Poetry to God: Volume 3: Into Thine Hands

Poetry to God: Volume 3: Into Thine Hands

by Terry Webb


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Poetry to God Volume 3: Into Thine Hands is a vast collection of spiritual, uplifting, and empowering poems that will infuse your spirit and revitalize your mind! This book of inspirational poems will encourage the soul, heart, and mind. It is all about life, challenges, and trials with our Creator, God Almighty. You will find overwhelming comfort here in this book of inspirational poetry. Some of the poems are true-life experiences, but all of them are written to keep your heart, soul, and mind on the things of God. In even the most difficult of circumstances, you're never alone because God is there.

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ISBN-13: 9781490741123
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 07/03/2014
Pages: 150
Sales rank: 1,062,294
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

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Poetry to God

Volume 3 Into Thine Hands

By Terry Webb

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 Terry Webb
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-4112-3



I cannot keep myself alive,
My life is now at end,
According to Your mercy, Lord,
Remember not my sin.

Hear my prayer, I beg of Thee,
Give ear unto my cry,
My soul shall make it's boast in You,
"O" Lord, don't pass me by.

For your blood has washed away my sins,
To save my soul alive,
And I've washed my hands in innocence
My soul, Dear Lord, revive!

My life on earth is close at end,
Yes, death is gravely near,
Like water, my life is poured, "O" Lord,
Yet death I do not fear.

Into Thine hands I give my soul,
To judge, and then set free,
Into Thine hands, my soul command,
To live eternally!


We may deceive ourselves and friends-
Those who know us best,
But never will we deceive the Lord-
Whom went through life's full test.

The Lord's Word is the divine clarifier-
He constantly monitors our hearts,
Sifting our deepest most subtle thoughts-
And attitudes all apart.

He knows how the flame of our hearts do burn-
He knows how much we can take,
He does not turn from our weaknesses-
But grace, He turns and make.

His grace and mercy, will enable you-
To cope in life today,
God has promised, spiritual fulfillment-
With grace in every way.


My Lord my light
It's you that I see,
Guide and lead me
To this place called free.
I've journeyed through cities
And to the mountains top,
Continuing a journey
That I refuse to stop.
I've looked all around
And nowhere can I find,
A fulfilling life
Nor peace of mind.
I'm looking to find
A life without sin,
I'm looking to find
Brotherly men.
I'm looking to find
A new life for me,
In a Godly nation
A nation that's free.


Lift up your hearts unto the Heavens
On bending knee's in prayer
The Lord will hear your crying voice
You'll find peace and comfort there

The Lord Himself, He will appear
And you'll be able to say
Lord, I trust and bless Your name
Thank you Lord this day


Love is like magic, how it can heal,
Any situation, which make you feel.
Lonely or hurt, feeling nobody care,
When no one has time, the Lord is there.
And with magic, in his word called love,
Will conquer all things, and place you above.
Everything, that cause pain to the heart,
With the help of Jesus, whom will never impart.
Because Jesus is, this magical love,
The gift of God, from Heaven above.
He loves us all, very, very much,
He can heal all things, with His loving touch.


Blessed be the Lord my God-
He lives and grants me breath,
Though on the cross was crucified-
My Lord, He conquered death,

He took the keys of death and hades-
Then sat down at the throne,
Then stretched His loving hands outward-
To call the lost His own.

With nail scarred hands, He does extend-
Remission for all sin,
Behold, He's standing at your door-
Repent and let Him in.

There's Victory for you over death-
Over sin, and all it's shame,
The Lord He lives and you will live-
By the power of His name ...


A Nugget of Truth is worth more than a Nugget of
Gold. Every Morning you wake up, you should start
your day out with a Nugget of truth from one of God's
messages in the Holy Bible. Reading from God's Word
first thing in the morning will start your day out right!
O Heavenly father, Let the doors of Heaven open and
pour divine miracles in our lives. We bind and rebuke
the spirit of doubt and disbelief from operating in our
lives today. We know that with you O Lord, all things
are possible. So this morning we surrender our lives to
you and ask that you will guide our footsteps all the day
long. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray, Amen.


All things are in my hands my child
You have no need to fear,
For I am with you always child
My presence is ever near.
So let me now encourage you
And give strength in all your tasks,
I will provide as I always have
You only need to ask.
There is nothing that I cannot handle
You need only trust in me,
My promise for you still lies ahead
Trust in me and you'll see.


Let us be a bold strong witness-
Let's get the people stirred,
To be of service unto our Lord-
And spread His living Word.

There are some men, distorting the Word-
By what they say and do,
But, we will be God's faithful ones-
Proclaiming what's right and true.

