Political Socialization

Political Socialization

by Edward S. Greenberg (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9780883110263
Publisher: Lieber-Atherton, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/28/1970
Series: Controversy Ser.
Pages: 199

About the Author

Edward S. Greenberg is the director of the political and economic change program and the Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado. His research and teaching interests include American government and politics, domestic and global political economy, and democratic theory and practice. He is the author of numerous books including most recently The Struggle for Democracy (Seventh Edition).

Table of Contents

Consensus and Dissent: Trends in Political Socialization Research -EDWARD S. GREENBERG
I. Homogeneous and Supportive Outcomes
1. Assumptions about the Learning of Political Values -ROBERTA SIGEL
2. The Child's Image of Government -DAVID EASTON and JACK DENNIS
3. Children and Politics -FRED GREENSTEIN
4. The Development of Political Attitudes in Children -ROBERT D. HESS and JUDITH V. TORNEY
II. Subcultures of Discontent
5.The Malevolent Leader: Political Socialization in an American Subculture -DEAN JAROS, HERBERT HIRSCH, and FREDERIC J. FLERON, JR.
6. Becoming a Radical -KENNETH KENISTON
7. The Political Socialization of the American Negro -DWAINE MARVICK
8. The Political Socialization of Black Children -EDWARDS. GREENBERG

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