Poetry From the Heart, Joy for the Soul: A Prophetic, Poetic Journey

Poetry From the Heart, Joy for the Soul: A Prophetic, Poetic Journey

by Loren Harris


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ISBN-13: 9781452057002
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/16/2010
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.15(d)

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Poetry From the Heart, Joy for the Soul

A Prophetic, Poetic Journey
By Loren Harris


Copyright © 2010 Loren Harris
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-5700-2

Chapter One

It's Time!

It's time, it's time, the time is now,
To Teach My Word, Preach My Word
and show them how!

It's time for you, & you and you,
To rise up and see the victory too!

The time is now, to step on out,
To radiate my Glory,
To dance and shout!

The world is waiting for
My people to manifest,
The slumber is over,
Come out of your rest!

It's time to listen and time to hear,
The Anointed Word without doubt or fear!

Go forth, go forth,
and watch me work,
It's time for my glory to fall on the earth!

Rejoice, rejoice as I work through you!
It's time for the enemy to run from you too!
Don't be shy, for you are mine,
Teaching and preaching My Word
is not a crime.

Reach up, reach out & seek My face,
For now is the time of my out-poured grace.

The joy of the Lord is truly your strength,
The time is now,
I will go to great lengths.

Step out, step out, step into the water,
Because it's time,
it's time and My Word will not falter!


My Feet are Off the Ground!

Like a bird in flight,
The wings of He who created me,
holds me tight.

I can do all things through Love,
which strengthens me.
I can soar like the eagle
'cause Love has set me free!

My feet are off the ground
And I am moving!
No matter what comes my way,
I'm going higher and Higher and "grooving"
Today is the day!

The Lord loves me and I love Him,
I am a mover and a shaker and never ever dim,
My light shines bright and I'm salty too
Wherever you may be, I'll be there for you!

My feet are off the ground and happy as can be,
Where these feet go,
there is peace and people set free!
Pray for my husband and pray for me......

The feet the Lord has given us,
Are feet of peace and others can trust,
That you and I will do what HE says,
And walk in the Word for the rest of our days.

Your feet are off the ground like mine,
We have a lot to do 'cause we have limited time
Your feet are off the ground too!
Because what HE says, you will do!!!!

The Family

God created the family with others in mind,
He created them special with one of each kind.

We are here with each other to hug and to love,
To cheer and to share what comes from above.

We are uniquely created and fashioned like clay,
The family is important to God today and "always".

We each have a purpose in this place in time,
We're the "Designers"' originals, show-cased and fine!

We all have a destiny and a reason and a plan,
Your future will not be aborted
by any woman or man!

Stand tall and sure for your future's secure,
With God and Family, no foe can endure.

Be strong for our family and faithful to your call,
Have courage and faith for God is over all!

The Right Choice!









Two Amazing People!

Robert and Tula, you amaze many, you see,
The mere fact that with your light shining bright,
Jesus has set them free!

The love and anointing you've
presented to many,
Has blessed them at times
when there was lack,
and when there was plenty!

You both hear from the Lord
who is awesome and true,
You give Him praise and
honor in whatever you do!

You are fresh in the Word
of God at all times,
there's no staleness in you
two and the anointing is fine!

The Lord is proud of you
and on you He can depend,
The enemy is so afraid,
Cause' there's surely an end!

Your wheel within a wheel
is always moving steady,
Because when the Lord says go,
you two are always ready!

We love having you two
as our close friends,
we've shared in the Word again and again!

We love you both and all of your kids,
No enemy can touch them no
matter how high he bids!

You all are surrounded
by Jesus' loving wings,
Because you all walk in
all the anointing gladly brings!

Two amazing people you truly are,
You two are our dearest friends by far!

Here For A Purpose

I am here for a purpose,
I am sure you are too!
We are here to worship the Lord God,
In all we say, in all we do!

Do what you are on this earth to do,
Go forth and move mountains,
Kick down doors that are hindering you!

Love your neighbor as yourself,
Go out into the world and off the shelf!

Show no mercy to the enemy of your soul,
For he plans to destroy you,
But the Word of God says No!

Fight on dear soldier,
You are here for a purpose!

There Is A Way Out!

Don't be discouraged and please don't fret,
There is a way out of your despair,
With no worries or regrets,
Jesus is your savior,
Jesus is your Lord,
Keep on studying His Word,
For He's never failed you yet!

Don't let the things of this world get you down,
For all of this stuff will fall to the ground.
Keep your head up and your back straight,
Walk in the Love of Jesus and never in hate!
There is a way out of each situation,
Call on the Lord,
He's everywhere, in every nation!

Silver Boxes

There are times in our lives,
we don't say thing that are nice,
But God sent His Son to pay a great price.

He died on the cross to set us all free,
By shedding His blood for you and for me.

There are "silver boxes" sent from above,
Those little reminders of our Fathers' great love,
Each time you say kind words to each other,
You are giving a silver box,
A gift like no other.

