Pocket Guide to Monsters and Malevolent Creatures

Pocket Guide to Monsters and Malevolent Creatures

by Oliver James Westley


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Pocket Guide to Monsters and Malevolent Creatures by Oliver James Westley

Legends and stories of monsters have existed throughout recorded history, different cultures each having their own versions of these unnatural and malevolent beings.

Books, television shows and films have introduced us to a wide variety of malevolent entities based on the myths and folklore of many cultures from around the world but the depiction of these mythological monsters is rarely true to the source texts.

This book looks beyond the depiction of monsters in recent popular media and provides information from the original myths and legends that were the inspiration for the creatures as portrayed in modern literature, films and television shows.

This handy pocket guide will introduce you to the origins of the banshee, basilisk, boggart, brownie, bunyip, changeling, chimera, demon, djinn, domovoi, dragon, dullahan, ghost, ghoul, goblin, gorgon, hellhound, hobgoblin, hydra, imp, incubus, knocker, kobold, kraken, leprechaun, leviathan, lutin, manticore, minotaur, naga, nain rouge, norn, ogre, pixie, poltergeist, revenant, rougarou, siren, skinwalker, spriggan, succubus, tikbalang, trickster, troll, valkyrie, vampire, wendigo, werewolf, zombie and many more monsters and malevolent creatures.

For readers with an interest in supernatural fiction, movies and television shows, this book will be an informative and entertaining reference to a wide range of monsters from the world's many and diverse cultures.

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ISBN-13: 9781494940287
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/07/2014
Pages: 60
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