Poetry: The Epitome of Life and Hope

Poetry: The Epitome of Life and Hope

by Dominique Wrizile


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ISBN-13: 9781475964820
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/27/2012
Pages: 72
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.15(d)

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The Epitome of Life and Hope

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Dominique Wrizile
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-6482-0

Chapter One


    For all I am going through,
    poor as a church mouse, but
    proud of the womb that bore me
    and the breasts that nursed me,
    I am grateful and happy to be alive.

    My heart is deeply lonely, but
    I am not bitter or depressed.
    In crisis I see opportunities;
    my spirit is high and I am focused.

    With ups and downs in this life,
    in this world of the strongest and the smartest
    where survival is for the fittest and the cleverest,
    I am not worried because I know I will make it.

    It's not easy to be the greatest, that much I know
    and the narrow road I'm taking is full of thorns and rocks,
    but I am full of hope and my soul is invulnerable.
    I live in my head:
    my mind is my government.


    Our greatest enemy is not our powerlessness;
    our greatest enemy is time.
    It's not the past or the future that defines us, but the present.
    It's not what we say or do that makes us unhappy, but what we do not.
    Your tendency to quit and run away from problems
    does not solve them or make the world a better place,
    for it's not problems that destroy us, but fear.
    When you confront problems and understand that they
    are not there to break you, but to make you,
    you unknowingly make the world a better place and inspire the
    person next to you.

    I TOO

    Out here, I am invisible.
    They underestimate me and think
    I am not able to touch the sky,
    but I swallow my pride: keep quiet and laugh
    for I know it is a matter of time: only the sky will be my limit
    and no one will dare underestimate me ever again
    for they will see how capable I am and the territories I have
    Ashamed, their heads will drop when they realize
    I, too, I am good enough.


    Do not argue with fools.
    For most fools are dull,
    that's what makes them fools.

    You become twice a fool
    for arguing with a fool
    yet knowing he is a fool.


    My emotions do not control me;
    I control my emotions.
    I decide what should bother me
    and what should not bother me.
    I am my own devil:
    the master of my destiny.
    My mind is my government.


    Life is without logic.
    It isn't good or bad;
    it's sensual.
    Everything in it is
    based on perception.
    You can be a great man or a great criminal:
    a champion of something or
    a loser too brainwashed to smell the scent of its sensuality.


    Lose yourself.
    Be formless.
    Think like a child.
    Live to the utmost.
    Eat, drink and make love to life
    and you will find life more meaningful.

    Forget being rational
    and listen to your heart.
    Think less and feel too much.
    Who knows, the sun might rise tomorrow
    and find you as happy as a pig in shit.


    People are just people,
    but what they do
    and what they do not
    is what makes them good or bad.


    Only through
    their imaginations
    can men fully begin
    their journey to success.

    This has been
    and always shall be
    the way of things.


    A bond of love and trust between soul mates.
    It exists before sharing an intimate kiss,
    it remains unknown and sufficient to itself
    until the universe unites them.


    Those who contain love,
    remain in love.


    When the desired comes,
    desire disappears.


    A human being without hope
    is like a vessel without a compass.


    She has no borders,
    she is mobile and famous.
    Primitive you look, if you are not fond of her
    because she makes people fly without wings.
    She traps your mind
    and makes you feel she is
    your best friend and you
    cannot do without her.
    She thinks of nothing but to trap you,
    she sits in her office and checks your record
    aggressively and quietly.
    She crawls, glides and tempts you.
    You get trapped; she smiles and
    says "
    thank you."
    She takes control.
    You lose control.
    You plant and she harvests.
    You keep losing
    and she keeps winning.
    Now, she is in command.
    You are a slave and she is a master;
    you work harder and she works less.
    Champagne and chicken she enjoys
    while beer and chips are all you can afford.
    In the net, you have been trapped.
    So miserable you look,
    sleepless nights you get;
    dilemma is your friend.
    Your problems are your problems.
    She looks at you straight in the eyes,
    then your back she stabs.
    You do not answer your phone twice
    so the officer in a suit takes the
    Be careful: she is killing you softly.


