Policy-Based Profession: An Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Analysis for Social Workers / Edition 3

Policy-Based Profession: An Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Analysis for Social Workers / Edition 3

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Policy-Based Profession: An Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Analysis for Social Workers / Edition 3

THE POLICY-BASED PROFESSION: An Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Analysis for Social Workers, Third Edition
Philip R. Popple, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Leslie Leighninger, Arizona State University

"The text is an excellent introduction to the policy making process and provides students with important insight into how to influence the policy making process. I highly recommend the text for undergraduate courses."
John T. Pardeck, Southwest Missouri State University

This social welfare policy text, written specifically for use within the field of social work, shows students the crucial connection between social policy and the everyday practice of social work. The Third Edition of The Policy-Based Profession provides students with a process for analyzing policies that will help them as they enter a career in social work. This text brings students up-to-date on the latest developments in welfare reform, managed care, the campaign to restructure Social Security, program and policy responses to the problems of substance abuse and the use of family preservation as an approach to child protection.

Highlights of the Third Edition:

  • Concluding chapter incorporates a section called "Taking Action," which introduces students to policy practice skills including program evaluation, advocacy, lobbying, and forming coalitions.
  • Examines new and updated policy such as the reauthorization and evaluation of TANF, legislative and public responses to President Bush's proposal to increase federal funding for faith-based charities, the growing dilemma of rising health costs,andspecific proposals for dealing with the increasing cost of prescription drugs.
  • Includes new discussions of health policy issues related to prescription drug costs and rising health costs in general.
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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780205386635
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 10/29/2003
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Part ISocial Welfare Policy and the Social Work Profession1
1The Policy-Based Profession3
The Target of Social Work--The Individual and Society6
The Social Function of Social Work7
The Dual Targets of Social Work7
The Dominance of Micropractice8
Social Work's Pursuit of Professional Status9
The Policy-Based Profession13
Expert Technique16
Summary and Practice Implications17
Policy Determines the Major Goals of Service19
Policy Determines Characteristics of Clientele19
Policy Determines Who Will Get Services19
Policy Specifies, or Restricts, Certain Options for Clients20
Policy Determines the Theoretical Focus of Services20
2Defining Social Welfare Policy23
Social Welfare Policy--Basic Definition25
Factors Complicating the Definition of Social Welfare Policy26
Social Welfare Policy and Social Policy26
Social Welfare Policy as an Academic Discipline and a Social Work Curriculum Area27
Social Workers Are Interested in Social Welfare Policy in All Sectors of the Economy29
The Multiple Levels of Social Welfare Policy31
Social Welfare Policy--A Working Definition33
Part IISocial Welfare Policy Analysis37
Policy Analysis Outline37
3Social Welfare Policy Analysis: Basic Concepts41
The Many Meanings of Policy Analysis42
Methods of Policy Analysis45
Descriptive Analysis46
Process Analysis54
Policy Analysis Methods as Ideal Types59
Policy Analysis as Science, Art, and Politics60
4Policy Analysis from a Historical Perspective65
Historical Context of Social Welfare Policies66
The Role of History in Understanding Policy68
Examples of Policy History69
Historical Analysis of Agency Policy74
Methods of Policy History75
The Benton Park Crisis Center82
5Social/Economic Analysis87
Delineation of the Policy under Analysis89
Social Problem Analysis90
Facts Related to the Problem92
Completeness of Knowledge Related to the Problem92
Population Affected by the Problem93
Theory of Human Behavior Undergirding the Policy93
Social Values Related to the Problem94
Achievement and Success95
Activity and Work95
Moral Orientation96
Humanitarian Mores96
Efficiency and Practicality96
Material Comfort97
External Conformity98
Science and Secular Rationality99
Individual Personality100
Racism, Sexism, and Related Group Superiority Themes100
Contradictions in the U.S. Value System101
Goals of the Policy under Analysis101
Hypotheses Underlying the Policy104
Economic Analysis105
Macroeconomic Analysis105
Opportunity Cost106
Effects on Individual Consumer Behavior107
6Politics and Social Welfare Policy111
The Politics of Policy Making117
Models of Policy Making119
Who Makes Policy?119
How Are Policies Made?121
Phases in the Policy Process124
Part IIIThe Framework Applied137
7Welfare Reform: Temporary Assistance to Needy Families143
Historical Analysis146
Recent Welfare Reform Efforts151
Social Analysis153
Problem Description154
Relevant Research161
Values and Welfare Reform163
Economic Analysis165
Macroeconomic Issues165
Microeconomic Analysis168
Is TANF Succeeding?173
Welfare Is Not the Problem, Poverty Is the Problem174
Public Assistance Is a Social Condition, Not a Social Problem176
Selected Web Sites on Welfare Reform176
8Aging: Social Security as an Entitlement181
The Problem That Social Security Was Developed to Solve184
The Social Security Act of 1935184
Historical Development of Social Security Programs in the United States186
Precedents of the Social Security Act186
Creation of the Social Security Act187
Changes in Social Security192
Contemporary Analysis of Social Security194
Social Analysis195
Political Analysis199
Economic Analysis and Proposals for Reform200
Selected Web Sites on Social Security206
9Mental Health: Managed Care211
The Problem That Managed Mental Health Care Was Developed to Solve214
The Costs of Mental Health Care214
Incidence and Treatment of Mental Health Problems215
Managed Mental Health Care216
How Does Managed Mental Health Care Work?218
Managed Care in an Agency Setting221
Managed Mental Health Care in the Public Sector223
The History of Managed Care224
The Economics of Managed Care227
Social Analysis of Managed Care230
The Political Context of Managed Care233
Social Workers and Managed Care237
Influencing the System240
Interview with an Advocate240
Current Proposals for Policy Reform242
Selected Web Sites on Mental Health and Managed Care243
10Substance Abuse Policies250
The Problem of Substance Abuse252
The History of Substance Abuse Policies256
Social and Economic Analysis of Substance Abuse Policies263
Political Analysis265
Analysis of Two Policies: Drug Tests for Welfare Clients and Separation of Treatment for Those Who Are Dually Diagnosed267
Drug Tests for Welfare Clients267
Separation of Treatment for Those with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems270
Selected Web Sites on Substance Abuse273
11Child Welfare: Family Preservation Policy277
Historical Analysis281
The Child Rescue Movement282
Social Work Takes Over283
Child Abuse Becomes the Dominant Theme284
Foster Care--From Solution to Problem286
The Emergence of Family Preservation291
Social Analysis292
Problem Description292
Political Analysis298
Economic Analysis302
Policy/Program Evaluation303
Current Proposals for Policy Reform305
Selected Web Sites on Family Preservation309
Lessons from Policy Analysis316
The Bottom Line Is the Bottom Line316
Compassion and Protection: Dual Motivations for Social Welfare Policy317
Ideology Drives Out Data in Social Welfare Policy Making317
Policymakers Are Generally More Sophisticated Than They Appear318
Our Expectations for Social Welfare Policy Are Unrealistic319
Taking Action--Policy Practice for Social Workers321
Program Evaluation322
Building Coalitions326
Information Dissemination329
Political Action for Candidate Election332
Running for Office333
Appendix ALibrary Research for Practitioner Policy Analysis by Lynn Tobola, M.L.S., Social Work Librarian, University of Alabama335
Appendix BHistorical Policy Analysis Research367

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