Poems of Peace

Poems of Peace

by Nancy Owens


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Poems of Peace by Nancy Owens

Dear Believer,

In this book I have written for you, will bestow you the encouragement that is needed when one may feel weighed down, broken hearted, in love, or friendless. I believe as the word says, "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he." Proverb 23:7. I want everyone who reads this book to internalize each word and to speak life into every situation. God's plans are the best plans and not our plans, he wants us to be obedient and faithful to his word. May these moving words of motivation bring peace to your soul.


Nancy Owens

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ISBN-13: 9781468542516
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/01/2012
Pages: 132
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)

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Poems of Peace

By Nancy Owens


Copyright © 2012 Nancy Owens
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-4251-6

Chapter One

    The Peace Inside of Me

    Peace brings on a sacred moment.
    Nancy Owens

    Peace is what I experience deep down in my soul.
    Peace permits my God to take control.

    Peace is what I feel when I observe the
    ocean waves blustering in the breeze.
    Peace always keeps me at ease.

    Peace is when I observe the white doves flying in the sky.
    Peace never allows me to cry.

    Peace is what I feel when I am alone to liberate my mind.
    Peace keeps me tranquil and kind.


    Keeping the faith is a reflection of your future.
    Nancy Owens

    Faith allows me to recover.
    Faith demands me to discover.

    Faith is my tree of life.
    Faith will never leave me when others are not right.

    Faith allows me to overcome all things.
    Faith does not allow me to second guess by no means.

    Faith allows me to make conscience decisions.
    Faith allows me to maintain a daily vision.

    My kind of faith is oh so strong and no matter what faith will never
    lead me wrong!


    Joy equals peace and peace brings on understanding.
    Nancy Owens

    Joy allows me to stay in the race.
    Joy demands me to maintain a smile on my face.

    The joy that I feel once I awake,
    allows me to thank God for every step that I make.


    A loving heart shows a loving sprit.
    Nancy Owens

    Love brings joy in the midst of sorrow and pain.
    Love gives you the opportunity to maintain.

    Love lets you forgive when someone has done you wrong.
    Love does not allow you to be mad for very long.

    Love keeps your heart clean and pure.
    Love will continue to endure.

    When I Think Of You

    Thoughts are inner feelings that have implication.
    Nancy Owens

    When I think of you it reminds me of what I prayed for.
    I thank God for opening up that heavenly door.

    When I think of you I think of a man of God, intelligent,
    respectful, confident, talented, loving, funny, understanding, smart,
    upstanding, strong, protective, honest, determined, trustworthy,
    admirable and fine. And to think soon you will be all mine.

    When I think of you,
    nothing can compare to the love we will share.

    When I think of you I understand your ups and downs
    and how we can discuss anything no matter how bad it sounds.

    When I think of you and how much you care,
    I am definitely am looking forward to the life we will share.

    I Praise My Through It

    Expect some testing while waiting on a blessing.
    Nancy Owens

    When change enters my life,
    I embrace it and I praise my way through it.

    When sadness comes and the light seems dim,
    I praise my way through it.

    When darkness appears and storms arise,
    I praise my way through it.

    When my life seems difficult to explain I never complain instead,
    I praise my through it.

    God Is ...

    God is who he says he is!
    Nancy Owens

    God is my healer when my body is weak.
    God is my guide to him I seek.

    God is my provider when I am in need.
    God is my comfort when my heart bleeds.

    God is my light when darkness appears.
    God wipes away all of my tears.

    God is whom I say thank you to everyday,
    my God always makes a way.

    God is forgiving for him I trust.
    God is whom I depend on and that is a must!

    Thank God

    A trial is not meant to cause pain but it does serve as
    an umbrella during the rain.
    Nancy Owens

    I thank God for the trials throughout a given day.
    Because of them I can testify on how my God can make a way.

    I thank God for having the faith to trust in thee,
    although the enemy tries to work through the people who are closest
    to me.

    I thank God for saving grace.
    I thank God for putting the enemy in his place.

    I thank God for healing,
    I thank God for that Holy Ghost feeling.

    I thank God for all the miracles he has granted me.
    I thank God for being born into prosperity.

    Thank You

    Thank God though every circumstance.
    Nancy Owens

    Lord thank you for the stressing,
    thank you for the blessings.

    Thank you for the ins,
    thank you for the outs.

    Thank you for the present, past and future.

