Poems of Pure Love for Life: 127 Poems to Enjoy

Poems of Pure Love for Life: 127 Poems to Enjoy

by Dr Sherri Lynn Bures


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ISBN-13: 9781490731254
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 03/26/2014
Pages: 268
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.56(d)

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Poems of Pure Love for Life



Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 Dr. Sherri Lynn Bures
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-3125-4


    A Perfect Rose

    A perfect rose you gave to me,
    Pledge I did my love, to thee ...
    Its bloom it was both white and pink,
    I glanced over and saw you blink ...
    We both knew the love we did share,
    We made such a perfect pair ...
    The fragrance did last one whole week,
    Never did I miss a chance to peek ...
    So beautiful the rose still in my room,
    Reminding me of you, my heart does zoom ...
    Thank you for my sweetest rose,
    Giving it to me, I gave you a special pose ...
    I will tuck it in my Bible someday,
    Dreaming of you, that I may ...
    Cherishing all that you have done,
    You're my love, my sweetheart, my fun ...
    A rose you did give me, and I do adore,
    Your love continues to grow, it shall soar ...

    A Special Place to Stay

    Tucked in a special place, deep within my sheltered heart,
    I see my love, as he lay next to me.
    You touch me softly, as I respond you say,
    Tuck me in a special place to stay.

    You loved me whole, as no one has done,
    Wild imaginations of beings we did yield too.
    Causing you stillness, not till day would break,
    Tuck me in a special place to stay.

    Love making surreal, such pleasure it gave,
    Deep feelings, alive they did burst to hear.
    Wholeness I felt, knowing completely of him,
    Tuck me in a special place to stay.

    When memories fade, as the leaves start to fall,
    And conversations no longer, go hourly into the night.
    Then you will remember a time, you did say, as did I,
    Tuck me in a special place to stay.

    And when we are older, to old to recall,
    Our thoughts are mixed up, all over the wall.
    Our hearts still will be strong, and they will release,
    That special place you tucked me in, your heart, to keep!!!

    A Wish from the Heart

    Needing you now as time has settled in,
    Confessions of my soul, aching to release,
    Intuitiveness you had, yet silent your tongue,
    Allowing time to expel silence ...
    Masquerading truths hard to bare,
    Channels of thoughts,
    Hiding hurt for you not to despair ...
    Emotions buried deep silenced by a façade of calmness,
    Appearing you released my heart from captivity,
    Knowing compassions,
    Flowing swiftly from your heart ...
    Joining its own, balancing its whole,
    Intertwined they manage,
    To rationalize this world,
    Knowledge is known,
    As emotions attain freedom,
    You accept, you understand,
    Truth is here,
    For our hearts cannot divide,
    Wholeness shall be complete,
    It is Given,
    He knows all,
    He is forever mine ...

    All That I Am

    All that I am,
    All that I want to be,
    All of my love I give to you,
    Freely and securely with nothing to ask,
    Accepting all of this,
    Because you just know,
    What truth is at last,
    Saying nothing at all,
    From distances far away,
    Yet knowing how deeply,
    My love is here to stay,
    I treasure all thoughts,
    Of you as they pass my way,
    Memorizing your face,
    As it shines so to say,
    My sweetheart I'm yours,
    Forever as you know,
    Acceptance of this truth,
    Is known unto you,
    So treasure it dearly,
    Hold it always in your heart,
    And strength shall it surface,
    To help us, as we are apart,
    Our love will survive,
    For surely it will,
    For all of your thoughts,
    Darling, I surely fulfill ...

    And He Looked

    And he looked, as if he needed to touch,
    That girl, he loved oh so very much ...
    So shy she appeared, as if to say,
    Come let's be friends, forever our own way ...
    His tiny foot tingled upon the top of her shoe,
    At last he had crossed the line, please she said do ...
    And he reached so gently on her cheek,
    Pushing her closer to him, she was so weak ...
    She fell into his arms and melted away,
    Forgot where she was, for over a day ...
    And he kissed so gentle, yet so pure,
    He now would become her only cure ...
    And he said, I found you
    I want you
    I got you
    I love you
    And she said, I want you
    I hoped for you,
    I am holding you,
    I love you ...