These silver boxes are a great reminder,
That wherever you go,
You'll be kinder and kinder!

Let these silver boxes remind you to pray,
That Gods' Love comes from your mouth,
Each and every day!

Let each new day be filled with God's love,
These silver boxes are sent from Jesus above.
Trust in your hearts and never doubt,
That Jesus' great love will go in and flow out!

Keep these silver boxes in your heart,
For the Love of the Lord will never depart.
The main Silver Box is the Word of God,
It's your strength, It's your rod!

God's love for Couples

You two are so very
special and so very sweet,
the Lord loves you,
from your head down to your feet!

Wherever you go,
your sweetness is there,
Everyone adores you two,
none can compare!

The Lord's presence is
very evident upon you two,
Because the love you show to others,
shines right through.

The anointing in your
lives destroys every yoke!
The enemy of your souls,
can only sputter and choke!
For every word you speak from God,
only tightens his rope!

You both are here for a purpose
and a plan,
that cannot be aborted
by the enemy or any man!

So stand tall and firm,
on God's awesome true Word,
For the Word of God
will surely under-gird!

God has your back and
every part of you!
His joy is revealed
in all that you do!

Keep your heads held high
and know you are victorious,
Because the Lord your
God is mighty and Glorious!

The Best Kind of Teacher

A teacher is from a special breed,
Studying, researching to meet students needs,
An instructor who has so much to feature,
This indeed is the Best Kind of Teacher.

Ben, you've truly shown,
what you're made of,
The lessons you've taught,
The revelations we've caught,
Stretched and challenged us in His Love,

Even when your weren't feeling well,
You came and gave us your best,
God loves you and is proud of you too,
As His teacher, you've passed "His" test.

A great educator or teacher of philosophy
None can compare to you,
The way you always have an insightful word,
You've got what it takes to see us through.

You are kind and sincere, warm, of good cheer,
There's nothing impossible for you,
Great man of God, You we now feature,
For Ben, you are the best kind of Teacher!

Lord, You Are!

Lord, you are good, you are magnificent,
I love the way you love me,
God you are great and awesome,
And you have truly set me free!

Though the world may shake me to the core,
You are always ready and open many doors,
I know with you, there is so much more!

I can keep walking with my head held high,
And not worry about all the games,
The enemy has tried many times,
to bring me so much shame.

But you oh Lord are all You are,
And I am all that I am in you!
For you exceed my wildest dreams,
And make those dreams come true!

Oh, Lord, You Are!
Great and mighty is your name,
I can't begin to imagine my life without you,
It would just be boring and so lame!

My Mother, My Friend

My dear mother, you were my friend,
I look around and am reminded of You,
over, and over again.

You always had the wisdom
To know what to say and when,
I will miss the way you smiled
and even the way you grinned.

My dear mother,
it seems it was only yesterday,
The way we lovingly laughed,
and even the way we prayed.

I will always remember the times we shared,
None too selfish for others,
For we shared so many great
and awesome times,
With our friends and even their mothers.

Dearest loved one,
My dear Mother and friend,
I will miss you so very much,
And know that you are in His loving arms,
And on Him you can rest and trust.

Sing on my Mother and praise the Lord
For it is wondrous and so sweet,
And we shall continue down here on earth,
Worshipping at His Feet!

Rest in Him my Mother, my friend,
You are at your destination,
When the trumpet sounds
and we ascend on high,

How Glorious!
Jesus and all His Nations!

"My Soul"

My soul longeth for you Lord,
The true and living King,
My soul thirsts for you my Lord,
and everything you bring.

I love you with my whole heart,
Each day it grows and grows,
You, oh Lord are my refuge,
And in many ways it shows.

Oh lover of my soul, let us sup together,
Draw me to your bosom,
Please do this now and forever.

Jesus, my soul longs to be with you,
Each and every day,
for without you in my life,
I would surely wither away!

My soul needs you Lord,
This I know is true,
For no one can understand,
Unless they spend time with you.

My soul loves you my Father,
how my soul longs for you!

Go Forth!

Go forth my children for the time is at hand,
The Lord your God has taken a stand,
I want you to do what I've called you to do.
Don't procrastinate and ask
if it's me speaking to you!

Do what I've called you to do on this earth,
I am waiting for you to share your New Birth!
Many are crying and dying all around,
Don't let what's inside you fall to the ground.

Be ready, willing and eager to go,
To the ends of the earth if I should make it so.
I need you to be my ears, mouth and feet,
You are anointed to bring salvation to the streets.

Stand up, stand out and be of good cheer,
And know that my Son is always right here.
Do all that I ask you without questioning why,
My Spirit's in you, be bold and not shy!

Go Forth!!!!

Let's Dance!

Oh Lord you are my partner,
My savior, King and God Almighty!
I love the way your hold me,
As we twirl around the room!

Let's dance to only your music,
And enjoy what the moments bring,
You can lead and I will follow,
Any music you choose will do!

