Poetry from Spirit

Poetry from Spirit

by Myra J. McPherson


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ISBN-13: 9781452583884
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/29/2013
Pages: 76
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.20(d)

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Poetry from Spirit

By Myra J McPherson

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Myra J McPherson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-8388-4



Once there was a Sapling, a Child, a Baby Bird.

Once, when the world was new.

The Sapling, with the wisdom of past centuries, just grew.
Its beauty ever changing as the years, and life, rolled on.
Being touched and marked by sunshine, by rain, and storms, and time,
Serene within itself, of the ultimate of life,
Knowing that whatever was its fate,
That as a perfect sapling, growing to a perfect tree,
Faith was all it needed, with love and purity
to see its own true cycle maturing, recycling, renewing, ongoing,
Never ending, enduring to eternity.
Always giving of it's all and thus achieving the ultimate.

Unconditional Love.

Once there was a Sapling, a Child, a Baby Bird.

Once, when the world was new.

The baby bird was curious, so new was everything,
that came within his unmarked boundaries.
He looked, He saw, Accepted.
Then looked, and looked again, to see the stark, the gentle, to feel all elements.
To know that life, the All was his protector.

This knowledge deep within him told him all there was to know.
This knowledge, then accepted, gave his life a special glow.
He would live and love and soar the heavens, travel the whole world, secure.
Secure that life would hold him, guide him, re-create him,
His life ever changing, throughout eternity. Always giving of his all,
Trusting life, with Love, Faith, and Purity.
and thus, achieving the ultimate.

Unconditional Love.

Once there was a Sapling, a Child, a Baby Bird.

Once, when the world was new.

The Mother, in confinement, is protective to the end.
The end, that is, of just one more beginning.
She is fearful for her offspring, for herself, of what life holds
for this 'her child' now born into this life.

The child looks out within her world and sees the beauty there.
She sees the beauty seen by all new life,
but because of the restrictions in a world so full of fear,
A fear that fills the child's own protectors,
The knowledge of the beauty, of the love, steady and true, is dimmed.

The child can't start her life as others do.

And so begins a cycle, just another like the bird,
And like the sapling, just another round.
In the hands of that same keeper, that same love, trust, purity,
Only free to think, to plan, to learn new ways and wonder.
Where is security?
Security already known to that baby bird and in the heart of that small sapling,

Where is that love, that happiness, that faith and purity?
Is it really here?

Once there was a Sapling, a Child, a Baby Bird.
Once, when the world was new.

The love, the faith, the happiness, the simple purity
is born afresh with every brand new life.
In every heart that starts to beat, in every light that shines
within the soul of every living thing.
The sapling trusts its maker, the baby bird its fate.
The child must learn to read between the lines.
To look for love, in censure. To look for hope, through fear.
To see the light that shines within the heart.
To trust in that same keeper, look beyond the face and words,
and know that in a heartbeat
Love is here.

Myra Joy McPherson


I have this "thing" that's called Free Will.
It came with me at birth.
But as the years have seen me grow
I wonder at its worth.

Free will implies my freedom
to choose what I would do.
That I may plot my destiny
and be fulfilled right through.

Yet, at my birth the law of care
began it's widening circle,
Of teaching, showing, proving,
That others all knew more.
That I should bend and learn their rules
to fill my human role.

What travesty of justice:
Insidious imposition!
To slowly take my divine gift,
With myriad innuendos,
To indicate my selfishness
if freewill I would choose.
To then impose a "free will"
of someone else's muse.

Fear replaced my free will.
It showed me many faces.
It gave me insecurity,
with people, tasks and places.

I grew to know comparison,
effecting my emotions.
To be compared in glowing terms
did wonders for my ego,
But when those same comparisons
became more critical,
My heart would sink,
My stomach churn,
As I sank into a pit.

The word "responsibility' was often brought to bear.
This introduced a feeling known as guilt.
Guilt and I became good friends,
As my life was slowly built.
It shattered all my confidence,
reduced me to real fear.
I slowly learned to let it go,
And my load was less to bear.

I'm not too sure just where or when
I looked into my mirror,
And saw a strained reflection
of uncertainty and loss.
I saw need to ask the questions
"Who and what am I?"

So I must make decisions, become responsible.
But yet I must please others in the process.

Nurturing my free will was not on the agenda
of those who saw their purpose as my guide.
Because of my humanity I need settle in the fold,
Concern myself with deeds that nurture others.
Yet, as I grow my spirit becomes much more my friend.
At last I've learned just where to draw the line.

The line is drawn just one small step
in front of my own self.
Upon that line is built a wall of light.
My free will is deciding
if the light is on my side,
Or do I cross the line to find it there?