    And She Knew

    And she knew she would love him,
    From the very start,
    He was the only man,
    She had ever given her heart ...
    And he fantasized of how,
    She would look as a lass,
    So beautiful dressed in white,
    She could have been kept under glass ...
    And the roses fell down,
    By her feet, they did lay,
    Wishing her peace, contentment, and joy,
    On this beautiful day ...
    And white babies breath,
    Adorned her beautiful crown,
    A precious sweet smile,
    That never would see a frown ...
    And dressed in white,
    This angel he saw,
    He knew his love,
    Must be legalized by law ...
    And she looked so innocent,
    Except with her eyes, he knew,
    She had a plan for him,
    Those eyes gave the clue ...
    And her childish ways,
    Melted him right into her,
    He knew he longed to be with her,
    There was no cure ...
    And her breath would whisper,
    I love you to him,
    His sensual feelings he knew,
    Was more than a whim ...
    And the feel when you know,
    Your knees will tumble,
    As soon as your sweetheart,
    He does yet mumble ...
    And you know in your heart,
    You don't need to set a date,
    She is forever in your heart,
    Truly it is your fate ...
    And those three little words,
    She says to you,
    Letting you know,
    She'd surely say I do ...
    And the look,
    Of how she was as a lass,
    In your mind, you would never,
    Never, ever let it pass ...
    And the innocence would melt,
    The two into one,
    That look in her eyes,
    Would tell you she won ...

    And She Wrote Love
    Poems, Just Because

    And she wrote love poems, just because,
    He was never out of her thoughts, ever,
    Encompassing her every emotion, his soul remained,
    Attached deep inside at the core of her being,
    Content that their souls intertwined,
    Poetic justice would service swiftly,
    Carrying her off to distant planes of existence,
    Where neither would ever part,
    And the words comforted her,
    When no one else could,
    Blossoming her feelings of love, as they should,
    Coming at times unknown, only to God,
    Flourishing deep affections with her—one,
    So she wrote, emotions tumbling,
    Over paper so white,
    Describing patterns of light, illuminating feelings,
    And through her words she knew,
    His heart was lit, and sensations would never shatter,
    Just service to perfect love, and never quit ...

    And You Hope

    And you hope,
    Above hope,
    That he too understands,
    What love is about—
    Love is not always gracious,
    Allowing us, too—but love,
    It is testing,
    Our patience, our courage, our strength,
    It is not for the mere meek,
    For it entails trust,
    And above that truth,
    That when you gave your heart,
    When you told God, you did love,
    With your total being,
    When you did share,
    Love stretching into commitment,
    As we also said our truth, to God,
    On a midsummer night,
    We would honor each other,
    And if there were tribulations,
    Follow our heart,
    Back to the one,
    The one, true one that holds the key ...

    As I Lay Down to Sleep

    As I lay down to sleep,
    Did I not feel, my love, come to me,
    Surrendering my whole,
    Sweat pouring from inside,
    Burning so deep,
    I couldn't comprehend,
    Giving way to expressions of love,
    My man was here,
    He was pleasuring me,
    Pleasing me beyond belief,
    My perfect creation,
    For my heart's indulgence,
    Cascading emotions traveling through this night,
    Never alone, complete fulfillment,
    Powerlessness with bursts of white-
    Rockets propelling upwards,
    Into the heavens,
    Where realities are our dreams,
    Our desires, our true selves,
    And he is mine,
    As I am his,
    For traveling there,
    Safe, secure,
    We are together,
    As our hopes-desire us to be,
    Perfectly achieving,
    My femininity in his manliness,
    Let me stay,
    And ponder, forever,
    My love in his as such,
    This is how-I shall live ...

