Poems From The After Hours Caf

Poems From The After Hours Caf

by Angela Nunez, John LaPlaca


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ISBN-13: 9781456746247
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/03/2011
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Poems From The After Hours Café

By Angela Nunez John LaPlaca


Copyright © 2011 Angela Nunez & John LaPlaca
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-4624-7

Chapter One

Early morning Hours between Midnight and 3:00 AM Silent, mystical, euphoric Gifts to a writer With no pen, no paper

    I Lie In Bed To Write

    I lie in bed to write
    The cool, crisp sheets calm my restless body to stillness
    The silky, soft pillows rest my mind to sleep
    The posts that surround this place of respite guard, protect with its invisible veil
    This place of respite welcomes me into its world

    I lie in bed to write
    With no pen and no paper
    Words resurrecting, racing in circles, chasing each other to make it on that paper
    Words with no worries about grammar, spelling, punctuation or placement
    Yet flow like the ocean's tide on a moonlit night
    And radiate meaning like sun rays on a midsummer's day

    I lie in bed to write
    And then he turned over onto me
    The words melted into droplets of sweat glistening on his chest
    And sweet honey on my lips

"I am not in love with you I am in love with the feelings I feel when I am with YOU"

To Love Again

I ask myself how do I love again after you have made my dreams of
you and me filled with disappointments

the hope is shattered

I ask myself how do I love again after you have caused me such
sadness that it hurts to smile again

the trust is no more

I ask myself how do I love again after you have caused me to cry so
much that I drown in my own tears

the joy is gone

I ask myself how do I love again after you never gave me the love I
gave to you

the love is lost

I ask myself how do I love again after you broke my heart that when I
feel I feel nothing

the passion beats no more

Again, I ask myself how do I love again after you....

by telling you "goodbye"

"When you smile, my world is alright.:

        Love Is A Wind, I Heard Her Say ...

    Love is a wind, I heard her say ...
    I must move on like a generous cool breeze
    always moving on my dear
    you cannot see me, yet surely you feel me
    enamored by my soothing touch
    you want to steal me away for yourself my sweet
    but who can hold Summer's breath forever?
    by my scent you've been aroused
    by your potency alone you've held me long
    you've stolen my breath away too
    and I've delighted in our dance
    but not even your willful desire
    or cavernous soul can keep me from another
    for there is another longing for me as you once did
    in the passion of his loneliness of his simmering
    for there is another who captures my heart
    igniting the scent of fiery desire
    the caress of his soul reaches to my heaven on earth
    the hunger of his agonizing passion
    imprisons me that I cannot escape
    for I am now lost to him
    Summer's breath belongs to another
    I rest in his soul, I love from his heart, I live within him
    love is a wind, I heard him say....... love me like a wind

    (A poetic collaboration by Angela Nunez & John LaPLaca)

"When I am away from you


a second

a minute

an hour

I can't stop thinking about you

not even if I tried."


    ... to tell you that I love you

    ... because you are

"Always kiss me goodnight For I do not want to awake from you"

        3:00 AM

    It's 3:00 AM
    Quietness engulfs
    Darkness monopolizes
    Aroma hypnotizes

    The essence of you fights its way into my sleep
    Awakening my lifeless body
    Piercing the well of my emotions
    Tormenting my dreams

    Why are you here?
    Unwelcomed in my barren lair
    Do you come to take me with your insatiable hunger
    And your endless thirst

    Do I, should I, surrender to you?

Memories of you are pictures in my heart That is why I will never forget you"


    Why do I hold on to every thought of you day after day, night after night?
    Because I never want to forget how I feel when I am with you

    Why does my heart ache when I look at you?
    Because I am afraid to tell myself that I truly love you

    Why do I love you when you don't love me?
    Because I hope that one day you will

    Why do I have to let you go?
    Because you can't tell me you love me when I know you truly do

    one minute
    to find a special
    person. It takes one
    hour to like who they are.
    It takes one day to fall in love
    But it takes a lifetime to appreciate it all.

    (A poetic collaboration by Angela Nunez & John LaPlaca)

        25 Years Later

    25 Years Later

    I still think of you
    I remember when we met, in the deep, cold time of winter
    I remember where we met, in a dimly lit, music filled cafe
    I remember how we met, by the longing stare of your eyes

    25 Years Later

    I find you in my thoughts as the day dissolves into night
    I find you in my dreams in the twilight hours of darkness
    I find you in my spirit for I beckon your spirit to join me
    I find you in my heart where every heart beat of mine sings your name

    25 Years Later

    I sense your kiss like the tenderness of rain
    I sense your touch like a gentle, sweet, summer breeze
    I sense your scent like nature's sensual perfume
    I sense your essence like a burning, soothing fire

    25 Years Later

    I still love you

    Is it too late?