That is my decision.
That is my free will.
The side I choose must give me peace of mind.
Must give me total happiness
to do as I have chosen,
With my Divine Inheritance, Free Will.

Myra Joy McPherson.


This is my dream, a dream so clear.
To build a World, free from fear.

I see again the fields and flowers as fresh as life itself.
The trees so strong, as new buds burst into a spring of health.
With gentle rain caressing all and giving strength to growth,
That all may share in powerful peace, contentment, joy and worth.

I see a world of gentleness and therefore understanding
of the other fellow, of his life, with comprehension.
I see I can let him have his life with no threat to my own.
That he can produce in his own way from the seeds that he has sewn.

I see the time is coming close when all will realise,
that expectation will produce, life is no surprise.
Accidents cannot occur, there always is a reason.
What each sows into their own mind will produce in the right season.

This is how I see things ever in my mind.
This is how I understand how I can be kind.
How I can have empathy, though I may not understand.
How I can give of joy and love to this world I see in my mind.

What do you believe in your own dreams?
What makes your heart feel light?
Do you see, like me, in your quiet times,
life with no fear or fight?

Yes, this is my dream, complete in itself, when all of love is light.
Each day brings thought of a promise new, to work towards 'til night.
When the balance of life is perfect.
When the ego is placed just right.
It supports the dream, it carries the load, together the dream builds might.

There is much to do in this world of ours if we are to live at all!
Yet the only thing that each must do is to answer their own call.
This world may be changed in an instant, if each looks after its own.
If each takes responsibility, minding their business alone.
To structure their own small part of this life.
To work out what would be best, for themselves and for their families.
To build strongly their own little nest.

When this is begun, with the right thoughts in mind, then wheels will begin to turn.
As each nest grows in integrity they will join and each dream will grow.
My dream sees humanity wake with the shock of seeing our world burning out,
while we wait for something to fix it, or someone who has the right clout!

There is no such thing, or person.
Each one must pick up his own talent,
And use it to structure his own place in life
and share it with all he may meet.
To give and to take with integrity.
To bring back the pulse of our planet.
This is my dream, my destiny.
To once more make this world sweet.

Myra Joy McPherson.


Once upon a time, not so very long ago,
I knew that I was special, I was loved.
Was it only yesterday? Or was it as a child?
I felt so good it hurt. I felt sublime.

Once upon a time I knew a love that gave me peace,
That told me of a life of joy, of pleasure.
That gave to me the knowledge of a wonder, like a dream.
I felt I could catch a sunbeam.

Once upon a time I knew contentment.
This was my life, accepted and enjoyed.
I went about my business with a light inside my heart.
Everything I did was done with pleasure.
I could have touched the stars.

Once upon a time I walked in wonder,
Through nature's fresh abundance and I felt,
The earth beneath my feet, so firm, so lovingly supporting,
Encompassing my person and I knew,
I could accomplish all.

I swam the river, ran the sand, climbed the mountains high.
I looked up to the heavens as the gentle rain caressed
my eyes, my face, my hair and it was bliss.
I could rest against a rainbow.

Once upon a time the trees stood strong and tall, majestic.
Gave shelter from the storms of life, gave friendship.
In solitude I walked beneath these trees and felt enfolded.
In their care - I knew a peace beyond compare.
Together we could dream.

What did we dream, the trees and me as we opened bare our hearts.
Our thoughts and feelings, deep and dear,
of peaceful love, enduring.
To hold within our mind and soul
Stardust, Freedom.

Myra Joy McPherson.


Life is like walking a ribbon of road. It starts off rolled neatly and clean.
I gingerly peep at a world fresh and new as slowly I start to unwind
Experiences, Discoveries, Shocks and Surprises,
The ribbon slips out of my hands and falls in a tangle,
My next step is stayed.

My road took a turn and now I find I am walking along a new road,
I'm exploring new scenes,
My ideas are fresh,
I'm learning at each step from all that I meet,
Sifting for something elusive and precious,
yet, never quite sure if I've met it, or passed it.
Should I keep to this road or retreat?

My ribbon of road has become split and frayed.
What once was so neat and so clean.
I now meet a series of patching and mending.
Delusions creep up unforseen.
I cry "I am lost, my sweet life is destroyed. How did I lose my way?
My road looked so easy, rolled neatly and clean.
How do I find it again?"

Well, I look to my heart, and I listen.

I look into my mind and I see.
I ask of my soul how to lighten my load of misery, pain, fear and need.
I hold out in my hands all the love I can muster and offer it,
Yes, all the bits that have broken and crumbled and dropped,
As I've travelled my road,
and I've kicked.