    Before the pope was an altar boy,
    she was there.
    She has been around for many a moon.
    She is mobile and worldwide and
    she is trusted by the majority.

    She is the source of information.
    She knows a lot and stores a lot, but she is tricky and wise.
    She can twist A to B, then B to A in a second.

    She gets more excited by seeing
    imperfection instead of perfection.
    She persuades your mind and makes you dance
    according to her tunes, indirectly.

    With only one word,
    she can make you or break you.
    To her, you are like a fresh fish;
    she can bend you up and down then
    decide whether to trash you or let you go.
    So, edit yourself before you shake hands with her.

    It is defined by two words
    but written as one word.
    The desire for it fills us.
    Get up every day, go out
    there and do what we can
    to make it happen.

    From coast to coast,
    everybody is looking for that one thing.
    Some find it and some end up
    spending their entire life
    looking for it, but they do not find it.

    The wiser, the educator
    and the educated
    can teach you all the tricks
    in the book, but they cannot
    teach you how to find that one thing.

    There is a short distance
    from Z to A where that
    one thing stands, but what
    is in that short distance is
    what makes some find it and
    some not find it.


    Through him, the words they learned to sing.
    Step by step, the numbers he showed them how to count.
    The principles of life, he showed them.

    Their eyes, he opened and the light ahead of them they saw.
    Their rights, he showed them and their mind became enlightened.
    Their speeches, he edited.

    From the bottom level to the highest level, his knowledge they
    depended on,
    From the king to the ordinary man, through him they all passed.
    With their legs fit and strong, he gave them shoes to climb the
    The best professionals in the community, he produced.
    They get paid in chicken and champagne,
    but he is being paid in chips and beer.
    Is that fair?


    We all know the word.
    Men and women all hate the word,
    all races hate the word,
    poor or rich, young or old –
    none like the word.
    Even when the pope was an altar boy, the word existed.
    In today's global world, the word still exists.
    So how long shall you carry that luggage on your shoulders?
    How long shall those tears keep falling on your face?
    Because the word is the word, and its part of you.
    It lives with you, through you, in you.
    You cannot hide from the word because it knows how to find you,
    so put a smile on your face and stop hiding from the word, but
    confront it
    because the word is not there to break you, but to make you.


    O bone, the unchewable.
    Angelic to my eyes.
    You, my treasure
    release me.

    In the net, I am trapped.
    I do not wish to escape
    but I must
    and pain fills my heart.
    O bone, the unchewable, emancipate my soul.

    On my knees I am
    conquered by gravity.
    Gravity, a strong force,
    a force too strong
    yet too sweet to let go.
    O bone, the un-chewable, unchain me.

    I want to keep swimming
    but I cannot swim with these boots on.
    I want to keep driving, but
    I cannot drive with the break on.
    O bone, the unchewable, rescue me

    I have been so honest with you, gravity
    but how honest have you been with me?
    O bone, the un-chewable: to unchain my heart,
    I am going to set it ablaze to save it from this plague.


    It is a source of unhappiness,
    but its absence brings sadness.
    The human mind, it corrupts.
    Problems in the global village, it brings.

    It betrays peace,
    it betrays love,
    it betrays honesty,
    it earns false respect.

    It takes lives,
    it saves lives,
    it shapes life.

    What can you do without it?


    Unmoved mover,
    changer of the changeable,
    the incorruptible,
    creator of the corruptible,
    omnipresent, purer than the pure.
    Free thinkers know him,
    Fundamentalists know him;
    we all know him in different ways,
    so why can't we balance our beliefs about him
    so we can live together at peace?


    A dirty, innocent spirit at the two rivers,
    too bad I was not able to swim in both
    and be part of a happy, clean family.
    On the edge I was
    careful, I stood then considered
    other possibilities as deeply as I could
    to where and what extent my body could be cleansed,
    then, I jumped into one as happy as a pig in shit
    with no second thoughts
    because I was trapped in the net and needed to escape
    the decision I had made.

