Politics 101: How To Win Your Political Seat

Politics 101: How To Win Your Political Seat

by Cathy Harris

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I despise politics! How many times have you heard others say this? When the political season comes around, many in the community will not be feeling it. But year after year --it will be right in our faces which means we have to deal with it!

Is there a local issue that has you hopping mad? Think you can do a better job than the people who represent you? Don’t just sit there - help fix the problem by running for office.

Whether you’re seeking a political seat on your local school board, city council, commissioner’s board, as a state representative, state senator or a term as U.S. President -- running for office is a challenging endeavor. Being successful requires careful attention to detail, a rigorous schedule, and a lot of volunteers who believe in you.

Don’t be fooled --many legislators are corrupt and they don’t care anything about the community. They are steering people the wrong way! However, there are ways to become effective politicians, but we must learn to identify who is sincere and who is not. Who is really a voice for the people and who really is out for him or herself?

Many politicians are only in office because of their paychecks, the publicity they receive, and the power they obtain. Many Congressmen and Senators, care more about what’s happening on Capitol Hill than in their own districts.

Legislators are responsible for many things that happen in the community. It’s always good to build relationships with legislators but don’t get so friendly with them that you lose touch when they don’t do the right thing. They must do the right thing and the people must demand it!

We must learn to support candidates finan¬cially both before and after they win their seats if they truly speak for the people. If we can’t change their minds and they are not com¬mitted to being courageous and visionary legisla¬tors, then we must change their faces and vote them out of office.

During political season many ‘unethical’ politicians who have been in hiding for the past couple of years or more --will surface to try to win their seats again. Other incumbents already in office will put on their thinking caps and try to come up with every trick in their books to continue to pass laws to deprive citizens from their rights to vote.

At one time in my life I was asked to run for the Congress and the Senate as both a ‘Democrat’ and ‘Republican’ even though I had no political aspirations. I believe my job as an Empowerment Speaker, Self-Help Author and Community Organizer/Advocate is to assist others who I think would do a good job.

Like others I am not a big fan of the political season. But it’s time for us to open our eyes and really look at the big picture and look at the power we have to put good politicians into office and vote bad politicians out.

But how do we do this? We do this by first educating ourselves and the people around us who we truly care about –on how politics really work. This book is an easy-to-read, simple guide on how politics really work. If you truly would like to change your community from the inside out and make it better, then you need to understand up front that it will take “political” and “economic” empowerment to do this.

This book lays out everything you need to know about the political season --whether you are a veteran politician or someone just starting out, this book will give you a good first start on how you can win your political seat. Good luck!

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About the Author

Cathy Harris is the author of several paperback and e-books. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to moving forward. She is known for her guerilla marketing style by means of forums, radio interviews, e-broadcasts, web postings and newsletters. As an Empowerment Speaker, Self-Help Author and Community Organizer/Advocate, she has worked on several campaigns as a Political Advisor, Consultant and Strategist—where she was successful in helping to elect or reelect several ‘ethical’ politicians. She is available for lectures, seminars and workshops at and can be contacted through her company, Angels Press (). For more empowerment tools, join the mailing list and buy other books by Cathy Harris.

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