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Poems from the Straight Path: A Book of Islamic Verse

Poems from the Straight Path: A Book of Islamic Verse

by Joel Hayward
Poems from the Straight Path: A Book of Islamic Verse

Poems from the Straight Path: A Book of Islamic Verse

by Joel Hayward


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Poems from the Straight Path reflects, chronicles and tries to make sense of Joel Hayward's conversion to Islam after two decades as a fish-out-of-water Unitarian within trinitarian Christianity. The realization that the God to whom he prayed was one, not three, and that Islam was the way for him to worship the God of Abraham, Noah, Moses and Jesus. His conversion was a life-transforming journey that led Hayward, at almost forty, finally to bow his face to the ground before God for the first time. Despite being religious for twenty years he had never bowed as a man should; as low to the earth as the human spine will allow.

The process of learning Islam is more profoundly complex and confusing, yet stimulating and satisfying, than for those who were raised in Islamic families or communities can possibly imagine. Everything needs to be learned. But first everything needs to be unlearned. Hayward's journey of exploration, transformation and illumination forms the beating heart of this moving collection of poetry. Yet his poems deal not only with his own reversion and other spiritual experiences, but, more importantly, also with the everyday challenges and hopes of western Muslims who wrestle to understand their gone-astray society and its encroaching pressures. A timely and important work that reveals the struggle and profound insights of someone bridging cultures and faith traditions.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781940468532
Publisher: White Cloud Press
Publication date: 06/27/2017
Series: Islamic Encounter Series
Pages: 118
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Joel Hayward is a scholar specializing in international politics, Just War theory, and the ethics of modern conflict serving as Chair and Director of departments at Khalifa University, UAE. He is a Fellow at Royal Society of Arts and Royal Historical Society.

Table of Contents



  1. Listening
  2. Answering His call
  3. Shahada
  4. The strangest journey
  5. You have touched me
  6. We touched the Kaaba
  7. Death
  8. Jinns dance in the desert
  9. Arabic
  10. The Hajj
  11. The shadowless Prophet
  12. Bi’ithnillah
  13. The past
  14. Supplication
  15. Love
  16. Goliath — with a smoker’s cough
  17. Mr Jennings
  18. The Prophet
  19. On Thursday
  20. Healing
  21. She sits behind me and the road rises
  22. Call to prayer
  23. Moses
  24. The Ummah is a barren field
  25. I will build a mosque for her
  26. Things on my mind
  27. Fajr prayer
  28. It’s very strange
  29. The wind was my teacher
  30. Let me hold your hand on judgement day
  31. A hot frog leaping
  32. In Your good time
  33. I am the bonfire you light
  34. The moon is hiding in her pocket
  35. My heart
  36. In the Prophet’s footsteps
  37. The Great Soul barely spoke
  38. As close as I’ve come
  39. I cling like a child to the leg of a mama
  40. I am not a beard
  41. A promise
  42. You don’t fool me!
  43. Children’s ward
  44. I found you
  45. Knowledge
  46. Her words
  47. British Muslim
  48. Lord tell me ...
  49. This new ‘jihad’
  50. I would be David — if I knew you were watching
  51. How do I keep her forever?
  52. Tumbling in supplication
  53. The one in Raqqa
  54. A day fast approaching
  55. Iniquity
  56. Wisdom
  57. My mind
  58. So much on my mind
  59. Hiroshima in a suitcase
  60. Modernity
  61. Jihad an-nafs
  62. She helps a poet
  63. You turned off the television before you left
  64. Another bombing
  65. Life is a contract
  66. On the way to the mall
  67. Such power
  68. Like nothing else
  69. Yazidi daughter
  70. The world
  71. The unknown
  72. Together
  73. The journey
  74. The way it is
  75. Jihadi
  76. The accursed one
  77. Hope
  78. More care
  79. Terrorism everywhere
  80. My father’s journey
  81. Eve
  82. In a blue room
  83. A mystery glides in black
  84. The future
  85. Your love
  86. Failing on a hot day
  87. Happiness
  88. Where?
  89. With a ribbon
  90. Ya Allah
  91. The bond
  92. In black
  93. A matter of time
  94. Sunlight of joy
  95. A union
  96. A sigh
  97. Call me Daniel
  98. Repentance
  99. You did your worst


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