PocketRadiologist - ER Trauma: Top 100 Diagnoses

PocketRadiologist - ER Trauma: Top 100 Diagnoses

by Robert A. Novelline, James T. Rhea



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ISBN-13: 9780721604596
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 08/04/2004
Series: PocketRadiologist Series
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Head Injury
Skull Fracture3
Subdural Hematoma (SDH)6
Epidural Hematoma (EDH)9
Traumatic Subarachnoid (tSAH)12
Cerebral Contusion15
Diffuse Axonal Injury18
Cerebral Herniation21
Face Injury
Orbital Blowout Fracture27
Nasal Fracture30
Zygomatic Complex Fracture33
Zygomatic Arch Fracture36
Naso-Orbito-Ethmoid Fracture39
Maxillary Sagittal Fracture42
LeFort I Fracture45
LeFort II Fracture48
LeFort III Fracture51
Frontal Sinus Fracture54
Mandible Fracture57
Cervical Spine/Neck Injury
Occipital Condyle Fracture63
Jefferson Fracture66
Atlanto-Occipital Subluxation69
Atlanto-Axial Rotatory Fixation72
Odontoid Fracture75
Hangman's Fracture78
Unilateral Interfacetal Disloc81
Bilateral Interfacetal Disloc84
Teardrop Fractures87
Cervical Burst Fracture90
Traumatic Iso. Articular Pillar93
Hyperflexion Injury95
Articular Pillar Fracture98
Hyperextension Sprain101
Thoracic Injury
Flail Chest107
Sternal Fracture110
Scapular Fracture113
Sternoclavicular Dislocation116
Occult Pneumothorax119
Tension Pneumothorax122
Lung Contusion128
Lung Laceration131
Tracheal Laceration134
Aortic Trauma137
Diaphragm Rupture140
Cardiac Injury143
Abdominal Injury
Active Intraperitoneal Bleed152
Splenic Trauma154
Hepatic Injury157
Gallbladder/Biliary Injury160
Small Bowel Injury163
Colon Injury166
Mesenteric Injury169
Duodenal Injury171
Pancreatic Injury173
Renal Parenchymal Trauma176
Renal Pedicle Injury179
Traumatic Urinoma182
Adrenal Injury185
Inferior Vena Cava Injury187
Abdominal Aorta Injury190
Traumatic Lumbar Rupture192
Extraperitoneal Bladder Injury195
Intraperitoneal Bladder Injury198
Urethral Injury201
Scrotal Trauma204
Thoracolumbar Spine Trauma
Thoracolumbar Compression Fract209
Thoracolumbar Burst Fracture212
Thoracic Facet Dislocation215
Thoracic Distraction (Chance) Fx218
Thoracic Fracture Dislocation221
Upper Extremity Injury
Clavicle Fracture227
Acromioclavicular Separation230
Anterior Shoulder Dislocation233
Posterior Shoulder Dislocation236
Proximal Humeral Fracture239
Elbow Dislocation242
Radial Head Fracture245
Monteggia Fracture248
Colles' Fracture251
Scaphoid Fracture254
First Metacarpal Fracture257
Phalangeal Fracture of the Hand260
Pelvic Fractures
Sacral Fracture265
Vertical Shear Pelvic Injury268
Lateral Pelvic Compression Fract271
Anterior Compression Fracture274
Acetabular Fracture277
Lower Extremity Injury
Hip Dislocation283
Femoral Neck Fracture286
Intertrochanteric Femur Fracture289
Femoral Shaft Fracture292
Patellar Fracture295
Knee Dislocation298
Tibial Plateau Fracture301
Tibia - Fibula Shaft Fractures304
Ankle Fractures - Tibia307
Ankle Fractures - Fibula310
Tarsal Fractures313
Metatarsal Fractures316

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