Poem a Day May 2020

Poem a Day May 2020

by Cat Hartliebe




Poems start somewhere. These poems wouldn't be any different. They started at one song and turned into something else entirely. A month long collection of poetry by Cat Hartliebe where songs and music were the jumping off point. Enjoy!ABOUT THE POEM BOOK : During the month of May in 2020, Cat Hartliebe used songs as a jumping off point for a poem. There were a few bonus poems during the month as well. Cyro wrote a couple poems, but really wasn't involved in the month. There is no forcing a child. The poems made because of a song will have double titles. The first is the actual name of the poem followed by the title of the song and singer in parentheses. At the end of the book will be a list of all of the songs so people can listen to the Poem A Day Playlist. During May 2020, Cat Hartliebe was under quarantine for Covid-19. The confinement impacted the poems written during the month. This is another reason why Cyro was not pushed to create poetry.

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