Police Organizations and Culture: Navigating Law Enforcement in Today's Hostile Environment

Police Organizations and Culture: Navigating Law Enforcement in Today's Hostile Environment

by Scott Silverii


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Sworn to protect and serve, police officers who stray into deviant behavior may become a citizen's worst nightmare. An honest look at the formal and informal processes of becoming blue, Police Organizations and Culture is a unique combination of Chief Scott Silverii, PhD's academic research and more than 25 years in law enforcement.The book seeks to answer the ultimate question: Why do police organizations and individual cops behave the way they do. Right or wrong, there is a powerful culture that controls behavior and expectation. Chief Silverii explains how personal and professional lives are changed, and what effects that has on a public dependent upon their police agencies maintaining an ethos of Serve and Protect.

Police Organizations and Culture is the first of its kind to combine an anthropological lense for examining policing's cultural expectancies with real-life experiences. By exploring the subculture of policing in vivid detail, it exposes the causes behind the separation from organizational ideals and a false sense of organizational entitlement.

Chief Silverii's decades in police special operations groups and administration also lends a guiding perspective to officers or would-be officers who want to make law enforcement their chosen profession.

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ISBN-13: 9781940499765
Publisher: 7th Press
Publication date: 05/25/2019
Pages: 366
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.82(d)

Table of Contents

Preface ix

1. The Blue Line Mystique 1

2. Special Operations Groups 13

3. Studying a Secret Culture 27

4. History of Policing in America 39

5. Occupational Socialization 59

6. Why Cops Quit 67

7. Anti-Diversity In the Ranks 77

8. Police Culture 85

9. State Sponsored Violence 105

10. Policing the Police 117

11. Cop Culture and OMC 125

12. Driving Drunk Behind the Badge 141

13. Silent Suffering 153







14. Investigative Strategies 171

15. Just the Facts 187

16. Hating Others 213

17. Final Shades of Blue 229

18. Final Verdict 241

19. Igniting Change 257

Appendix Introduction 271

Appendix A 273

Appendix B 279

Appendix C 285

Appendix D 291

Appendix E 297

Appendix F 303

Appendix G 307

Afterword 313

Acknowledgments 315

About the Author 317



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