The Policy-Based Profession: An Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Analysis for Social Workers, Books a la Carte Edition

The Policy-Based Profession: An Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Analysis for Social Workers, Books a la Carte Edition

by Philip R. Popple, Leslie Leighninger

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Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 06/16/2010
Pages: 360
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Table of Contents


1     The Policy-Based Profession

The Target of Social Work--The Individual and     Society

    The Social Function of Social Work

    The Dual Targets of Social Work

The Dominance of Micropractice

    Social Work’s Pursuit of Professional Status

    The Policy-Based Profession

    Expert Technique

Professional Practice within an Organizational     Context

   Summary and Practice Implications

    Policy Determines the Major Goals of Service

    Policy Determines Characteristics of Clientele

    Policy Determines Who Will Get Services

Policy Specifies, or Restricts, Certain Options for     Clients

Policy Determines the Theoretical Focus of  Services



2     Defining Social Welfare Policy

    Social Welfare Policy--Basic Definition

Factors Complicating the Definition of Social Welfare     Policy

    Social Welfare Policy and Social Policy

Social Welfare Policy as an Academic Discipline and a     Social Work Curriculum Area

Social Workers Are Interested in Social Welfare Policy in     All Sectors of the Economy

The Multiple Levels of Social Welfare  Policy

    Social Welfare Policy--A Working Definition



PART II Social Welfare Policy     Analysis

Policy Analysis Outline

3 Social Welfare Policy Analysis: Basic     Concepts

    The Many Meanings of Policy Analysis

    Methods of Policy Analysis

    Descriptive Analysis

    Process Analysis


 Policy Analysis Methods as Ideal Types

    Policy Analysis as Science, Art, and Politics



4 Policy Analysis from a Historical     Perspective

Historical Context of Social Welfare Polic    ies

    The Role of History in Understanding Policy

    Examples of Policy History

Historical Analysis of Agency Policy

    Methods of Social Work History

    The Benton Park Crisis Center



5     Social/Economic Analysis

    Delineation of the Policy under Analysis

    Social Problem Analysis

    Facts Related to the Problem

    Completeness of Knowledge Related to the Problem

    Population Affected by the Problem

    Theory of Human Behavior Undergirding the Policy

    Social Values Related to the Problem

    Achievement and Success

    Activity and Work

    Moral Orientation

    Humanitarian Mores

    Efficiency and Practicality


   Material Comfort



    External Conformity

    Science and Secular Rationality



    Individual Personality

Racism, Sexism, and Related Group Superiority     Themes

Contradictions in the U.S. Value     System

    Goals of the Policy under Analysis

    Hypotheses Underlying the Policy

    Economic Analysis

    Macroeconomic Analysis

    Opportunity Cost

 Effects on Individual Consumer Behavior



6 Politics and Social Welfare     Policy

   The Politics of Policy Making

    Models of Policy Making

    Who Makes Policy?

   How Are Policies Made?

Phases in the Policy Process



   PART III The Framework Applied

7 Fighting Poverty: Temporary Assistance to     Needy Families

   Historical Analysis

    Recent Welfare Reform Efforts

   Social Analysis

   Problem Description


   Relevant Research

 Values and Welfare Reform

    Economic Analysis

    Macroeconomic Issues

   Microeconomic Analysis


    Is TANF Succeeding?


American Values Related to Welfare Have Permanently     Changed

   Welfare Is Not the Problem; Poverty Is the Problem

Public Assistance Is a Social Condition, Not a Social   Problem

    Selected Web Sites on Welfare Reform


8 Aging: Social Security as an    Entitlement

The Problem That Social Security Was Developed to    Solve

   The Social Security Act of 1935

Historical Development of Social Security Programs in the    United States

    Precedents of the Social Security Act

    Creation of the Social Security Act

   Changes in Social Security

   Contemporary Analysis of Social Security

    Social Analysis

    Political Analysis

   Economic Analysis and Proposals for Reform



   Selected Web Sites on Social Security and Pensions


9     Mental Health: Managed Care

The Problem That Managed Mental Health Care Was Developed     to Solve

    The Costs of Mental Health Care

Incidence and Treatment of Mental Health Problems

   Managed Mental Health Care

  How Does Managed Mental Health Care Work?

   Managed Care in an Agency Setting

Managed Mental Health Care in the Public     Sector

   The History of Managed Care

    The Economics of Managed Care

   Social Analysis of Managed Care

   The Political Context of Managed Care

    Social Workers and Managed Care

    Influencing the System

   Interview with an Advocate

    Current Proposals for Policy Reform


Selected Web Sites on Mental Health and Managed     Care


10     Substance Abuse Policies

   The Problem of Substance Abuse

    The History of Substance Abuse Policies

Social and Economic Analysis of Substance Abuse     Policies

   Political Analysis

Analysis of Two Policies: Drug Tests for Welfare Clients and Separation of     Treatment for Those Who Are Dually Diagnosed

Drug Tests for Welfare Clients

Separation of Treatment for Those with Mental Health and   Substance Abuse Problems


    Selected Web Sites on Substance Abuse


11 Child Welfare: Family Preservation    Policy

    Historical Analysis

    The Child Rescue Movement

   Social Work Takes Over

    Child Abuse Becomes the Dominant Theme

   Foster Care--From Solution to Problem

  The Emergence of Family Preservation

    Social Analysis

 Problem Description

   Political Analysis

   Economic Analysis

    Policy/Program Evaluation

    Current Proposals for Policy Reform


   Selected Web Sites on Family Preservation


12 Taking Action Policy Practice for Social Workers

Analytical Skill — Program Evaluation

Interactional Skills — Negotiation and Pursuasion

Subprocesses of Negotiation

Stages of Negotiation

Strategy and Tactics of Negotiation

Political Skills

Building Coalitions

Information Dissemination


Political Action for Candidate Electtion

Running for Office


13     Conclusion

    Lessons from Policy Analysis

   The Bottom Line Is the Bottom Line

Compassion and Protection: Dual Motivations for Social    Welfare Policy

Ideology Drives Out Data in Social Welfare Policy    Making

Policymakers Are Generally More Sophisticated Than They     Appear

Our Expectations for Social Welfare Policy Are  Unrealistic

   Taking Action--Policy Practice for Social Workers

   Program Evaluation

    Building Coalitions

    Information Dissemination


    Political Action for Candidate Election

 Running for Office



    Historical Policy Analysis Research  Appendix


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