    Please say it isn't

"The ink between our fingers dance among a thousand words Add our prints And between us Poetry"

        Seduced By A Poet

    You write with words heated by passion

    You catapult creativity with delicate measure

    You pen poetry with potent delivery

    You paint images with poignant conviction

    Your words awaken my being, liberate my soul

    Your words strip me naked of never before expressed emotions

    Your words bestow imprints of your presence

    Your words capture me, and take me to your world

"Today is the beginning of forever"

        At The Bookstore

    Thursday night
    Table in the left corner
    Two hot coffees, black with milk for me, black with sugar for him
    And sweet, tempting pastry to share
    A book or two rests on the table, ignored and untouched

    What brought us to this place that caressed us, mesmerize us by countless
    books, illustrious authors, talented poets, compelling and inspiring writings
    It was home to our creative minds, our spiritual souls, our generous hearts
    How did we meet was always a familiar question, was it by chance, or was it a
    "God wink"
    We only knew each other for a short time, but it felt so quite the opposite
    There was so much familiarity, a magnetic connection, and boy, there was that
    Had we cross paths in another lifetime, were we past life lovers, are we soul

    We talked and talked, our conversations endless, timeless
    Laughed at stories of today and yesterday, and much long ago
    We smiled at each other while speaking of childhood memories, family, friends
    Even confessions of regrets, mistakes, losses made their way into the dialogue
    Stealing every second, every minute until closing

    The splendor of the moon peeking through the window shined upon the clock
    Our time at the bookstore was coming to an end ... sadly
    Good nights were exchanged, sweetened by his kiss on my cheek

    Until ...
    Thursday night
    Table in the left corner
    At the bookstore

"I love walking in the rain No one knows I'm crying ... over you"


    Azure sky, high sun, hovering clouds
    The road to you is long and winding, surrounded by vibrant colors of nature
    Quietness rules, with an occasional song by birds from heaven
    Aromatic breeze infuses perfume, sweetens all that it touches

    Your heavenly aura falls around me
    I hear your sweet voice in the air, calling me
    I know where to find you

    I arrive
    You are there
    Always on time

    I sit with you at your favorite place
    I smile at you, you stare without movement
    I talk incessantly, you listen without interruption

    You said....
    I will never leave you
    I will always be here for you

    I waited for you
    But you didn't wait for me

"Excite My Mind

Inspire My Soul

Respect My Heart"

        Intellectual Sex

    I sense your romancing gaze across the room
    Beyond your eyes, my spirit enters your soul
    I listen to you speak of religion, politics, science and the arts
    As you so eloquently feed my seduced mind with words and flavor

    My senses become aroused as I watch you, listen to you
    while you entice me with your intellectual pleasures
    touching my "forbidden"
    You moisten your lips with the libation of red wine
    and talk about philosophical gentlemen
    as you so movingly quote Longfellow, Bryant and Thoreau

    Desperate to know your inner most thoughts
    Share with me your deepest secrets
    Ravenous for your sweetest desires
    I want to drown in your most intimate fantasies

    Your powerful weapon
    makes me want you
    makes me want to come inside

    Allow me in
    and make love to my mind

"I carry you in my spirit

I hold you in my heart

I pray for you in my soul"

        A Dream

    I enter
    Curtains are drawn
    A lamp or two give dim light to the darkness
    Furniture is scanty, mismatched and unsettled
    Remnants of your life long ago scattered, misplaced and damaged

    I see
    You, I think, not sure
    Fear, regret and loss are your façade
    Unrest, neglect and pain cripple your stature
    Scent of melancholy surrounds you, taking you prison

    I approach
    You, with trepidation, but with compassion
    You timidly stare at me through your shadows
    My eyes drown in tears of your sorrow
    My heart bleeds from wounds of your pain

    You reach for me
    Hold me
    Comfort me

    You cry out to me
    Take me
    Love me

    Before I....

