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Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work 1888-2006

Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work 1888-2006

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Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work 1888-2006, the deluxe, artfully presented box set from Shout Factory, is essentially (though not related to commercially) a new, updated version of In Their Own Voices: A Century of Recorded Poetry released in 1996 by Rhino. Perhaps it's because they were assembled by the same person, Rebekah Presson Mosby, who


Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work 1888-2006, the deluxe, artfully presented box set from Shout Factory, is essentially (though not related to commercially) a new, updated version of In Their Own Voices: A Century of Recorded Poetry released in 1996 by Rhino. Perhaps it's because they were assembled by the same person, Rebekah Presson Mosby, who compiled not only the Rhino anthology, but also Our Souls Have Grown Deep Like the Rivers: Black Poets Read Their Work and, with Elise Paschen, Poetry Speaks, and she writes the extended liner essay here entitled "Our Lives Distilled." This set was introduced -- as was the Rhino anthology -- with a different essay, by poet, educator, and author Al Young. Much of the material on the Rhino set is replicated here. In the case of writers from the 19th century through the early '50s, this is understandable. After all, how many tapes of Walt Whitman, Alfred Lord Tennyson (there has been some deabte as tothe authenticity of these two recordings), and W.B. Yeats can there be? What isn't here is other poets -- poets who haven't had the same work duplicated over and over -- and why, when there is so much else available? Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski, Lawrence Ferlenghetti, e.e. cummings, Etheridge Knight, Charles Simic, Sharon Olds, Rita Dove, and many others included here have plenty of recorded material available, some of it arguably as good as what's here. But, licensing being what it is, who knows. In any case, there are some very important updates here: the inclusion of poets such as Carl Hancock Rux, Suji Kwock Kim, Elizabeth Alexander, Elise Paschen, Deborah Garrison, D.A. Powell, Kevin Prufer, Jonathan Lamfers, and more. Many of the greats remain, but it hurts to see Jimmy Santiago Baca and Tess Gallagher left off of this set (they were included on the Rhino package), while it does a heart proud to see some academic stuffed shirts like John Ciardi and Edward Hirsch absent to leave room for some far more vibrant, younger voices, as well as inestimably important historical ones, like the great, dramatic poet James Weldon Johnson (this collection gets points just for including his The Creation in the mix), H.D. (aka Hilda Doolittle), Sterling Brown, Robert Browning, Edgar Lee Masters, and Tennyson (who reads Charge of the Light Brigade). Somebody has to explain why Kenneth Patchen, one of the last links to the traditions of the 19th century yet remaining a thoroughly modern poet and visual artist (of the San Francisco Renaissance school) gets dissed from both collections! There is something included -- or not -- to piss everyone off, but far more pressing is what a wealth there is in this collection. Its book is gorgeously illustrated with biographies, photos, and impeccable design work by Jeff Palo. Highly recommended if you don't have the Rhino collection; but there is too much duplication if you do.

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Shout Factory

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Disc 1

  1. The Charge of the Light Brigade
  2. Come into the Garden, Maud
  3. How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix
  4. America
  5. The Lake Isle of Innisfree
  6. The Song of the Old Mother
  7. Lucinda Matlock
  8. Emily Sparks
  9. The Creation
  10. If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso
  11. The Road Not Taken
  12. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
  13. From the People, Yes (#90)
  14. So and So Reclining on Her Couch
  15. The Red Wheelbarrow
  16. For Elsie
  17. From Hugh Selwyn Mauberly
  18. From Helen in Egypt
  19. Journey of the Magi (With Introduction)
  20. Recuerdo
  21. Love Is Not All
  22. Résumé
  23. The Lady's Reward
  24. As Freedom Is a Breakfastfood
  25. To Juan at the Winter Solstice
  26. From John Brown's Body
  27. Strong Man
  28. The Negro Speaks of Rivers (With Intro)
  29. The Waery Blues (With Intro)
  30. Portrait of the Artist as a Prematurely Old Man
  31. King of the River
  32. The Cave of Nakedness
  33. I Knew a Woman
  34. Elegy for Jane
  35. Late Air
  36. The Fish

Disc 2

  1. Those Winter Sundays
  2. The Ballad of Orange and Grape
  3. To Be a Jew in the Twentieth Century
  4. #23 (The Lay of Ike)
  5. #36 (The High Ones Die...)
  6. The World Is So Difficult to Give Up...
  7. This Is the Solution, To Be Happy with Slaughter...
  8. Here I Am with Mike in Hand, Shooting Down the Rapids...
  9. I Killed a Fly...
  10. What About Dying?...
  11. Passing Remark
  12. Serving with Gideon
  13. And Death Shall Have No Dominion
  14. The Tombstone Told When She Died
  15. The Mother
  16. We Real Cool
  17. Skunk Hour
  18. Crossing Over
  19. See It Was Like This When...
  20. Underwear
  21. The Secret of My Endurance
  22. Ray
  23. Love Calls Us to the Things of This World
  24. American Haikus
  25. Death Psalm: O Lord
  26. Monet Refuses the Operation
  27. Woodchucks
  28. America
  29. Still
  30. My Philosophy of Life
  31. After Making Love We Hear Footsteps
  32. Last Gods
  33. A Blessing
  34. All My Pretty Ones
  35. For My Lover, Returning to His Wife

