Poems for Your Heart

Poems for Your Heart

by Jen Kimberley


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After Kimberley’s second husband died, these poems started coming to her. Some are sad, some funny, all are thoughtful. Some are more structured, some less so, and they cover a wide variety of topics. They are loved by all who read them.

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ISBN-13: 9781504386906
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 08/31/2017
Pages: 102
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.21(d)

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With a wink to Kermit the Frog

Green is seeping back into our world Replacing brown and gray —
But how many eons has Spring prevailed While Winter raged his worst?
The Angel

Late at night, empty streets dark,
His note will be waiting On the kitchen table:
Long eyelashes will be curving dark On pink cheeks, his sturdy sword
I clutch the handlebars;
He rides away, and cycles around;
He sees me safely to my gate,

We sat on the cantilevered, tree-shaded deck With cheese and mushroom omelets, toast and cups of tea,
His beard tickled my face as he leaned to kiss me,
From just a short distance along the rocky coast,
Quiet and black above us with a secret red grin,
A few months later, we heard from a traveling friend That the lava had taken a detour toward our secluded deck:
Thus the island enlarges itself in its prehistoric way,
On a Sydney Beach

Scorching sun, pounding waves, children shouting,
Once again she focused her restless mind,
And you must remember,
She sat up again and gazed at the waves,
Ode to Music

We file onstage, wait for the moment When the lights dim down,
Up come his arms, his baton gives the beat,
Our singing is strong, though the work day's been long;
We the Minority

It's odd being an introvert In an extraverted world.
And who keeps it balanced?
Surely it seems there are two kinds of mind:
But catching the ironies, contradictions,
We'll step up and speak and offer ideas If it seems a good move —
Look West

In Denver the streets are a jungle, a tangle Of cul-de-sac confusion, odd angles, roadwork,
Woy Woy

A childhood paradise, Woy Woy was,
Our Dad got us there in a black old jalopy Up from Sydney at Christmas;
Painted white; wraparound veranda For sleeping secure in mosquito nets;
There's our jetty, our rowing boat,
Visitors came to occupy parents;
No weeds or mud – just clean warm sand,
I learned to swim at Woy Woy,
Young Argonauts

My brother and I played outdoors a lot Our world was the back yard, the back lane, the park;
We were the Argonauts, manning his ship,
We had crew names; I was Ora 34.
Some days Orpheus came with his lyre,
Phideas came too, to teach us how to draw.
We grew up, we grew away: my brother's been a lawyer.
When Widowed

When widowed I shrank To a thing of dry rustling,
We dashed around, aimless,
The months marched on, mathematical, neat,
Register the car now.
Until somersaulting steadied,
And one night, a TV show Made some sense,
I didn't know the sound.
But now my task Is to live and laugh Without him.

Glimpses Beyond

I came upon you in a dim, messy room,
You sat on the top of a soft grassy slope With four other students, gazing out At some celestial view,
One night you tenderly blocked my path;
In the Bookstore Coffee Shop

Six young women chatter and chirp Sitting at that table; over here,
Memories jangle, jostle, prickle.
At closing time we strolled to the door Holding hands and gliding with us A gold and blue aura, like sky over sea,
Bach's Presents

Bach is always with us:
In German, "Bach" means "brook".

Seasonal Orchestra

A pair of flutes playing in thirds Echoes the sound of springtime birds.
Merri's Side of the Story

I called to you from inside my hedge —
With the dark came big ice rocks Hitting my hedge And when they stopped,
I waited through the second dark,
Warm hands scooped me up,
So we moved together.
So now I can prance and chase and stalk Pink Mouse and all those strings you trail,
On the night of the hailstorm, I was watching a documentary about Lewis and Clark. It seemed to me that this little cat was as brave in her own way as they were, so I named her after Merriwether Lewis.


Excerpted from "Poems for Your Heart"
by .
Copyright © 2017 Jennifer Kimberley.
Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Green, 1,
The Angel, 2,
Perspectives, 4,
On a Sydney Beach, 6,
Ode to Music, 7,
We the Minority, 8,
Look West, 9,
Woy Woy, 10,
Young Argonauts, 12,
When Widowed, 14,
Glimpses Beyond, 16,
In the Bookstore Coffee Shop, 18,
Bach's Presents, 19,
Seasonal Orchestra, 19,
Merri's Side of the Story, 20,
Merri Makes a Friend, 22,
Estrangement, 24,
Ode to Nuts, 26,
In the Museum, 27,
Marriage Manual, 28,
The Maintenance Crew, 30,
Pickwick's Thank You, 32,
Ode to a Weed, 33,
The Day We Met, 34,
Love Song, 37,
Saturday Parade, 38,
Questions, 40,
Calling My Son, 41,
Open Door, 42,
For John, My Teacher, 43,
Camouflage, 44,
Job Opening For an Angel, 46,
Hope, 47,
Travel Plans, 48,
Christmas, 50,
In Defense of Mr. anyone, 52,
Childhood Bedtime, 54,
The Boss and His Deputy, 56,
October 10, 57,
Tribute to Chopin, 58,
A Small Mistake, 59,
First Encounter, 60,
Unclaimed Parcels, 61,
Silent Sounds, 62,
Long Ago Home, 64,
Life Flow, 66,
My Violin, 68,
Moving Along, 70,
My Dad, 74,
Rough Seas, 75,
A Life Divided, 76,
Kindergarten Kids, 77,
Planting a Nation, 78,
Night Time Oasis, 81,
The Pollster, 82,
The Other World, 84,
Poems, 86,
About the Author, 89,

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