God tells us all to spread His Word-
Until our life is done,
In doing this in righteousness-
He makes us like His Son.

Let us be of service to God-
Let's get the people stirred,
Let us be true sons of God-
Let's spread His living Word ...


For God's chosen there will be no end,
And in their world there will be no sin.
A world of living life being free,
In God's plan, it's destined to be.
They will live eternally in paradise,
And that my friend will be very nice.
This will all happen when this world ends
And that will then be, the end of all sin.


He gave His all in all, He gave Himself for us,
He gave His very life, no argument or fuss.
Purchased with His blood, this I understand,
We belong to Him, for He created man.
We belong to Him, for now and evermore,
He's only waiting for your heart to open up it's door.
Behold, He is knocking, will you invite Him in?
Or do you like it better, living your life in sin?
He's calling out your name. Do you hear His voice?
He's only waiting for you, to make that special choice!


Dear Heavenly Father God, We come before your most Holy Throne Of Grace in the name Of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior acknowledging the fact that we realize that we are not perfect. Your word declares, we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. (Rom 3:23) We repent of our sins O Lord. Please forgive us, cleanse us, and make us as white as snow. Please forgive us, cleanse us, and make us as white as snow. We love and need you in our lives Father God, we can not make it without you. Please give us strength, where we are weak. Build us up, where we are torn down. Have your way in our lives and teach us to live by faith and not by sight dear Lord. We pray this prayer in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Amen ...


You are my Lord, you are good to me,
My personal Savior, You set me free.
From a corrupted life, all filled with sin,
You changed my life, and let me live again.
I will always remember, in all things I do,
I want you to know, Lord, I love You !


He showed His love, Jesus died for me
And through His love, I am set free
To show my love, I live for Christ
My Lord and Savior, He paid sins price

For on the cross, my Lord Jesus died
And I pour contempt, on all my pride
Yet my greatest gain, I count but loss
When I look upon, the Wondrous cross


Help me "O" Lord, to feel the need
To bring the wandering in,
Teach me to love and pray for those
Lost souls far off in sin.
Give me the courage to do what's right
In all I say and do,
Help me to do Thy will "O" Lord"
To tell the world of You.


We have no need to worry-
Cause the price of sin is paid,
When Jesus Christ died on the cross-
Our sins on Him were laid.

Therefore rejoice, Christ paid the price-
We now are justified,
We've been redeemed unto our God-
Because Christ our Savior Died.


Having a life continually-
Overflowing with His love,
Wouldn't you say that's nice-
Of God in Heaven above.
It starts with our relationship-
The one with Jesus Christ,
God's only begotten Son-
Through Him who paid a price.
Deep inside as followers-
We must not bear no blame,
To be fit vessels for God's love-
Overflowing to others the same.
The results will then give to others-
This same abounding love,
A love that truly abounds from God-
From Heaven high above.


"Jesus", Majesty, overall,
He loves a crying sinners call.
Ready to forgive, and give you new life,
To all who calls upon Him, with bitter strife.
He's ready to forgive, and walk with you each day,
To guide and lead you, through lifes journey way.
He has always been there, right from the very start,
And wants to live with you, inside your very heart.
He loves each crying sinners call,
Jesus, Majesty, overall.


My Lord He lives and grants to me
Each day my daily breath,
He died and rose again one day
My Lord He conquered death.

He lives and guides me step by step
My future He prepares,
I know He lives and I shall live
In Heaven, with Him there.


The devil is clever, deceptive, and sly
He causes us to stray,
His methods are subtle, disguising his lie
To pull us from God's way.

We must look ahead and seek God's way
This life is but a test,
God guides, warns, and shows the way
But we must do the rest.


We cannot say we know God's truth
And walk in fleshly lust
For when our hearts belong to Him
We'll walk amongst the just

We must apply the Word of God
In everything we do
Remember that a watching world
Is taking notes on you

We must be that example
For this watching world to see
That not only do we know God's word
But we live it, eternally


I am a unique species, a wonderful creation of God,
Although at particular times, my life seems kind of odd.
But still, in His eyes I am sinful, but God takes care of me,
He chose me and is molding me, to
what He wants me to be.

My work and life are in His hand, all glory be unto Him,
Before I gave my life to Him, my life was mighty dim.
I feel very special now, being a unique work of art,
Only because God loves me, so I give to Him my heart.


O Heavenly Father God, We all come together on one accord, praying and asking that you O Lord, attend to our needs today. Many of our family members are in the Hospital or at home in bad health. We pray for your healing power to be upon us dear Lord. We call upon you to heal our families O Lord. For in your words it declares in Isaiah 53:5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. And we claim the victory right now in the Mighty name of Jesus. Your power is supreme and more than sufficient to overcome anything that comes our way. You are the God of our hope O Lord, Fill us with all joy and peace in believing, that we may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 Give us the thrill of hope so that our weary souls will rejoice in you. In Jesus name we pray, Amen


We cannot control the wind that blows
But we can control our way,
Our lives are like a ship at sea
On a stormy gloomy day.