    As No One Else Could

    You touched me sweetheart,
    As no one else could,
    Your love let me embrace, and
    Hold it so dear to remember,
    The truth of your quiet words,
    The wisdom of the thoughts you have,
    The kindness of your heart
    Your loyalty to those you love
    There can be no other,
    In this world or another,
    That has brought such blessings and hope
    My sweetheart, how can I ever forget,
    You touched me deeply, as no one else could.

    Bits of Confusion

    Bits of confusion,
    Pieces of the puzzle ...
    Resolving itself into,
    A manifold of knowing-
    Truth-all that is-
    Confirmation given to us,
    Re-exams the realms of happenings,
    Now and possibly to come,
    Love so unreal,
    Wonderful as it can be,
    Releases these chains on me ...
    To experience Glory,
    So beautiful, heaven,
    I have seen it could be ...

    Caress in the Moonlight

    Caresses in the moonlight,
    Thoughts of you, to my delight ...
    So grand I remember,
    Way back the month after September ...
    When your arms engulfed me,
    As the moon and stars we would see ...
    And whisper did you,
    Of love so beautiful and true ...
    That I await, our next week, fate,
    Love shall surround myself, my mate ...
    Blossoming inward until it will burst,
    Causing nothing but wishing you first ...
    And moonlit strolls shall enhance the feel,
    Causing sensuous feelings, oh so real ...
    Trying to control all the emotion I have,
    Enjoying moments with you, my fav ...
    Holding you gently, memorizing the night,
    Never letting go, till the dawn, it will light ...
    But memories we shall make, for a lifetime to last,
    Our time together, runs to fast ...
    I love you now, more than ever before,
    You my darling, feel my whole core ...

    Come to Me Quickly

    Come to me quickly sweetheart,
    Satisfy this craving for love,
    Never ceasing to exist,
    Always calmly tantalizing me,
    As sunset it surrenders,
    I anticipate calling to you,
    Secretly holding my heart,
    Whispering the sweetest of names,
    Ease this longing-Sweetheart,
    Bubbling constantly, yearning to pleasure you,
    Contemplating this day is over,
    Calling outward, come quickly at last,
    My heart feels exhausted, anticipating bliss,
    Sweetheart, will you always be mine,
    Though I never need wonder,
    For certainty echoes in my mind,
    Entering forcefully, totally engulfing my being,
    Raging through all dimensions,
    Until total acceptance is achieved, and
    Yearning deeply begins anew,
    Anticipating of yet another tomorrow,
    When my sweetheart, will come again, at last ...

    Come to Me Sweetheart

    Come to me sweetheart,
    Filling my heart with delight ...
    Let me feel my hearts pulsations,
    As only you can do it right ...
    Deeply you, arriving to the end,
    Portions of me, never entered before ...
    Come alive with the power,
    You have restored ...
    Gentleness will surround me,
    This newborn morn,
    And take me to new heights,
    I've longed for ecstatically,
    For, at last, you have come,
    And filtered love, throughout
    This passionate body,
    That dwells in your heart,
    And throughout ...
    As this love will carry us through,
    Each passing hour,
    That we shall-have to go ...
    Allowing us courage, strength, and
    Substance to grow ...
    And forever, just be ...

    The kindness that I need,
    For kindness was what,
    Brought this tender heart to me ...
    Such kindness never seen,
    In perfect politeness a being ...
    Such supreme divine,
    Our love is interconnected,
    And as this day unfolds ...
    As surely as it must,
    Clings, I will to the trust,
    I've found in his true being ...
    Allowing me the sanctionary,
    To be the woman I am ...
    Allowing me to be my all,
    Only asking to hold my hand ...
    Our love will be complete,
    As our Lord, will see as such ...
    Encircling our visions,
    Enriching our lives, ever so much ...
    Living our life so full, so full ...