    Thank you for the people who are placed into my life both good and
    bad. Thank you for every test I have ever had.

    Thank you for your healing power.
    Thank you for being my strong tower.

    Thank you for your healing grace.
    Thank you for putting my life back into place.

    God Makes Things Happen

    I can look back but I don't have to go back.
    Nancy Owens

    In the midst of the storm awaiting for it to pass,
    God makes things happen.

    When financial difficulties seem to challenge me,
    God makes things happen.

    When the struggle of unemployment tries to enter my life,
    God makes things happen.

    When my faith is tested and my mother and father forsake me,
    God makes things happen.

    When the tears begin to fall, I know who to call,
    God makes things happen.

    When I keep the faith and put my trust in thee,
    God makes things happen.

    The Indescribable Man

    To welcome your soul mate, one would have to
    unwelcome old baggage.
    Nancy Owens

    When I think about how we first met,
    I thank God for my heaven sent.

    We hold conversations everyday,
    while being attentive to what one another has to say.

    The qualities in a man I ask God for,
    I thank God for opening that heavenly door.

    I thank God that you are there each time I fall.
    I thank God that you are one that I can call.

    Your heart is surrounded with gold.
    You have a pure soul, your internal make up is one to behold.

    You motivate me in every way.
    You always have romantic word to say.

    When we're alone our eyes share an attraction
    and when we first kissed it gave me great satisfaction.

    We share feelings only we can explain,
    our kind of love will continue to maintain.

    We will continue to keep Christ in our lives through every
    I thank God for giving us this chance.

    The One I Prayed For

    Prayer plus faith equals assurance.
    Nancy Owens

    His love for me is internal.
    His love burns like an everlasting candle flame.

    His soul connects with mine,
    like clouds in the sky.

    His eyes place me into a trance,
    a feeling that is ceaseless.

    His kiss puts me in a statue like state.
    He complements me with his touch.

    When his arms clutch my body I have an uncontrollable feeling
    inside. The love that we share is phenomenal and unconditional.

    He brings happiness to my heart
    when I have a feeling of sadness.

    He is the one I prayed for.

    Thank You for the Sprit of ...

    Thanking God daily shows continuous faith in him.
    Nancy Owens

    Thank you for the sprit of peace
    when confusion seems to camp around me.

    Thank you for the sprit of protection
    while being in an unsafe surrounding.

    Thank you for the spirit of love
    when my enemies tried to scorn me.

    Thank you for the sprit of preparation
    before obstacles begin to cross my path.

    Thank you for the sprit of giving
    when the enemy tries to still my joy.

    Thank you for your sprit of living inside of me.
    Thank you for keeping me close to thee.

    Lord Thank You for the Demonstration and
    Thank You for the Transformation

    God is a demonstrator as well as an eliminator.
    Nancy Owens

    When I say things that is not pleasing to you,
    I thank you for the demonstration!

    When you remove those who show a negative sprit around me,
    I thank you for the transformation!

    When unemployment comes upon me,
    I thank you for the demonstration.

    When I use my mind without allowing my tongue to overpower it.
    I thank you for the transformation.

    When trials and test attempt to triumph me,
    I thank you for the demonstration.

    When knowing the best thing to do is pray when the enemy tries to
    confront me.
    I thank you for the transformation.

    God Reminds Me

    Ones daily life is a reminder of Gods goodness.
    Nancy Owens

    God reminds me of; a 24 hour answering service,
    he always answers every call.

    God reminds me of; the sun,
    he brightens up your day.

    God reminds me of; a computer,
    he has an abundance of memory space.

    God reminds me of; a cell phone provider,
    he has an unlimited plan.

    God reminds me of; the time,
    he doesn't wait on us, instead we wait on him.

    God reminds me of; a see saw,
    when I am down he will pull me up.

    God reminds me of; a debit card,
    you can not use him only when you need him.

    God reminds me of; a Duracell battery,
    he keeps going and going and going.

    God reminds me of; Campbell soup,
    he is mmm mmm good!

    God reminds me of; an editor,
    he will edit our lives.

    God reminds me of; the delete key,
    he will remove those who don't belong.

    God reminds me of a mathematical equation,
    he has a solution to every problem.

    God reminds me of a friend and he is a friend of mine!

    What Love Makes One Do

    Real love is destined to happen.
    Nancy Owens

    Love will make you do some wonderful and pleasant things.
    Love will allow one to give your all to each other,
    no matter how outlandish it may seem.

