Pocket Prayers: Inspiration for Daily Living

Pocket Prayers: Inspiration for Daily Living

by Gwendolyn Roberts


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Pocket Prayers consist of forty simple and easy-to-read positive, uplifting prayers that speak to everyday living. Have you ever wondered

• how do I pray for my children;

• how do I pray about money and my finances;

• how do I pray when I am grieving the loss of a loved one;

• how do I pray when desiring a soul mate; and

• how do I pray for peace of mind?

Pocket Prayers address many issues we face today. When these prayers are read daily they will help you to focus your thoughts and words in positive directions.

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ISBN-13: 9781504338387
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 08/18/2015
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.26(d)

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Pocket Prayers

Inspiration for Daily Living

By Gwendolyn Roberts

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Gwendolyn Roberts
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-3838-7



* * *

Today I choose to begin my spiritual growth. I know that which has created me is within me, and it now guides me to my highest good. I know that there is a divine plan for my life. The divine plan for my life includes happiness for me, peace of mind for me, perfect health for me, financial fulfillment for me, and more good than I can imagine.

I realize that I can make choices for my life. I ask my Creator to guide me to make the right and appropriate choices, choices that produce my happiness, peace of mind, perfect health, financial well-being, and fulfillment in every aspect of my life.

Today I call forth the divine plan for my life; today I cooperate with the divine plan for my life; and today I accept the divine plan for my life. As I am given new ideas, I act upon these ideas, making wise choices. Today I realize that everything that I am guided to do is a part of the unfoldment of my divine plan, even if I do not recognize it to be so. I know that my Creator can do for me what it can do through me. I cooperate with the divine process that is unfolding, the divine plan for my life.

I now relax and know that the creative power of the universe that created me is working through me bringing about my heart's desire. As opportunities come before me, I recognize them and take appropriate action. I move forward into greater good in my life.

I now realize that life is a journey, and each opportunity is not the destination, but a part of my journey in life.


I shall keep my faith strong in the universal power working within me and know that everything is working for my highest good.



* * *

The way I increase my knowledge is to study, read, and listen to others with wisdom. The way I learn to drive a car is to practice driving. The way I learn to swim is by practice. The way I grow spiritually is to learn what spirituality is about and to practice and have spiritual experiences. In the most recent decades, increased attention has been given to our spirituality, what it is, and the role that it plays in mankind's daily living.

The egg and the sperm that was the beginning of my human growth process were created by something greater than my wonderful parents. It is that Creator that created me that I trust to guide me and place opportunities before me. My Creator, which is God, has created me and given me full power to enjoy this earthly experience. I now tap into that power within me during my daily meditations and discover who I really am.

My first step in my spiritual growth and awareness is to know who I am. This process involves redefining myself. As I mediate daily, I realize that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. As a spiritual being, I believe that God created me to thrive as I learn and grow during my earthly experience. As I daily mediate, I become increasingly aware that I have great powers within me to accomplish my goals with amazing success. As I develop my "I can" attitude, I develop the ability to attract the right people, situations, and circumstances that help me accomplish my goals. I am blessed with great opportunities that lead me to success after success. Each success is a stepping stone in my journey to greater success.

As a spiritual being, I am aware that a part of my journey is to help others to realize their spirituality. I inspire and encourage others. I remind others that they can realize their dreams by believing that they can, and they have been endowed with the power to do so.


Every day and in every way I am becoming more aware of my spirituality. Answers now come easily to me as I look to my Creator to guide me. Answers sometimes come through my personal inspirations, people, situations, circumstances, and in ways that I had not expected. I now rejoice in my awareness of my spirituality.



* * *

I know that which has created me works through my thoughts and words to create my life. Today I chose to think the very best and the most positive thoughts for my life, my world, and all of my affairs. I know that my thoughts manifest into things. I am careful with the thoughts that I choose to think and the words that I choose to speak about myself and others.

I know that the spiritual principal "The power of my word" that Jesus used and talked about works in my life too. I know that when I say that I can't, circumstances set up in such a way that makes things difficult for me. I also know as I speak words "I can" or "I will," the same principle works for me and creates opportunities for me to accomplish my goal. This principle does not know hard or easy, it only works. When someone says to me, "Have a good day," I respond by saying, "I will, and you have a good day too."

Daily, I incorporate more positive thoughts, which now become my new belief system. I now attract into my life positive-thinking people who inspire me with their positive thoughts. I too am an inspiration to others. I now read books that promote my positive thinking. I watch positive, inspiring movies and TV shows that inspire me.