    Mzee warned about the consequences;
    I considered the consequence, but still,
    my heart was content with the decision made.
    With courage and determination, I crossed the Rubicon
    yet I knew I was falling into okra soup.
    A dirty, innocent spirit at the two long rivers
    and I dived into the dirty one
    and that gave me hope.


    It's blind.
    It's kind.
    It never pretends.
    It's uncontrollable.
    It's easily forgiving.
    It's humble and trusting.
    It's giving.
    Lies destroy it.
    Truth nourishes it.
    It brings happiness.
    It brings togetherness.
    It brings contentment to the heart.


    Two loves hunting for love.
    Unfortunately, I was not able
    to love them both equally at the same time
    and I let them see the shape of my heart, as deep as I loved
    and ignored my feeling for the one
    as much as I could
    simply because she was content and had it all figured out,
    then, I embraced the other as simple as that
    because she was on the edge,
    and needed to be fixed and feel
    the human touch.

    The spectator kept on speculating,
    but none knew the state of my mind.
    Oh, I gave the one a goodbye kiss
    in spite of she and I being on the same page –
    two loves hunting for love – and I,
    I embraced the love not loved
    and that changed her life.


    Our brilliant life, perfect.
    Where beauty and love met,
    dirty secret I deeply kept
    from your eyes and ears and heart.

    Poor, darling, lovely prince,
    with your promises and love,
    I still can't disclose the riddle
    though I know the truth will set me free.

    With a heart harvesting pain,
    memories seeping from my veins
    I keep watching my lanes,
    while my mind is in chaos.

    Motivated by fear with respect,
    blindly and suddenly
    I joined the party.
    The knot I tied foolishly,
    false promises I made.

    Life goes so fast.
    My heart is about to blast.
    How can I reveal this from my heart
    so I can feel free at last?

    My mind, guilty has conquered.
    My heart, fear has defeated.
    My secret, I keep quietly,
    but my heart burns softly.

    Deeply the secret I expose
    and let the truth set me free.
    It's not you, but wealth I love.
    My love to you is fake.

    I don't have much to say
    for I have said all I can say,
    but if you forgive me I will be at peace.
    I wish you luck and all the best in life.

    Tell her she is hot,
    tell her she is the treasure you long to find,
    tell her that her beauty nourishes your soul.
    Who knows? Maybe she'll even let you put your junk in her trunk.


    In the hallway I saw you
    with a face so beautiful,
    beautiful, like moonlight,
    eyes like a sunrise
    mwenye shingo la upanga
    so angelic you are.

    I have high expectations of beauty.
    And just so you know,
    you are the pinnacle of my expectations:
    a conclusion of the higher beauties,
    and blessed is the womb that bore you
    and the breast that nursed you,
    because you are a shining star.


    I was lonely,
    had no hope for tomorrow,
    was just not focused,
    wasn't hoping for anything,
    destructed by the power of insecurity,
    living in the shadows,
    and then, out of the blue,
    an angel touched me.
    I was frightened,
    but now I am blessed

    She gave me hope,
    she shaped my life,
    she pulled me up,
    like only an angel can.

    She is not judgemental;
    she is very easygoing,
    understanding and good-hearted.
    It's unbelievable how caring she is.
    Every time, every day,
    she is my angel.


    Kisses in the morning.
    The Prince and Princess,
    we are like a storm against the window,
    as I hold you tight
    and feel the softness of your body
    and the warmth of your breath.
    Your voice becomes soft and softer
    and when you take control,
    I lose control.
    Now that I am your lover
    and you are my lover –
    since you came into my life –
    the impossible is possible.

    Luck is who I am, kissed by you
    when I need to be kissed.
    No one else is beautiful;
    there is only you.
    No matter where I go,
    I end up by your side.
    I never wonder what it is because
    I know it's your love,
    the chemistry between us
    explains everything.
    Prince is Princess and Princess is Prince.
    You must be the one
    sent from above.
    No buts
    No maybes.
    I am in for life.


Excerpted from POETRY by DOMINIQUE WRIZILE Copyright © 2012 by Dominique Wrizile. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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