    Come to Me While the
    Light is Still Dim

    Come to me while the light is still dim,
    For to your woman-bestow her every whim,
    While the breath of dawn is young,
    Bring to her, your harvest, for to her it is just begun,
    Mellowing into the sweetness that lays below,
    Indulge your pleasures, bring about your glow,
    Fly with a dove that cascades you adieu,
    To a magical hideaway meant for but few,
    That island you love far in a distant land,
    Tenderly melt into her being, simply by touching her hand,
    Conveying your everlasting love to her,
    For her deep centered emotions cause her to purr,
    And rescue her slightly as the dusk haze fades away,
    Promise your Sweetheart, return nightly to your bay,
    Now bring her back slowly to her earthly work she must,
    For the peace she has found, was from her man's lust,
    We both will continue to escape, every chance to that place,
    For my angel loves to touch me, and embrace my face ...

    Darling, I Know You are Here

    Darling, I know you are here,
    When I close my eyes,
    I drift softly away,
    Somewhere you can only touch me,
    You know how,
    Swirling me faster and faster,
    We go upwards,
    Where visions of sunset colors,
    Dance through my head,
    Where feelings pulse down,
    While I sit on my bed,
    Knowing you're touching-
    So intense, I can feel,
    I try to send you, messages of love,
    So kind,
    I try to send them, to tell you-you are mine,
    Channeling energy,
    Along crisscrossed highways-
    To your heart,
    Knowing only my love,
    Will get you to start,
    You have connected with me,
    As you do through the day,
    Our own special feelings,
    We decide when to say,
    Our Lord made it possible,
    For us this way,
    To reassure each other,
    Of our presence throughout the day,
    Love, I close my eyes,
    As I sense you so near,
    Sending love to you,
    Because you are so dear,
    Then back to my work,
    That I must somehow do,
    Don't worry my darling,
    I will again-love you,
    For you can always contact me,
    You come inside of me,
    And settle in your cozy place,
    To take good care of me,
    You know what triggers everyone,
    Of my favorite spots ...

    Dimensions We Share

    Closeness, I feel as you cascade down inside me,
    Pulsating my every breath,
    Though you are far,
    Your breath comes to me,
    Echoing down my throat,
    My lips close, to hold you inward,
    We are together,
    Dimensions have opened,
    You are in my arms,
    Oh, what thoughts escalate this body,
    What temptuous desires I crave,
    Yes, you obey, as my Lover,
    You know-
    Without one whisper, that I have spoken,
    You know, oh, what magic you instill,
    Until daybreak appears,
    And I must go,
    Unto the harsh realities of this world,
    Away, from a dimension that we both share,
    A time and place, precious,
    For we are together,
    And no one, and no amount of distance,
    Can eliminate me from those arms,
    I love to hold,
    And escape with my soul,
    Into—Dimensions We Share ...


Excerpted from Poems of Pure Love for Life by SHERRI LYNN BURES. Copyright © 2014 Dr. Sherri Lynn Bures. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