    I awake.... It was just A Dream

"To be truly happy is to have love and forgiveness; and you can't have one without the other"

        A Prayer

    I know a man

    A good man (in my eyes)
    A man whose life has been filled with
    happiness and sorrow
    successes and failures
    riches and losses,
    and who has
    done the right things
    and the wrong things

    I pray for this man

    I pray for his soul
    I pray he finds forgiveness for himself
    and for those who are unforgiving of him

    I pray for his mind
    I pray he finds a peaceful place to rest his
    anxious thoughts and worries that tire him

    I pray for his heart
    I pray he finds love to give and that he opens
    his heart to receive it

    I pray that he again finds and embraces the beauty
    of his life that God has blessed upon him


"Someday my prayer will be answered I will hear a footstep on the stairs My anxious heart will race to the door And you will be there"


    I cry out to the heavens
    For a voice from another
    I am alone

    Is there anyone
    who will share with me
    the happiness
    the sadness
    of life

    All that I feel
    All that I have
    All that I want to give

    There is no one here
    who will share
    who will take
    who will want

    No one

"Look deep into your heart and you will find ..."

        Tell Him

    Scared to show him that I care
    Will he think I am weak
    Is there another he is thinking of
    Maybe he is in love
    I feel like such a fool
    Don't know what to do

    Want to touch him with the
    gentleness I feel deep inside
    Whisper tender words of soft and sweet
    Hold him close so he feels my heartbeat
    Reach out to him and never let go

    My love for him cannot be denied
    I love him and that I am certain
    Should I let the chance to love him pass me by
    I cannot endure if I let him walk away
    when I have so much to say
    so much to give

    Tell him

"Many thoughts fill my mind But the thought of you always escapes to my heart"

        Why Do You Like Me?

    You ask me "why do you like me?"

    I like you because ...

    I feel so very good when I am with you, and I like what I feel ~ you excite me
    The emotional connection that we have is something that I have never
    experienced before ~ it's incredible
    You are an intelligent man and artistic genius ~ you "feed" my intellectual and
    creative being
    I am attracted to your heart, your soul, your mind ~ I am attracted to YOU

    You may not be perfect and neither am I
    But the "pieces" that make up who we are fit ever so perfectly

    You now know why I like you
    But I know that you always knew
    You just didn't understand why
    I hope you now understand
    And believe it

"Meeting you, call it fate Being your friend, that is a choice But falling in love with you, I have no control over"

        Adam & Eve

    It started so innocently
    with a passing stare,
    a casual hello

    Always at the same time, 6:00pm
    at the front of the same establishment
    Like clockwork,
    as if it was planned

    Cup of coffee at the corner coffee stop
    Relaxing stroll in the neighborhood park
    Light fare at the outdoor cafe
    Cocktail drinks at the boutique hotel bar
    Even a dance under a velvet moon

    Casual, endless conversations
    Sweet, light-hearted laughter
    Scents of delight and pleasure
    Fill the surrounding air

    It was innocent, so very innocent
    But that all changed one day
    They fell in love
    Forbidden love

Chapter Two

Down in a Basement Bar

John LaPlaca

"Some people like going thru life with heavy loads. It keeps their tires from slipping off the road."

Of Heavy Hearts John LaPlaca

        Hard Times

    The phones weren't ringing
    The office was dead
    A client insisted on meeting me
    But I wanted out

    He suggested
    hooking up at
    the Revere strip club

    I go
    and at 2pm order
    a beer
    and wait

    There's only 4 other slobs
    watching some skinny
    runt dancer
    do her silly thing
    The whole time
    watching her reflection
    in the mirror
    as she worked

    Sad thin pale

    The office was dead
    The phones were quiet
    I wait for a client in a strip club

    A naked monkey
    dances behind me
    in the afternoon

    I was soft

    The times were


    Down in a Basement Bar

    I can hear the valley,
    the way it splits with laughter
    and how the mountains shake
    & weep
    down its stubby
    green sides

    The meadows sing songs
    of lazy slow sunshine
    and crows leak right thru
    a bloated

    Day'z of sadness. Of glazed
    rocky sadness

    And the old girl rises
    from a piss tiled
    and the bartender comes 'round
    and kindly shows her the door

    Big Joe says he's heading
    home to his family

    Everyone's waiting,
    waiting for something,

    like pirate flags

    aloft in the wind

    And the beer keeps on flowing
    filling the ocean

    And the tide takes me gently

        to sea

    There isn't much time

    "Come. Have a drink
    with me"

    The liquor binds mask & man
    into one confident

    But look!
    See torn sutures along the seams
    of his

    Only if I were the last man on Earth
    would I touch not a

    write not a word


Excerpted from Poems From The After Hours Café by Angela Nunez John LaPlaca Copyright © 2011 by Angela Nunez & John LaPlaca. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My girlfriend has one on her coffee table because she oviously has a crush on one of the authors and i read it and actually it is pretty good.
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The second half was very good.