I know that which has created me is now guiding me to be the very best that I can be. My life is unfolding beautifully. I am thankful to know and realize the principle of the power of my word, and I thank my Creator for setting things up this way and my realization of it. Every day in every way things are getting better and better for me.

I imagine there is a little guardian angel sitting on my shoulder reminding me to think and speak only positive thoughts and words about myself and others.

I now chose thoughts that give me peace of mind. I do not allow thoughts of anger, hate, jealousy, fear, and unforgiveness steal my peace of mind. My little guardian angel reminds me of negative thoughts that enter my mind, and I send those negative thoughts into the sea of nothingness. I repeat this process as many times as necessary until it is uprooted from my thinking.

I recognize that negative thoughts give me an uneasy feeling. I now realize that I can change how I feel by changing the thoughts that I choose to think. When negative thoughts appear, I immediately transform that thought to a positive thought. I replace negative thoughts with thoughts of love, kindness, forgiveness, understanding, and peace. As I practice replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, I feel a deep sense of peace within myself.

As I transform my thinking, I realize there is good in every situation and in every person. I look for the good. I find the good in situations and people. Each transformed thought empowers me to be a more peaceful, successful, and happy person.


My word is my tool to navigate through life. I chose my words carefully. I speak of what I desire and not of what I do not desire. I now realize that God and the universal law of my spoken word, which He has given me to live under, allows for the perfect outworking of any situation. I now rejoice in knowing this truth.



* * *

My attitude is always a ref lection of what I am thinking. If I am thinking negative thoughts about myself, I feel sad about myself. If I am thinking negatively about someone, I feel sad about him or her. Negative attitudes are supported by feelings of hurt, jealousy, disappointment, and anger. I remember that all the thoughts that I think I have chosen to accept as my own. These thoughts make up my attitude. I adopt attitudes from my environment, family, friends, television, radio, coworkers, books, and sometimes strangers. I have the choice to determine which thoughts I want to adopt as my own. There are thoughts that make me feel happy, sad, joyous, faith-filled, healthy, disappointed, angry, thankful, or sick. I can choose the thoughts that I think, thus choosing my attitude.

Environment plays an important role in my attitude. The people I am around influence my attitude either in a positive or negative way. In turn, I can also influence the attitudes of the people around me. I now chose to be around positive thinking and positive feeling people. This reinforces my positive feelings and beliefs.

I start today to consciously choose thoughts about myself and others that are positive up lifting thoughts. I start today to develop a positive attitude about myself and others. Instead of being critical about myself and others, I find things to praise and complement about myself and others. Instead of feeling lonely or depressed, I decide to find something that I enjoy doing, and I do it. I look at my life and look at ways to improve my attitude about myself and others. There is always something good that I can say or think about myself or others to make me or them feel good. Feeling good about things and people makes me have a good attitude about myself and others.

I now decide to look at the bright side of life. There are so many wonderful things about life that makes me feel cheerful, happy, and thankful. I keep a check on my attitude about myself. I am a wonderful creation of God equipped with amazing talents and abilities that I am using and discovering. I keep a check on my attitude in my relationships with others. When I awake in the morning, I start my day off being thankful for all that I have and all that I am. I make sure as I meet others that I f ind some way to compliment them.


I now cleanse myself of negative thoughts and feelings about myself and others. I now replace negative thoughts and feelings with positive thoughts and feelings of love, kindness, hope, and encouragement. I keep a positive attitude about myself and others. My life is transformed and empowered with the transformation of my attitude.



* * *

My challenges are simply opportunities to grow and move forward with my life. When a challenge appears, I do not dwell upon it; I simply look to God to assist me by providing the people, circumstances, and resources I need to easily and peacefully resolve the situation and move forward. There is nothing too hard for God to do. God is all-knowing and all-capable to assist me in any situation. I give thanks for this insight, this truth in my daily living. If I spend time dwelling upon a challenge, I empower it. I stop and remember to keep my thoughts on the power of God within me to overcome any situation.

As I look back on my old way of thinking, I understand clearly now why my life was going the way that it was going. My previous negative way of thinking was manifesting negative situations for me. Realizing this truth, I now change my thinking to positive, happy, healthy thoughts. I now let go of old, worn out ways of thinking and think of new ideas that propel me to my heart's desire.

I meditate daily on things that are beautiful, good, happy, and wholesome. I surround myself with positive-thinking people. I realize that my old way of thinking was learned over the years, so I am patient with myself as I adopt my new way of thinking. I know that as I persist in making this change, challenges now become opportunities for me to grow.

I look forward to good and great things happening to me.

I welcome blessings to f low in my life.

