Poetry of the Beating Heart

Poetry of the Beating Heart

by D F Neely


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ISBN-13: 9781635356274
Publisher: Neely Worldwide Publishing
Publication date: 02/06/2015
Pages: 86
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.18(d)

About the Author

D. F. Neely is a new and upcoming book author of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Crime, Romance, Adventure and Poet with a universal name and an imagination to attract readers of all ages. Born in Smithfield, North Carolina, he was raised by the brilliant mind of a grandmother who continuously wanted him to enhance his knowledge of the world through reading novels and listening to music of the ages and a grandfather that said that hard work and practicality was being realistic. As the years passed, his foundations of truth, strength and knowledge both passed away and it was at this time, his additional growth and upbringing was given life by the youthful and modernized wisdom of his mother, aunt and uncle who granted him an experience that layered upon the knowledge that was instilled into his being as a youth. Every step was destined and each point of growth is as it should have been...

In brief, D. F. Neely has been a writer for only a few years and has always had the unearthly desire to have a book in print for the world to grab hold of. Today, he has that opportunity. After traveling the world, living a life that others only could dream of or simply imagine, and experiencing what many only see on television, D. F. Neely has incorporated all that he was to create the person that he is today. D. F. Neely is the son of Alexander Neely Jr. and Doris Elaine Curtis Neely. He was formerly a member of the Boy Scouts of America, Civil Air Patrol, U. S. Navy and U. S. Navy Reserves. He graduated from St. John's College High School (Washington, DC) and went to college at The University of the District of Columbia and Howard University (Washington, DC).

Today, D. F. Neely and his partner for life (also a fellow Internationally Published Author/Poet) Katie Kamara, together have founded Neely Worldwide Publishing and Neely Productions Inc.
D. F. Neely's favorite thought is "Life is mine through the actions given to me through free will and even greater experiences (and these experiences are definitely not over yet)."

Follow D.F. Neely as he releases many of his epic imaginative creations. The author of three books, his first Anthology Series Children of Brawol: Drulian Saga of Rebirth, Epimethean Calling and Poetry Of A Beating Heart, this is only the beginning. With many more releases to come, this is truly one rising Author to be watched and inspired by.

"I live the Been There Done That Life" - D.F. Neely

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