Politics and Policy in Greece: The Challenge of 'Modernisation'

Politics and Policy in Greece: The Challenge of 'Modernisation'

by Kevin Featherstone

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Politics and Policy in Greece: The Challenge of 'Modernisation' by Kevin Featherstone

This rare focus on the politics of contemporary Greece explores in particular the country’s processes of public policy-making.

It is more than thirty years since the restoration of democracy in Greece and in this period the country has undergone a number of major changes. Domestic political tensions have arisen from the pressures of ‘Europeanization’ as a consequence of Greece’s membership in the European Union. EU membership has helped define a ‘modernization’ project, latterly associated with Premier Costas Simitis, which clashes with traditional practices and paradigms. In addition, other challenges have arisen: of a multi-ethnic society, of the loss of faith in old ideologies and of the passage of old divisions. Greece now faces pressure to adapt to the external environment, as well as to the constraints of the will and capability of the domestic system.

Politics and Policy in Greece addresses core issues, such as:

* How far has the politics of ‘modernization’ penetrated Greek society?

* How far have reforms to state-economy relations, welfare systems and constitutional rights reflected a liberal agenda and how far have they reflected traditional concerns?

* How has ‘modernization’ affected Greece’s relations with the European Union?

Containing expert overviews and detailed case studies of the dynamics of domestic politics, this accessible and informative volume is essential reading for both Greeks and non-Greeks alike.

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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 10/31/2013
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Modernisation and the Structural
Constraints of Greek Politics Kevin Featherstone

The Political Process

The Changing Greek Party System:
Stable Democracy, Contested Modernisation Christos Lyrintzis

Greek Elections and Voters, 1974-2001:
Old Cleavages and New Issues Ilias Nikolakopoulos

The Public Policy Process

The Role of Experts in the Reform Process
in Greece Stella Ladi

Interest Groups in Disjointed Corporatism:
Social Dialogue in Greece and European
Competitive Corporatism Kostas Lavdas

The Reform Agenda: The Citizen and the State

Greek Constitutional Reform and the Rule of Law Pavlos Eleftheriadis

Deepening Democracy or Defending the Nation?
The Europeanisation of Minority Rights
and Greek Citizenship Dia Anagnostou

The Reform Agenda: State-Economy Relations

The Politics of Greek Privatisation:
Redrawing the Public-Private Boundary George Pagoulatos

The Limits of Engineering Collective Escape:
The 2000 Reform of the Greek Labour Market Dimitris Papadimitriou

The Reform Agenda: Welfare

Pension Reform in Greece:
Reform By Instalments - a Blocked Process? Platon Tinios

Interest Groups and Health System Reform in
Greece Elias Mossialos and Sara Allin

The Reform Agenda: Greece and the European Union

Developing the Infrastructure as a Learning Process in Greece Christos Paraskevopoulos

The Europeanization of Greek foreign policy Spyros Economides

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