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PoemZ 4 U AND YourZ

PoemZ 4 U AND YourZ

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PoemZ 4 U AND YourZ by Zo-Alonzo Gross, a Rap music inspired poetry and art/photo event where the blues street meets the neo-classical, on the wings of doves, creating an original art house poetry offering, A Subterranean Blue Poetry Imprint. Including an eclectic mix of artwork, the work features 17 illustrators/photographers, particularly Michaël Lezay, Kevin J. Taylor, Jahbu Art, Dwayne Jones, Jahim Trotter, Danielle Siegelbaum, Keila Zuniga amongst others. Zo-Alonzo Gross (Poet, songwriter, recording artist, dancer, writer) lives with his wife and children. He has earned a degree in literature at Temple University. This poetry has the power of dream travel, magic conjuring of a parallel universe, a heaven universe of love, truth telling, wisdom and mythos. A spirit call for love and peace that transcends violence. In Beat box delivery that moves and rhymes intermittently at the ends of lines, in terms of old-world magic it is as if the poetry attempts to reintroduce love and true bright to a conflicted world. The poetry is a pictograph, in and of itself with creative use of syntax, that at once creates a new vision for our times, an enlightenment in protest. Written in neo-Shakespeare, Gross uses word constructions in an Old English presentation, influenced by the writings of the Bard. Images of nature resound in original poetic light. This poetic gift combined with the illustrations, give a new celebration in Ekphrastic poetry. The poetry and illustrations play with an internal state of ecstatic experience that dances in spheres of love and forevermore. Cuandos Bailamos (When We Dance) with the illustration by Michaël Lezay is a truly gifted presentation that illuminates an idea of love and respect in love's storybook, as if alluding to an idea of karma and discernment, much needed in a lost world of hidden agendas. A truly great write, this poetry is an original creation in style, iconographic. The themes in the work celebrate the life and love of the poet in his journey. A truth telling for peace that shines within the eternal magic of New Age poetry. 

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ISBN-13: 9781926430102
Publisher: Alonzo J. Gross
Publication date: 06/27/2021
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 140
File size: 36 MB
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Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

zO-Bio Alonzo "zO" Gross or zO-AlonzO is a songwriter, Dancer, recording artist and writer. His short stories were first published internationally in 2005 and in 2006 in the Staying Sane book series published by Evelyn Fazio. Staying Sane when family comes to visit (2005) and Staying Sane during the Thanksgiving Holiday. His first book of poems entitled Inspiration, Harmony and the World Within was published in 2012. Also in that same year he was awarded "Best Spoken Word Poet" at the Lehigh Valley music awards. In 2016 zO was selected as a featured poet in the film "VOICES" directed by Gina Nemo filmed in Los Angeles California and released in 2017 in select theatres as well as Amazon Prime. Then in January of 2018 he released his second book of poetry entitled "sOuL eLiXir The writingZ of zO" which was greeted with rave reviews and a 5 out of 5 star rating. In November 2020 zO was named as one of the best poets of 2020 by Inner Child Press where his work was featured in their Anthology. In June of 2021 zO released his 3rd book of poetry/art entitled "PoemZ 4 U AND YourZ" available globally. zO is a graduate in the field of English Literature from Temple University, and looks forward to releasing music cds as well as new books of poetry and art.

Table of Contents

PoemZ 4 U AND YourZ 

          [Contents Table]



Part 1 Reaching 4 Conscioiousness 

1. VibrationZ (Haiku)

2.A Bridge 2 Mine Heart

3. Once ItZ Gone It was Never

4. That Someone

 5. How Thy Ole LeaveZ Used ta Sway

 6. Lifting The Veil (As If (In A Trance)

 7. Formless Energy

 8. 0' Such a Beautiful Death

 9. Dwell with Me In The Garden

 10. Moving...(Yet Standing Still)

 11. So Very Real (2 Me)

 12. Breathe

 13. Ism-Schism (ur Heart & what Ur here 4)

 14. Journey Within 

 15. Frolicsome BreeZe

 16. Unhindered

 17. CutZ (part 1)

  18. my Beautiful scarZ (part 2)

Part 2 Feeling Ceaselessness 

19. Never (Really) Knowin' Why (Haiku)

20. Deviation From Ego 

21. Experience

22. Her Smile And A Star

23. In A Word

24. Father Autumn

25. Cuando Bailamos (When We Dance)

26. Joy in the Sky 0' RiverZ

27. If Ever I Need A Good Reason ta Smile

28. The Beauty of Imagination

29. Love iZ...Stronger Than Gravity

30. Ur world is What U Are

31. Revolutionize U

32. MyKa (who is Like God)

33. Light AND Vision

34. (Only) The Pure in Heart

35. 2morrow Will Be 2morrow

36. Hymns Of Eternity

 37. When I get 2 Chicago (part 1)

 38. yo Bro (Git ya Life) (part 2)

 39. TaXi boy

 40. O' my God (Before I Knew LOve)   [The Realization]

 41 God or Schizophrenia   [The Conversation]

 42. April Snow

 43. Breaking "The Amnesia" 

  44. The 4Ever Moment of Now...

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