1 A Perfect Rose, 1,
2 A Special Place to Stay, 3,
3 A Wish from the Heart, 5,
4 All That I Am, 7,
5 And He Looked, 9,
6 And She Knew, 10,
7 And She Wrote Love Poems, Just Because, 13,
8 And You Hope, 15,
9 As I Lay Down to Sleep, 17,
10 As No One Else Could, 19,
11 Bits of Confusion, 21,
12 Caress in the Moonlight, 23,
13 Come to Me Quickly, 25,
14 Come to Me Sweetheart, 26,
15 Come to Me While the Light is Still Dim, 29,
16 Darling, I Know You are Here, 30,
17 Dimensions We Share, 33,
18 Emotional Level of Unconscious Bliss, 34,
19 Enough-You Are, 37,
20 For the One, 39,
21 Gazing Quietly, 41,
22 Happy New Year, Darling, 43,
23 Hearts Colliding, 45,
24 Hearts Melt Into One, 47,
25 How Do You Know, 49,
26 I Found So Much Peace, 51,
27 I Knew When You Came to Me, 53,
28 I Need to Speak, 55,
29 I Study Your Face, 57,
30 I Will Follow The Stars to Your Heart, 59,
31 In The Calm of The Day, 61,
32 Let Me Give You a Hug, 63,
33 Let Me Show You, 65,
34 Let Me Write as a Child, 67,
35 Look At My Soldier, 68,
36 Look Into The Sky, 71,
37 Look Up at The Moon, 73,
38 Love is Something You Can Never Predict, 75,
39 Make Love to Me Slowly, 77,
40 Make Love to Me Tenderly, 79,
41 Make Love to Me All Through The Night, 81,
42 Makes Me Complete, 83,
43 Mesmerize Me, 85,
44 When Life Seems Settled, 87,
45 When Life Surprise Us With Love, 89,
46 My Angel, My Soldier, 91,
47 My Beautiful Creation, 93,
48 My Beauty, My Truth, My Destiny, 95,
49 My Darling As You Whisper, 97,
50 My Darling Let Me Hold You, 99,
51 My Inner Spirit Awakens When You Touch Me, 101,
52 My Love, Where Are You?, 103,
53 My Majesty, My Beautiful Man, 105,
54 My Soul Has Such Peace, 107,
55 My Sweet Emotion, 109,
56 My Sweetest of Sweets, 111,
57 My Truth, 113,
58 One Flower, 115,
59 One Glance and I Knew, 117,
60 One Simple Touch Will, 119,
61 One Spiritual Being, 121,
62 Our Soldiers, 123,
63 Patiently Waiting, 125,
64 Play Me a Song, 127,
65 Remember It is You My Love, 129,
66 Send Me Your Soul, 131,
67 Serenading Me Softly, 133,
68 She Knew, 134,
69 She Looked at The Face, 137,
70 She Stood as a Babe, 139,
71 Slipping Into a Trance of Delight, 141,
72 So, He Smiled, 143,
73 So Sweet When I First See Your Face, 145,
74 Speak To Me, 147,
75 Surrender Your Soul, 149,
76 Take Away All My Pain, 150,
77 Take Me Away To Places I've Never Been, 153,
78 Take Me Away Where You And I Alone Exist, 155,
79 Take Me To a Place, 157,
80 Take My Hands, 159,
81 Tenderly Calling Me, 160,
82 That Kiss, 163,
83 The Beauty Of Your Soul, 165,
84 The First Flower, 167,
85 The Lord Gave You To Me, 169,
86 The Magical Wonder of Real Love, 171,
87 The Silence That We Hear, 173,
88 The Sweetest Treasure, 175,
89 The Sweetness Of Your Scent, 177,
90 The Man I Adore, 179,
91 The Time We Spent Together, 181,
92 The Way To My Soul, 183,
93 The Waves Came Crashing In, 185,
94 Thinking of You, 187,
95 To See The Absolute Beauty of This World, 189,
96 To Understand The True Meaning of Love, 191,
97 Total Completeness Inner Bursting of Joy, 193,
98 Touching So Soft, 195,
99 Treasure You, I Do, 197,
100 Unbreakable, 199,
101 Unexpected, Unplanned, 201,
102 Unthinkable Joy Has Burst Unto Me, 203,
103 We Are as One with The Universe, 205,
104 We Might Never Get Another, 207,
105 Whisper Sweet Nothings to Me, 209,
106 With Such Tenderness, 211,
107 Words are a Powerful Thing, 213,
108 You Always Knew My Inner Thought, 215,
109 You Appeared, 217,
110 You Are My Soul, 219,
111 You Ask Me, 221,
112 You Call, 223,
113 You Came To Me, 225,
114 You freed My Soul, 227,
115 You Have Filled Me, 229,
116 You Know When You Are With Her, 231,
117 You Reach Out, 233,
118 You Remember, 235,
119 You Sleep, 236,
120 You Need to Be With Me as Only You Can, 239,
121 Your Beautiful, Beautiful Soul, 241,
122 Your Kiss, So Passionate, So True, 243,
123 Your Promises Made, 245,
124 Your Spirit Came, 247,
125 Your Sweetness Conquered Me, 249,
126 You're the One That, 251,
127 You're The Reason Our Country is Strong, 253,
128 Prayers:, 254,
Powerful Prayer to The Holy Spirit, 254,
St. Jude's Novena, 254,
Prayer to The Virgin Mary, 255,
St. Theresa's Prayer, 255,

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