I love you so much Lord,
Nothing can replace my time with you,
You are the lover of my soul,
Let's dance the whole night through!

Mold me, make me, shape me, heal me,
Do all of that and so much more!
Caress me, hold me, teach me, love me!
I am your child whom you adore!

Come, my Daddy God!
Let's dance again!

Trust in the Lord

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart,
And set your mind on Him,
If you really believe what His Word says,
From it, you'll never depart!

Let the Lord be your guide,
Your comfort and your strength,
For if you are in His will,
He will for you, go to great lengths!

Trust the Lord no matter how it looks,
Keep on believing in His Holy Book,

Look and see and only believe,
Be a doer of His word and you shall receive!

Trust in the Lord, he'll make you brand new,
Seek Him while he may be found, he's waiting on you!

Trust Him!

Only Believe

Only Believe and you shall receive,
all the Lord has for you,
Trust and obey for there's no other way,
To be holy, loving and true.

Seek Him daily while he may be found,
And from Him never depart,
Lean on His everlasting arm,
And serve Him with all of your heart.

Look, listen, hear and do,
All the will of the Lord,
Trust, love, go forth and be,
All "you" are on this earth for.

Be at peace in all you ways,
Be ever willing to go,
Wherever He sends you on the earth,
If and when he makes it so.

Only Believe!!!!

I'm Under Construction!

I'm under construction a lady with scars,
God is working on me like a mechanic on a car.

He's molding and shaping and making me new,
Don't give up on me because He's still not through.

I'm under construction, by God and not man,
No one will get the glory as only God can.

God is creator and maker of all,
He created man and woman before the great fall!

I'm under construction, with plenty of nailing,
Keep me in your prayers
because the enemy wants me failing!

Let all of heaven and earth proclaim,
When He's finished with me there will be no shame!

He's still working on me and even on you too,
"We" are under construction,
and not by the motley crew!

God created me with others in mind,
I am here for a purpose to be a blessing to mankind!

In God's hands are a chisel, drill and saw,
He's chipping away things that will make me fall.

I'm under construction,
being made brand new,
While my building is being completed,
I'll be there for you!

So don't let it surprise you how I run this race,
This building has some
restructuring that is taking place.

The builder and maker is the best around,
When this dwelling is finished
it won't fall to the ground!

I'm Under Construction!!!

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Don't judge a book by its cover,
It's not a good thing to do,
When we look on the outside only,
We're missing the inside view.

Be ever ready to change the way you view,
Other people and their outside shells,
Don't judge a book by its cover,
Cause there's something exciting and true!

Keep your heart and mind open,
To the things that are possible and new,
Don't judge a book by its cover,
Cause the person will grow on you.

Don't judge a book by its cover,
Come on now; let's make life better and brighter,
When we all get along and love one another,
Life will be longer and lighter!

Don't judge a book by its cover,
"You" be the catalyst for this!
When we grow in every area,
We'll experience health, joy and bliss!

Please! Don't judge a book by its cover!

Its feels so good to be appreciated!

When a person is appreciated,
here's a warm feeling inside,
to be thought of and recognized
gives a person more drive.

The work day is joyful
and something to behold,
it makes going to work,
less stressful and less cold.

Thank you for thinking of me
on this special day,
your thoughtfulness is noticed,
and today, work feels like play!

Everyone should have,
a very special day,
To just sit back and relax
and feel as they may!

It's really good to be appreciated!


Excerpted from Poetry From the Heart, Joy for the Soul by Loren Harris Copyright © 2010 by Loren Harris. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


It's Time!....................1
My Feet are Off the Ground!....................2
The Family....................3
The Right Choice!....................4
Two Amazing People!....................5
Here For A Purpose....................7
There Is A Way Out!....................8
Silver Boxes....................9
God's love for Couples....................10
The Best Kind of Teacher....................12
Lord, You Are!....................13
My Mother, My Friend....................14
"My Soul"....................15
Go Forth!....................16
Let's Dance!....................17
Trust in the Lord....................18
Only Believe....................19
I'm Under Construction!....................20
Don't Judge a Book by its Cover....................22
Its feels so good to be appreciated!....................23
Tula's Birthday Promise....................24
Be Of Good Cheer!....................25
Lord, you are Beautiful!....................26
Sandra, My Daughter....................27
James and Debbie....................29
"Two Soldiers"....................31
Dorothy, A Lovely Lady....................33
God, It's Your Will!....................34
Jesus I Love You!....................35
Why don't we have a Child, Lord?....................36
"It's Mine"....................37
"The Princess"....................38
"The Blessing"....................40
I am the One!....................41
I Win Over Sin!....................42
Father, Potter!....................43
My Brother....................44
How soon Lord?....................45
"Be Still"....................46
Happy Birthday!....................47
"How I See You"....................48
My Mother, Like no Other....................49
"Where I say go, "Go"....................50
Make it so!....................51

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