Poems on Life, Love & Their Consequences: I Feel Your Love Today! - Book #37

Poems on Life, Love & Their Consequences: I Feel Your Love Today! - Book #37

by Geral John Pinault


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In this economical Black & White Print Edition Geral John takes us high up into love's heavenly skies with "Book #37 - I Feel Your Love Today!" In it he takes the reader on a truly romantic journey to show us just how interconnected life and love for God and each other really is today! You'll be swept away as he fully engages the reader with each poetic story so that you can relate to them in terms of your own life experiences! Geral John shows us just what it is to win AND to lose at love today while he reminds us that love for one another and our Lord Jesus Christ requires that an incredible fusion of passion and desire be instilled into our lives that is repeatedly intermixed with pleasure and pain!

In this amazing book from his "Poems on Life, Love & Their Consequences" poetry book series Geral John takes you over the top with poems on love, romance and spirituality such as "Life Is All About Having Love!" "Let's Keep the Magic in Our Lives!" "We are Entering a New Age..." "When We're Apart Do You Think About Me?" "Red is for Romance!" "Feel the Fire!" "Being with the Duchess of Time!" Rushing Headlong On into the Night!" "Come On People, Feel The Love!" "The Lord Takes Great Joy in Our Strengths!" "Beloved, We are God's Children Now!" "Jesus is the Good Shepherd!" and the truly moving "Real Love is Friendship on Fire!" that stir our hearts while they expand our spiritual consciousness!

Geral John has written over 5,000 poems about life and love and its consequences for each of us across time to show us why Almighty God is the Creator of everything that is good in our continual search for love today in this the 21st Century!

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ISBN-13: 9781512263138
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/18/2015
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.23(d)

About the Author

America's master poet Geral John Pinault is the leader in contemporary poetic adult entertainment today all across the USA and around the world! Geral John demonstrates the need for love & respect in today's chaotic world through a fabulous collection of moving poems in his series of 37 poetry books to date titled, "Poems on Life, Love & Their Consequences!"

Geral John has a worldwide following and a large list of Facebook fans from countries all around the world! Visit his web site www.geraljohn.com to see the latest news on his books and E-books! 176,000 fans to date have visited his site, and you can also visit him by joining his new Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/geraljohnpinault.

Everyone likes to read about lovers but Geral John takes things to another level as he shocks the reader into realizing that romance is a multifaceted adventure of emotion, intrigue, passion and pain! Join with him now by sharing in his incredibly passionate poetry! To date Amazon is featuring 35 of his fabulous poetry E-books and soft cover books! "I Feel Your Love Today!" just become available in late May of 2015 both in print and as an E-book on www.amazon.com and thru links on his web site www.geraljohn.com! This amazing book features 80 romance poems and 20 Christian spiritual poems!

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