Polishing the Lamp of the Heart: A Devotional

Polishing the Lamp of the Heart: A Devotional

by Donn Hutchison


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Whether Christian, Muslim, or Jew, whatever label we wear, we all learn to submit ourselves to God and trust that what He has planned for our lives is right and good. Whether we refer to the Divine as God, or Allah, or Yahweh, He is the One and the Same. There will be times that we don't understand what He has written into our lives, but He is always there watching over us, caring for us, loving us. That is the reassuring call from the mosque, and that is the reassurance that whispers to my spirit in the poetic lines of Hafez and Rumi, in the translated words from the Quran, in the quotes from Sufism. Throughout the years I have underlined, highlighted, and marked passages and lines that have spoken to my spirit. I want to share these scraps of wisdom- these Reflections - that have polished the lamp of my heart.

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Publication date: 07/25/2016
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