    When being in love, while missing your companion's touch,
    you find yourself saying several times a day, how I miss
    you so much!

    Love will have you on the phone all night long,
    this is one way to recognize that your love is strong.

    Love will allow you to sleep with each other on the phone
    and to wake up to hear one another's voice tone.

    Love will make you say kind words and expressions
    to your mate at the same time.
    Love will allow you to read each other's mind.

    When your mate is not in your sight,
    love will permit you to know when something is not right.

    These are some of the things love makes one do!
    I thank God for experiencing this too!

    A Mother's Love

    Love is perpetual.
    Nancy Owens

    A mother's love is from the moment of conception.
    A mother's love is needed when her child shows some deception.
    A mother's love is shown when her child requires some correction.

    A mother's love is when she teaches her child right from wrong.
    A mother's love is always strong.

    A mother's love will never leave her heart
    because she was there from the start.

    A mother's love makes her give her all.
    A mother's love will be there anytime her child falls.

    A mother's love will make her discontinue her needs.
    A mother's love will never stop by no means.

    A mother's love will allow her to spend all the money she has.
    A mother's love will forever last.

    Materialistic Love

    Love comes from within.
    Nancy Owens

    Seeing you from a far and not for who you are,
    materialistic love!

    Monetary rewards, big mansion on a hill,
    "Oh no my love is not real!"
    Materialistic love!

    A doctor, lawyer or maybe a scientist I say,
    as long as you continue to upgrade my pay!
    Materialistic love!

    Being financially established yes that is the key,
    if you can not provide you are not the one for me.
    Materialist love!

    I say I love you when our lives are in perfect shape, but when it
    takes a turn for the worse I say, "I got to find another mate!"
    Materialistic love!

    Love is destined to be real and not materialistic!


    I am ready for the enemy but the enemy is not ready
    for me!
    Nancy Owens

    Wishing me the best while carrying on mess, friendemies!

    Rumors, lies, deception, and confusion this is your motivation.
    I am one that knows how to fight deception, friendemies!

    You say you love me and you would always be there, but your
    actions show you never cared! Friendemies!

    You demonstrate a since of silence when I share delight, when you
    say nothing I know something is not right. Friendemies!

    You try to steal my joy and replace it with sorrow; I shall not
    be concerned because you will not be my friend tomorrow.

    You Complete Me

    Satisfaction brings on comfort.
    Nancy Owens

    You uplift my soul, you make me whole.
    You complete me!

    You relax my mind; you are one of a kind.
    You complete me!

    Three Hundred Sixty Five days a year and 7 days a week.
    You complete me!

    Lighting Your Eternal Flame

    Happiness is like a candle burning in an everlasting
    Nancy Owens

    Your sentential touch glides me though an emotional state,
    I love to lighten your eternal flame.

    Constant thoughts of you throughout the day,
    I love to lighten your eternal flame.

    My heart pounding each time we speak,
    I love to lighten your eternal flame.

    Loving you in a way no one else can comprehend,
    I love to lighten your eternal flame.

    When we are apart our lives will always be as one,
    I love to lighten your eternal flame.

    The Pattern of a Man

    Life experiences bring about change.
    Nancy Owens

    Choices, decisions, and no they are not correct, but that is the
    pattern of the man that I select.

    Making my life miserable throughout a given day, I rarely want to
    hear the words you have to say.

    Knowing my capabilities while growing everyday, when I think
    about the pattern, all I can do is pray.

    Aware that my life could enhance without you, I tried to make sure
    nobody else knew.

    I realized the only way I will have the man made for me, I have to
    allow God to make the choice and I will truly see.

    Let the Lord work! He will do everything he can. You will see that
    God sent; one of a kind pattern of a man!

    Busy Bodies

    Mistakes are expected but change is much needed.
    Nancy Owens

    Involved without an invitation.
    Busy bodies!

    Controlling the lives of others.
    Busy bodies!

    Not welcoming self correction, but you think you know when others
    need correcting.
    Busy bodies!

    Practicing the all about me syndrome.
    Busy bodies!

    Expecting others to gain knowledge from you while thinking you
    are not teachable.
    Busy bodies!

    Sleepless nights along with negative thoughts.
    Busy bodies!

    Not making yourself content no matter how God blesses you.
    Busy bodies!

    Comparing your life to someone else's.
    Busy bodies!

    Observing others and wondering how they succeed. I will
    tell you why that is because they are not busy bodies!

