Policy and Procedural Guidelines for Hyperbaric Facilities

Policy and Procedural Guidelines for Hyperbaric Facilities

by Owen J O'Neill (Editor)


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The field of hyperbaric medicine, along with hyperbaric centers throughout the United States and abroad, continues to grow. This growth has been exponential, touting an increase from 350 centers in 1993 to well over 2,500 programs today. With this progression exists a need to establish a resource guideline for developing complete and comprehensive policies and procedures for clinical hyperbaric units.

Hyperbaric policy and procedures provide the guiding principles and foundation for safety, quality, transparency, and cost-effective hyperbaric medical and nursing practice. Every hyperbaric facility needs to follow its specific policies and procedures.

Policy and Procedural Guidelines for Hyperbaric Facilities provides needed resource and reference guidelines for new and established hyperbaric facilties. It will serve as a reference for the development of new hyperbaric policies as well as customize and enhance current policies and procedures already in place.

Policy and Procedural Guidelines for Hyperbaric Facilitiesaddresses issues of safety and practice for both the multiplace and monoplace environments. It utilizes regulatory guidelines and standards of practice as its foundation. Topics covered in this work include, but are not limited to, governance, administration, emergency procedures, patient care, hyperbaric chamber maintenance, treatment protocols and quality improvement. The appendices include sample forms for both Class A multiplace and Class B monoplace chambers. They are intended to serve as templates for development of hyperbaric unit-specific forms. Also included are acronyms, references, and an index, all specific to hyperbaric medicine.

The guidelines provided in this document will benefit the diverse group of physicians, nurses, tecnicians, and allied health-care peronnel in the hyperbaric field as they customize their unit-specific policies and procedures. The contributing authors are comprised of established experts in the field of undersea and hyperbaric medicine. They are a diverse group of physicians, nurses, and technologists who devoted an extensive amount of time and energy into producing this resource document of the highest quality. Specific acknowledgments can be found in the List of Contributors section of the book.

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Table of Contents






100 Mission, Vision and Goals

101 Clinical Standards

102 Hyperbaric Scope of Practice and Services

103 Regulatory Agencies

104 Staff Training, Education and Competencies

105 Hyperbaric Teaching and Publishing

106 Clinical Research


200 Administration Program

201 Policy and Procedure Guidelines

202 Medical Record Retention

203 Billing Documentation

204 Patient Acceptance for Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

205 Missed Appointments

206 Incident Reports

207 Visitors in the Hyperbaric Center

208 Hyperbaric Indications


300 HBO2 Emergency Procedures

301 Prevention and Management of Oxygen Toxicity – CNS and Pulmonary

302 Prevention and Management of Barotrauma

303 Prevention and Management of Confinement Anxiety/Claustrophobia

304 Blood Glucose Parameters

305 Contraindications – Absolute and Relative

306 Bomb Threat

307 Patient Restraints during Hyperbaric Treatments

308 Cell Phone and Other Personal Electronic Devices


400 Patient Admission Screening

401 Patient Informed Consent

402 Patient Orientation and Teaching

403 Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

404 Hyperbaric Treatment Documentation

405 Air Breaks during HBO2 Treatment

406 Patient Assessment

407 Patient Discharge Planning

408 HBO2 Safety Time-Out Stops


500 Hyperbaric Chamber Maintenance

501 Acrylic Window Inspection of Class B Monoplace and Class A Multiplace

502 Cleaning of Hyperbaric Chamber, Related Equipment and Room

503 Compressed Gas Cylinder, Color Codes and Index System


600 Quality Improvement

601 Hyperbaric Monthly Staff Meetings

602 Patient Care Conferences

603 Patient and Staff Satisfaction Surveys

604 Infection Control


Appendix I: Sample Forms for Class A Multiplace and Class B Monoplace Chambers

Chamber Operator Daily Start-Up Checklist

Maintenance Form Samples

Pretreatment Checklist

U.S. Navy Treatment Table 9

Appendix II: Acronyms




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