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Taylor & Francis
Political Marketing: Theoretical and Strategic Foundations / Edition 1

Political Marketing: Theoretical and Strategic Foundations / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9780765629166
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 05/15/2011
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

1 Metatheory in Social Science and Political Marketing 3

Metatheory in Social Science 3

The Integrative Function 4

The Descriptive Function 4

The Delimiting Function 5

The Generative Function 6

Political Marketing as a Separate Discipline of Science and Practice 7

Mainstream and Political Marketing 7

Service Marketing and Political Marketing 10

Political Marketing: A Definition 13

Political Marketing Orientation 17

Candidate and Political Party as a Brand 24

Political Marketplace 27

2 An Advanced Theory of Political Marketing: What Is Missing? 30

A Model of Political Marketing 30

Process of Political Marketing According to Niffenegger 30

Marketing the Political Product According to Reid 36

Kotler and Kotler's Model of a Candidate's Marketing Map 38

Lees-Marshment's Theory of Comprehensive Political Marketing 41

Harris's Modern Political Marketing 43

Newman's Model of Political Marketing 45

Challenges for Political Marketing 49

Permanent Campaign 50

Media and Politics 56

Political Public Relations and Lobbying 65

Political Consultants 71

An Advanced Theory of Political Marketing 72

3 The Campaign Message Development: Segmentation and Positioning on the Voting Market 81

Voting Market's Segmentation Strategy 81

Primary Segmentation 83

Secondary Segmentation 88

Undecided Voters as a Strategic Segment 95

Electoral Segmentation: A Summary 102

Positioning of the Party and Candidate 103

Candidates' Positioning: The 2005 Polish Presidential Election 106

Triangulation Model in Candidate Positioning 114

Party Positioning Based on Slogans 120

4 Candidate Image 129

Candidate Image Structure 133

Ideal Political Leader 136

Integrity and Competence: Core Features of Candidate Image 145

The Importance of Advertising in Forming Politicians' Images 153

The Role of Emotion in Politics 158

5 Dissemination of the Campaign Message: Direct Campaign and Debates 161

Meetings With Voters and Candidates' Appearances 161

Electoral Conventions 162

Rallies and Meetings 165

Electoral Debates 168

The Influence of Debates on Voter Behavior 171

Candidate Image and Stands on Issues 181

The Image and Issues and Democratic Processes 186

The Influence of Televised Debates on Voter Preferences 193

The Importance of Political Debates in Democratic Processes 196

Volunteers and Canvassing 198

Campaign Influence Through Social Networks 199

6 Dissemination of the Campaign Message: Mediated Campaign 202

Printed Campaign Materials 202

Television Political Advertising 206

The Influence of Political Advertising on the Voter's Level of Knowledge 207

The Influence of Political Ads on Processing of Candidate Image Information 208

The Influence of Political Ads on Processing of Party Image and Issue Information 214

The Influence of Political Ads on Attitude Certainty 219

Negative Television Advertising 224

Response to Negative Advertising 228

Third-Party Negative Advertising 229

Formal Features of Negative Advertising 230

Fear Appeal 233

Radio Political Advertising 236

Campaigning on the Internet 237

Candidates' Websites 238

Blogs 242

Online Advertising 244

7 Postelection Marketing: Maintaining and Enhancing Relationship With Voters 247

Institutional Popularity of Politicians 248

Determinants of Congressmen's Popularity 249

Voters' Trust in Politicians 252

Trust in Political Systems and Politicians 256

Timing of Political Events 259

Psychological Foundations of the Management of the Times of Events 261

Theory and Practice Over Management of Political Events 265

Marketing-Oriented Parliament 273

8 Political Marketing and Democracy 275

The Advanced Model of Political Marketing: An Application 278

Political Marketing: Implications for Democracy 280

Paradox of Freedom in Democratic Countries 282

Ideological Extremity and Populism 285

References 289

Name Index 317

Subject Index 325

About the Authors 339

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