Poem Epico Los Cinco Elmentos

Poem Epico Los Cinco Elmentos

by Edith Rusconi Kaltovich


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Krishna's FIVE ELEMENTS is a classic in World Poetry combining the mysticism of Tagore, the imagery of Eliot and pace of Milton - reminding the Cantoes of Pound, Faust of Goethe, Siddharta of Hesse and Ulysses of Joyce. Pulsating with an inner life and punctuated with magnificent metaphors . . . mesmerizes the reader. Dr. R.R. Roberts III, Penn, USA Your EPIC is from eternity to another. It rises to the level of the few other Mount Everests of World Literature. You have tasted man's strengths and you have tested his virtues. You have moved through the long historic valley . . . your indomitable spirit has ascended the highest pinnacle of the other eternity. You have winged the Epicalong with you. A tapestry of human joy and a Spectrum of Sublimated glory. You stand once more upon the ultimate pinnacle in company with Dante and Milton and Goethe and those few other immortals who have created the unexcelled excellences of World Literature. Dr. Milford E. Shields Poet Laureate of Colorado, USA.

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Publication date: 06/04/2004
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