Trials will come unto us all
We will face them day by day,
God only ask that we trust in Him
To guide and lead our way.

We should not ask the Lord "Oh why'
Some trials would come our way,
But only look beyond the cloudy sky
Unto the brighter day.


A love so strong, a love that's forever,
A love that's always, its end is never.
Love that shines, bright as the suns light,
This love makes all, things pure and right.
A love so pure, no where can you find,
No love the same, it's one of a kind.
This love is special, this love is true,
This love has lived, and died for you.
Sweet and precious, like that of a dove,
Jesus is this, "Never Ending Love!"


To the heavens, for the glory of the skies,
The glory of God, over and around us lies.
The glory of the sun, and stars make light,
The difference between day, and of the night.
The beauty of all things, that's upon this earth,
The glory of His love, Which brought forth our birth.
The animals and trees, to every precious flower,
He tends to them with love, each day and every hour.
He has given all things, his sacrifice of love,
Extending His Holy hands, from heaven high above.


The Heavens declare the glory of God
And we can truly know,
The one who set the stars in course
And made all things below.

By trusting Jesus Christ His Son
And giving Him your love,
Unless a man be born again
He can't know God above.


What has happened, in this world today,
Seems each man, has changed his way.
They have gone, from good to bad,
Making God, awfully mad.
For the world, they sinfully live,
No time for God, none have to give.
They live for themselves, they do not pray,
Lusting in life's pleasures, day by day.
Each man must surely, understand and learn,
That the unsaved man, and this world will burn!


Early in the morning time
We should seek our Savior's face,
To praise Him and to thank Him
For showing us His grace.
Through Him we found Salvation
Which means so much to me,
Blessed is His Holy name
Which sets the captive free.
Freely give your hearts devotion
Lift up God's Holy name,
Worship Him today and tomorrow
His name always proclaim.
Your worship, praise and adoration
To God, these things are due,
For He alone is worthy of all
Praise that comes from you.
We should praise the Lord for his grace
And praise him for his giving,
Praise him for the life he gave
Sacraficed for all the living.
Seek and you will find his love
Ask and he will give,
Knock and doors will be opened to you
Abundantly you shall live.


I am your servant, I trust Your plan,
I trust Your counsel, not that of man.
Under Thy guidance, I'll follow Thy way,
I will follow Thee, each perilous day.


I will praise you with my whole heart
To you my Lord will I sing
I have fixed my heart with songs and praise
To You my Lord and King

Your works are honorable and glorious
All things belong to you
Blessed is he the Lord my God
whom made the Heavens too

Lord, I see your power and glory
All throughout each day
So I lift my voice and praise your name
To you I only pray

Your loving grace is upon my head
Shining ever bright
Upon my head and in my heart
Shining is your light

I'll always praise Your name my Lord
Blessed God above
My love will always be for you
You giveth me Your love


Freely give your hearts devotion
Lift up God's Holy name,
Worship Him today and tomorrow
His name always proclaim.
Your worship, praise and adoration
To God, these things are due,
For He alone is worthy of all
Praise that comes from you.


Some men bow their heads and kneel
To unknown God's they praise,
Lost they grope their way through life
Inside a darkened maze.

The god's they praise are just man made
In truth this can't be right,
The one true God lives in the heart
He only dwells in light.

They need to seek to know this God
Whom gave His only Son,
To live a life of eternal life
With Him the living one.


Dear Heavenly Father God, We come before you in Jesus name, asking and begging forgiveness of our sins O Lord. Please cover every person reading this prayer in the precious blood of Jesus so that we may be in your Holy presence without spot or blemish. You are mighty and HOLY is your name. You are faithful and your mercy is from everlasting to everlasting. (Psalm 103:17) We praise you and we give you all the glory that is due to you O Lord and we rebuke any spirit that is not of you. Touch your people today and help us to keep pressing on, even when times are rough. Father God, your word says in (Philippians 4:13) that we can do all things through Christ whom strengthens us. And we know that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalms 139:14) Help us to encourage ourselves when no one else does. Father God, we also ask that you would touch our families today. Strengthen the bonds of those that are married. Remove burdens, destroy yokes and minister healing to your people dear Lord. We claim the victory right now in the mighty name of Jesus we pray. Amen.


Excerpted from Poetry to God by Terry Webb. Copyright © 2014 Terry Webb. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
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