Poems and Fragments

Poems and Fragments

by Friedrich Holderlin, Michael Hamburger


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Michael Hamburger has been translating the poetry of Friedrich Holderlin (1770-1843) for over half a century. This lifelong preoccupation culminates in this fourth bilingual edition, incorporating revisions, new translations and other supplementary material. It is the classic English edition of Holderlin's poetry for our age.

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ISBN-13: 9780856462450
Publisher: Anvil Press Poetry, Limited
Publication date: 08/01/2001
Pages: 748
Product dimensions: 6.06(w) x 9.04(h) x 1.51(d)

About the Author

Michael Hamburger was born in Berlin in 1924, and came to Britain as a child. He is one of our leading poets and critics, as well as the foremost contemporary translator of German poetry. His Collected Poems 1941-1994' and several later books of poetry are published by Anvil, as is his Poems of Paul Celan', for which he was awarded the EC's first European Translation Prize in 1992. Anvil has also published his selections from the poetry of Goethe, Rilke and Peter Huchel and his critical study of modern poetry, The Truth of Poetry'.

Table of Contents

Preface, 200311
Preface to the Third Edition19
Bibliographical Note55
Odes and Epigrams (1797-1799)
Prayer for the Incurable59
Epigrams (1797)61
Good Advice
Advocatus Diaboli
The Excellent
Descriptive Poetry
False Popularity
To Diotima63
Diotima ('Bliss of the heavenly Muse ...')65
To the Fates71
Diotima ('You suffer and keep silent and, strange to them ...')73
To Her Genius75
Plea for Forgiveness77
Then and Now79
The Course of Life ('High my spirit aspired ...')81
Human Applause85
Home ('Content the boatman turns ...')87
Good Faith89
Her Recovery ('Nature, she who's your friend ...')91
The Unpardonable93
To the Young Poets95
To the Germans ('Do not laugh ...')97
The Sanctimonious Poets99
To the Sun-God101
Socrates and Alcibiades105
To Our Great Poets107
Epigrams (1799)109
[characters not reproducible]
The Angry Poet
The Jokers
The Root of All Evil
The Later Odes (1798-1803)
Hyperion's Song of Fate121
In my boyhood days ...123
If to those warning ones ...127
The Capricious129
The Spirit of the Age131
Evening Fantasy133
In the Morning135
The River Main137
My Possessions141
To a Princess of Dessau147
To Princess Augusta of Homburg151
Though every day I follow ...155
Go down, then, lovely sun ...157
And little knowledge ...159
The German's Song161
To the Germans ('Never laugh at ...')173
Heidelberg (Alcaic version)186
The Gods189
The Neckar191
Home ('Content the boatman turns ...')195
The Course of Life ('More you also desired ...')201
Her Recovery ('Nature, look, your most loved ...')203
The Farewell (second version)205
Diotima ('You suffer and keep silent, unknown ...')209
Return to the Homeland211
The Ancestral Portrait213
The Departed217
Exhortation (second version)219
Nature and Art or Saturn and Jupiter223
The Dioscuri227
Sung Beneath the Alps229
The Poet's Vocation233
Voice of the People (second version)239
The Blind Singer245
To Hope255
The Poet's Courage (first version)261
The Fettered River267
Hexameters and Elegies (1800-1801)
The Archipelago273
Menon's Lament for Diotima293
The Traveller303
Bread and Wine319
The Death of Empedocles
Second Version
Act One343
Act Two (Conclusion)387
Third Version
Act One407
Draft for the Concluding Chorus of Act One453
Plan for the Subsequent Acts454
The Hymns (1799-1805)
The Ages of Life457
The Nook at Hardt459
Half of Life461
As on a holiday ...463
For Mother Earth469
At the Source of the Danube475
The Journey483
The Rhine499
Conciliator, you that no longer believed in ...513
Celebration of Peace523
The Only One (first version)535
The Only One (second version)543
Patmos (fragments of the later version)567
The Ister581
Mnemosyne (third version)587
The Nymph591
Fragments of Other Hymns (1800-1805)
German Song599
As slowly birds migrate ...603
As on to sea coasts ...605
Home ('And no one knows...')607
For when the grape-vine's sap...609
On fallow foliage...611
What is the life of men...613
What is God?...615
To the Virgin Mary617
The Titans629
At one time I questioned the Muse...635
But when the heavenly...639
For formerly, Father Zeus...647
The Eagle651
You firmly built Alps...655
Whatever is Nearest (third version)659
And to feel with the lives...665
When there's a flaming...677
For from the abyss...679
...the Vatican...685
In Socrates' Time689
In the Forest691
Greece (first version)693
Greece (second version)697
Greece (third version)699
Pindar Fragments and Commentary (1805)
Unfaithfulness of Wisdom705
Of Truth707
Of Repose709
Of the Dolphin711
The Supreme713
Old Age715
The Infinite717
The Sanctuaries719
The Life-Giving721
Last Poems (1807-1843)
Friendship, love...727
If from the distance...729
On the Birth of a Child735
The world's agreeable things...737
To Zimmer ('About a man I say...')739
When down from heaven...741
To Zimmer ('The lines of life...')745
Spring ('When new enchantment...')749
The Merry Life751
The Walk755
The Churchyard757
Not any day...763
Autumn ('The legends that depart...')765
Summer ('The harvest field...')767
Spring ('New day descends...')769
Summer ('When then the blooms...')771
Winter ('When pale snow...')773
Winter ('The field is bare...')775
Summer ('Still you can see...')777
Autumn ('Nature's bright gleam...')779
Summer ('Brooks thread the valleys...')781
Summer ('The days go by...')783
Winter ('When past, unseen...')785
Spring ('When springtime from the depth...')787
In lovely blueness...789
Index of German First Lines809
Index of German Titles813
Index of English First Lines817
Index of English Titles821

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