters Location by Country77
Index by Regions of the U.S. Where the Firms Have Locations78
Index by Firms with International Operations87
Individual Profiles on each of THE CONSULTING 25090
Additional Indexes 
Index of Hot Spots for Advancement for Women/Minorities358
Index of Subsidiaries, Brand Names and Selected Affiliations360

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