Disc 3

  1. Even in Paris
  2. Diving into the Wreck
  3. Lovesong
  4. Omeros
  5. The Song of the Taste
  6. Why I Take Goos Care of My Macintosh Computer
  7. The Idea of Ancestry
  8. Daddy
  9. The Greatest Porm in the World
  10. An Oddly Lovely Day Alone
  11. Bang, Bang Outishly
  12. Rhythim Blues
  13. Shazam Doowah
  14. Dahomey
  15. Right to Life
  16. The Poem
  17. Zimmer Imagines Heaven
  18. Cruelty. Don't Talk to Me About Cruelty
  19. I Have Had to Learn to Live with My Face
  20. We Were So Poor...
  21. I Was Stolen by the Gypsies...
  22. Everybody Knows the Story...
  23. Death of a Naturalist
  24. Lester Leaps In
  25. A Dfance for Militant Dilettantes
  26. Fire
  27. Odysseus to Telemachus
  28. Sometimes It's Better to Laugh 'Honest Injun
  29. Ode to My Shoes

Disc 4

  1. Wonder
  2. The Lost Pilot
  3. Puerto Rican Obituary
  4. Uh Oh Plutonium
  5. The Fine Printing on the Label of a Beer of Non-Alcohol Beer
  6. The Sweat Lodge
  7. Facing It
  8. Logan Heights and the World
  9. The Colonel
  10. The History of Armenia
  11. Grace
  12. Parsley
  13. The Long Meadow
  14. The Floral Apron
  15. Raisin Eyes
  16. The Concrete River
  17. My Father, In Heaven, Is Reading out Loud
  18. Two Standards
  19. I Saw You Walking
  20. The Female Seer Will Burn Upon This Pyre
  21. After the Gig: Mick Jagger
  22. Morning Broke on My Cabin Inverted, Tempest in My Forehead
  23. Eleven More Days
  24. Simon Peter
  25. Fragments of the Forgotten War
  26. Lucky Criminals
  27. The Slaughter
  28. Scab

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mark Daterman   Guitar

Technical Credits

Carl Sandburg   Poetry
Allen Ginsberg   Poetry
Jack Kerouac   Poetry
Langston Hughes   Poetry
Lawrence Ferlinghetti   Poetry
Gertrude Stein   Poetry
Robert Frost   Poetry
Ogden Nash   Poetry
Dylan Thomas   Poetry
Anne Sexton   Poetry
Charles Bukowski   Poetry
Ezra Pound   Poetry
Edna St. Vincent Millay   Poetry
Gwendolyn Brooks   Poetry
Dorothy Parker   Poetry
Joseph Brodsky   Poetry
Sylvia Plath   Poetry
Galway Kinnell   Poetry
James Wright   Poetry
Muriel Rukeyser   Poetry
Erica Jong   Poetry
Richard Wilbur   Poetry
Robert Lowell   Poetry
Theodore Roethke   Poetry
Wallace Stevens   Poetry
Joy Harjo   Poetry
Cohn   Poetry
Amiri Baraka   Poetry
Richard Howard   Poetry
Zoot Sims   Poetry
Anne Waldman   Poetry
Young   Poetry,Liner Notes
Kevin Young   Poetry
Sterling A. Brown   Poetry
Hayden Carruth   Poetry
Walt Whitman & the Soul Children   Poetry
David Ray   Poetry
Robert Browning   Poetry
Wystan Hugh Auden   Poetry
e.e. cummings   Poetry
Carolyn Forché   Poetry
Seamus Heaney   Poetry
David Ignatow   Poetry
Stanley Kunitz   Poetry
Marge Piercy   Poetry
Carl Hancock Rux   Poetry
William Stafford   Poetry
Mark Strand   Poetry
John Updike   Poetry
Paul Zimmer   Poetry
Luci Tapahonso   Poetry
Diane Wakoski   Poetry
Derek Walcott   Poetry
Gary Snyder   Poetry
T.S. Eliot   Poetry
Denise Levertov   Poetry
Alfred Lord Tennyson   Poetry
Lucille Clifton   Poetry
Adrian Louis   Poetry
Adrienne Rich   Poetry
Audre Lorde   Poetry
James Tate   Poetry
John Ashbery   Poetry
Yusef Komunuakaa   Poetry
Rebekah Presson Mosby   Producer,Liner Notes,Production Notes
William Carlos Williams   Poetry
Rita Dove   Poetry
Etheridge Knight   Poetry
Robert Hayden   Poetry
Juan Felipe Herrera   Poetry
Li-Young Lee   Poetry
Charles Simic   Poetry
Sharon Olds   Poetry
Lisel Mueller   Poetry
William Meredith   Poetry
Luis Jose Rodriguez   Poetry
Jeff Palo   Artwork
Elizabeth Alexander   Poetry
A.R. Ammons   Poetry
Peter Balakian   Poetry
John Berryman   Poetry
Elizabeth Bishop   Poetry
Marilyn Chin   Poetry
Suji Kwock Kim   Poetry
Maxine Kumin   Poetry
Jonathan Lamfers   Poetry
Edgar Lee Masters   Poetry
Simon J. Ortiz   Poetry
Elise Paschen   Poetry
Pedro Pietri   Poetry
John Poch   Poetry
D.A. Powell   Poetry
Kevin Prufer   Poetry
Vijay Seshadri   Poetry
Gloria Vando   Poetry
William Butler Yeats   Poetry
Ted Hughes   Poetry
James Weldon Johnson   Poetry

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