I give thanks for the blessings that I presently enjoy in my life and the blessings that are forthcoming. I walk around my house and give thanks for everything in it. If my health has been a challenge, I now give thanks daily for my body. I daily bless my body, my muscles, organs, nerves, tissues, and the cells in my body.

If relationships have been a challenge in my past, I now give thanks to the people in my life. I tell them that I love and appreciate them. If at first it is hard to find something to compliment them on, I start with little things that I appreciate about them. As I look for good in others, I find good in others.


Challenges are opportunities for me to grow. I am strengthened by these opportunities. I now understand that there are answers to all challenges. I believe that God has equipped me with all that I need to live a rich and fulfilling life. I now move forward to the fulfillment of this blessing.



* * *

When I have faith in something, I believe in something that does not yet exist. Therefore faith is belief in the unseen — belief in something that has not yet happened or manifested. I have faith in many things, faith that I will rise in the morning, get dressed, prepare and eat breakfast, drive to work, or go about my daily activities. Because this is something that I do daily or is a part of my routine, I think very little about it; I just go through the action of doing it. Yet I am using faith. I believe that I am going to do those things, and I just automatically do them.

Let's say for example that I decide that I would like a better job, or marriage and a family, to write and publish a book, or run a business of my own. To do this, I apply my faith — faith that I can do this. I now believe in the not-yet-manifested. The first thing that I do is to plan and visualize my goal. I do this in detail. I may journal about this dream. This may take some time, just depending on the amount of detail and energy I put into it. I see myself already there, or the goal already manifested. I may then get a telephone call or a hunch or an opportunity to go somewhere, or read something in the newspaper or on the Internet that guides me to my destination. This is the action part. Next is the manifestation. Now let's look at what is really happening. During my prayerful process, I am forming in my mind the answer that I desire, always including the idea of this or something better. Forming the idea in my mind helps me recognize it when it manifests. The universe knows all and is in all and knows exactly what is best for me. The universe knows what is for my highest good. To this extent, I let go of my desire for the universe to manifest my desire perfectly. I allow for the universe to include things that I may have omitted but are best for me.

My faith and belief that I can have my desire makes me a magnet to the thing or situation desired. I am the one that is just simply making a request, a prayer, expressing a desire. It is the universal power or God that sets up situations and circumstances to bring it to me. Knowing that I am in partnership with God and universal powers make me humble and thankful for my desired results. My faith is that the wonderful loving presence of God helps me to accomplish my desires. My faith is a vital part of the process of my prayers being answered. Faith is the part that I play in the manifestation of my desires. When it is time, I will be guided to take the proper action for the manifestation.


I have faith in God to guide and direct my path to the fulfillment of my desires.



* * *

When I think of patience, I think it's time for me to wait. Patience is a time for me to have faith and know that dreams, goals, and aspirations are working out for me, even though I may not see any evidence of things at work. When a seed is planted in the ground, it must be nourished by the rain and sunshine in order to grow. My patience is the sunshine and rain nourishing my desire, dream, or goal.

I do not sit and watch a f lower grow; that would be tiring and stressful. So, after forming my dream, desire, or goal, I water it with my faith and use this time to prepare for the end results. If it is a soul mate partner that I am praying for, I use this time to imagine the harmony, love, cooperation, understanding, and joy that I will experience in this relationship. I may do this by absorbing the positive energy from loving couples that I know or by watching loving, happy-ending movies. All of this prepares me for my experience of having a loving, lasting relationship. This is the rain and sunshine that I give to my desire.


Excerpted from Pocket Prayers by Gwendolyn Roberts. Copyright © 2015 Gwendolyn Roberts. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Introduction, ix,
My Spiritual Growth, 1,
My Spiritual Awareness, 3,
My Thoughts and Words, 5,
My Attitude, 8,
My Challenges, 11,
My Faith, 13,
My Patience, 15,
My Prayers, 17,
My Affirmations, 19,
My Aging, 21,
My Manifestations, 23,
My Peace of Mind, 25,
My Relationships, 29,
My Family, 31,
My Partner, 33,
My Children, 36,
My Friends, 38,
My Compassion, 40,
My Self-Love, 42,
My Change in My Life, 44,
My Calmness, 46,
My Strength, 48,
My Home, 50,
My Health, 52,
My Helpfulness to Others, 54,
My Joy, 56,
My Job, Employment, Career, 58,
My Money, 60,
My Food, 63,
My Grief, 65,
My Life, 68,
My Protection, 70,
My Grace, 72,
My Thankfulness, 74,
My Goals and Dreams, 76,
My Forgiveness, 78,
My Understanding, 80,
My Divine Plan, 82,
My Answered Prayers, 84,
Conclusion, 87,
About the Author, 89,

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