As I've rushed down my ribbon of road,
I have followed the tangles, the knots and divisions.
As I've tried to repair broken traces and vows,
to fix my life's tottering fences.
As I've cried and I've roared and I've trembled,
I remember the start of it all,
my ribbon of road, neatly rolled, full of promise.
And I think,
Where do I go from here?

There is always a new roll of ribbon.
a new road, for me to traverse.
I must make up my mind, that's the answer.
Go forward. Not in reverse.

I need to look into my heart, there's a window.
A candle sits on the sill.
Forgive all the tangles, the splits and the knots. The experiences best not remembered.
Stop right there, cut the ribbon, walk forward.
This time I'm prepared, I won't fall.

I have learned, through the rushing, the tangles and splits,
That my ribbon of road is precious.

The experiences, discoveries, shocks and surprises are lessons to muse and ponder.
Just slowly, gently and truly,
I walk one step at a time.
My road unfurls at a pace set for me.
Never push. There is always time.

I remember,
Each moment on my road of life,
Is precious, needs consideration,
To be true to myself, to my heart, and my mind,
And to those who share my space.
As I once again roll out that ribbon of life,
I must think before each step,
To avoid those broken traces and vows,
And keep my ribbon clean.

Myra Joy McPherson.


There comes a time to walk around the corner.
To turn another page within this book that is my life.
Accepting what I've learned along my individual path.
Hoping there are some who will derive
a measure of assistance, from the knowledge I have gained,
From experiences of love, and also strife.

There comes a time to recognise ability,
To understand, that I must share my pain.
To open up my heart with love so that others, too, will know,
They are never without friendship, everyone has felt the same.
The bitterness, the sympathy, the loneliness and fear,
They also see the sun come out again.

There comes a time when love and obligation
become as one, and simplify the pattern of the day.
Seeing through some ugliness, to recognise that maybe
there's a mind consuming pain
that causes actions, so confusing, they resemble boiling cauldrons,
where escape is not yet evident.
At times like this something will show the way.

There comes a time when knowing every life does have a purpose,
that yours and mine, as time goes by, at some stage, will be clear.
The things within my heart I cannot alter,
But these things I've learnt to look at differently.
To see them in another light, to see the pattern in them,
To change my mind, and make these memories dear.

There comes a time when peace transcends one's being.
When every day is blessed because whatever happens in it,
Love becomes the only answer and with this there comes a healing.
This is your life. This is my life and life is always moving,
to a new, fresh understanding, acceptance, growth, believing.
When a lightness enters into your self, your mind and body,
This is the time when you will say, with feeling.....

There comes a time to walk around the corner.
To turn another page.....

Myra Joy McPherson.


I am sitting here thinking of how it would be,
if the world were at peace, and serene.
I think it would take such a simple plan,
To achieve this much wanted scene?

Thoughts tumble into my mind as I muse
the billions of reasons, "Why not?"
Strangely these reasons often seem, to be
"Somebody else's fault."

Does this give a clue to all of us?
Why should the "fault" of another
cause such distress to anyone else?
It's our own faults we need to uncover.

By definition, what is a fault
when attributed to human beings?
Well it simply means "not up to standard"
by somebody else' reasoning.

So here we have the beginning of the path
to a world of peace.
We each become responsible for things that cause us "unease".
Work out where these ideas came from, send them back to their source.

It is easy to say that everyone's wish
is Peace on Earth in this life.
If this were the case Peace would be here now,
With everyone's lives sublime.

Yet think for a while
Has Peace become boring?
How crass an idea this would seem!
Yet, to have someone fighting another,
Allows one to feel supreme!

Think deeply now. And be honest,
Does not this feeling of Best,
Encroach on our daily duties and cause
an aggression to rest in our hearts, our minds,
and our actions, so that Peace is hard to discern.
Does it mean there can be no excitement?
No adrenalin rush? No burn?

And what about laughter, what about joy?
Peace cannot be seen with no smile.
So laughter is part of this peace we crave.
Have a good "belly laugh" and feel free.

Here is your Peace. Hold it firm in your mind.
Let yourself lead by example.
Learn how to laugh at yourself and smile.
Others will follow your lead.
It really is very simple
This plan to start 'Peace on Earth'.
It begins with the ME in all of us
Peace in each heart is our worth.

Myra Joy McPherson.


Excerpted from Poetry from Spirit by Myra J McPherson. Copyright © 2013 Myra J McPherson. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Three Lives, 2,
PEACE, 18,
The People Watcher., 39,
MY BODY, 45,
LOVE and LIGHT, 60,
I AM, 61,
GRACE., 65,

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