    You Are a Mirror of Me

    The choices you make are a reflection of you.
    Nancy Owens

    Your soul connects with mine while
    our hearts beat at the same time.
    You are a mirror of me.

    We coral each other during a heated conversation.
    We always give one another consolation.
    You are a mirror of me.

    We say I love you at the same time,
    We can also read each others minds.
    You are a mirror of me.

    We share the same values, morals and beliefs,
    everytime we talk we feel a great relief.
    You are a mirror of me.

    We are equally yoked without a doubt!
    Every time I think about it I want to shout,
    You are a mirror of me!

    Thank Him In Advance

    Thanking God in advance daily shows continuous
    faith in him.
    Nancy Owens

    Thank you for the chance to enhance
    my employment status.

    Thank you for covering my children
    at all times when no one else can.

    Thank you for living inside of me
    and always holding my hand.

    Thank you for the life
    that you have given me.

    Thank you for making salvation free.

    Thank you for my struggles,
    hard ache and pain.

    Thank you for allowing
    me to sustain.

    Thank you for patience when I don't
    know anything else to do but pray.

    Thank you for taking my enemies away.

    Thank you for every circumstance.

    I would like to thank you in advance.

    You Love Me for Me

    Ceaseless love is the best love.
    Nancy Owens

    Likes, dislikes, it does not matter you see,
    because you love me for me.

    Misunderstood, decision making skills not filled
    with perfection, but yet you love me for me.

    You tell me I am pleasing to look at, no matter what
    I detect. I thank you for loving me for me and being
    the one that you felt the need to select.

    Identifying a Good Man

    A man who loves God will definitely love you.
    Nancy Owens

    A good man shows affection and knows
    how to move in the right direction.

    A good man does not criticize,
    strike, or hurt you in any way.

    A good man listens to you and owns
    up to every word he has to say.

    A good man respects
    you like no other.

    A good man will treat you
    like he does his mother.

    A good man will support
    you and be your guide.

    A good man will never
    leave your side.

    Identifying a good man is never hard, all
    you have to do is leave it up to God.

    No Mess in the Process

    Facing up to your challenges makes you stronger.
    Nancy Owens

    I will continue to put God first while he is making a way for me.
    It is one thing for sure that I have a marvelous testimony.

    Complications and miscommunication
    interrupts my life every now and then.

    I will never give up and I am
    glad God looks from within.

    No mess in the process while gaining my success.
    I am aware I will have an assortment of test.

    Worldly Relationships

    Peace within shows ease.
    Nancy Owens

    You find yourself being around
    others who are not equal to you.

    They try to tell you negative
    things to do.

    They practice selfish tactics that
    some would never think of.

    They get mad when you
    try to show others love.

    You are determined to
    fear God in every way.

    While they don't care
    what you have to say.

    A worldly relationship is
    not a healthy one.

    Making confusion last While
    not letting go the past.

    It always leads to a
    relationship undone.


    A manipulator is my motivator.
    Nancy Owens

    Foolish behaviors while trying to entice others to
    become as miserable as you while watching
    everything other people do.

    Talking about others in a negative
    way, while attempting to control what others have to say.

    Lying, deceit, procrastination all wrapped
    up into one. It seems you are not satisfied
    unless you feel that you've won.

    Manipulation is what you strive to do, this
    is why no one wants to bother with you.


Excerpted from Poems of Peace by Nancy Owens Copyright © 2012 by Nancy Owens. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


The Peace Inside of Me....................1
When I Think Of You....................7
I Praise My Through It....................8
God Is ....................9
Thank God....................10
Thank You....................11
God Makes Things Happen....................12
The Indescribable Man....................14
The One I Prayed For....................17
Thank You for the Sprit of ....................18
Lord Thank You for the Demonstration and Thank You for the Transformation....................19
God Reminds Me....................20
What Love Makes One Do....................23
A Mother's Love....................25
Materialistic Love....................26
You Complete Me....................28
Lighting Your Eternal Flame....................29
The Pattern of a Man....................30
Busy Bodies....................31
You Are a Mirror of Me....................34
Thank Him In Advance....................35
You Love Me for Me....................37
Identifying a Good Man....................38
No Mess in the Process....................39
Worldly Relationships....................40
Chasing the Storm....................43
The Enjoyment of Giving....................44
You Deserve It....................45
The Change Within....................46
Inspiring Quotes....................49
About the author....................115

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