Politics as You Like It: Commentary from the Internet an Example of Writing from the World Wide Web

Politics as You Like It: Commentary from the Internet an Example of Writing from the World Wide Web

by Bernard A. Paul


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ISBN-13: 9781588206039
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/28/2001
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 11.10(h) x 0.67(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction of Book For Publicationiii
"Domestic Terrorism and Acts of War"3
"The United Parcel Service Strike (UPS)"5
Ted Kopell and "Cheap Technology" the Journalists of Tomorrow8
P.T. Barnum Revisited: Welfare Reform: One Year Later: An Experiment Programmed to Run Amok11
Perhaps Forgotton Graces in a Time of Rudeness15
Princess Diana: Queen of Hearts: "A Candle in the Wind": 1961-1997-Mother Theresa-"The Saint of the Gutters": 1910-199718
Happy Birthday: Web TV Networks Inc: A Year Old and Going Strong22
Public Education: Education or De-Education: Just Where are We Going?23
The Wildest: Wild Card in Baseball: The New York Yankees: World Champions of Baseball: 1996 and Maybe 1997?: A Longshot to Go all the Way?: Well, Not Really!26
The United States Senate Takes on the Irs: For A Change: The Internal Revenue Service Gets Taken to the Cleaners: Taxman Might Bite the Dust29
The Death Penalty in New York State: Politics on the Back Burner Please34
The Wizard of Oz: Our American Economy: Fantasy or Reality38
Human Rights?42
The United States of Microsoft45
"Fast Track" Legislation in Washington: Nafta Revisited: Fast Track to the Bread Line in Our Socalled Booming Economy48
1984: Big Brother is Here51
Can I Get Some Discipline for a Thirty-Two Million Dollar Contract?: The National Basketball Association and Golden State Warriors Guard Latrell Sprewell53
Hyphenated Americans and Multicultural Education: A Hidden Agenda on All Sides56
The Joker is Wild: And Now We Have Prince Haseem Hamed: Featherweight Boxing Champion of the World and HBO (Home Box Office)59
"Parolewatch" A Diamond in the Rough an Idea Whose Time Has Come and Long Overdue: Citizens Fight Back Against Crime61
Rock and Roll is Here to Stay and I Think Folk Music Too: Bob Dylan: An American Legend in His Own Time64
Policy or the Law: A Government Agency Continues Its Move Towards Criminality: The Social Security Administration and Its Handling of Disability Claims69
The Criminalization of Jaywalking in New York City: A Matter of Priorities76
The Appealing Psychology of Tradition: The Pack is Back: Super Bowl XXXII: Super Bowl Sunday 199880
Karla Faye Tucker: Should Gender and Religious Conversion Mitigate a Death Sentence for Murder?84
John Grisham: Number One Best Selling Author-Novelist Continues to Set the Book World on Its Ear: An American Master90
Must War Equal Genocide: A Grave Situation in Iraq: Is Use of Force the Only Answer?: The Effect of Un/Us Sponsored Sanctions Agaisnt Iraq96
Ohio Stae University: The Iraqi Crisis: The First Admendment vs. National Security: Should the Publics Right to Speak Overshadow the National Security of the United States?103
Front Page News: The Mayor of New York City is Caught Breaking the Law: Editorial Priorities107
CBS Broadcast News Pioneer Passes Away in New York: Fred W. Friendly: 1915-1998109
If Our Economy is So Good: Then Please Explain the Following113
The Wagons Begin to Circle Around President Clinton: Impeachment Seems to be a Real Possibility: Zippergate117
Veterans Die as a Result of Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital Cutbacks: Is this the Type of Medical Care You Can Expect After You Fight for Your Country?121
The Tragedy in Jonesboro Arkansas: Two Young Children Charged with Murder: Back to Basics126
Olive Branches and Doves: A Real Possibility of Peace in Northern Ireland: At Last129
A Modern Day Murderer Passes on with No Justice for His Over Two Millon Victims: Cambodia's Pol Pot: Architect of the Killing Fields133
A New Sultan of Swat: At Last We Have a Bona Fide Hero: Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Club: (and Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs Too)136
Lee Stringer's "Grand Central Winter": Stories from the Street144
Iron Mike: The Real Deal: (Sure Right!) A Jumping Bean Named Vaughn and of Course Don King Too148
Wow! It's Almost Like Riding a Roller Coaster: A Nasa Pioneer Returns to Space: 77 Year Old United States Senator John Glenn: A Cold War Hero and Living Legend Goes for Another Ride153
Is Fema Authorized to Do All This? Yep! The Federal Emergency Management Agency is a Little More Than You Might Think It is157
Campaign Finance Reform: Taking Big Money Out of the Process: Is Anything for Sale in Washington: City Halls and State Houses Across the United States?: Well, Yes!: How Much is that Doggie in the Window?161
Augusto Pinochet: Will A Dictator be Forced to Pay for Crimes Against Humanity?164
The Innocence Project and Centurian Ministries: An Expanding Effort to Free Innocent People Sent to Prison: Some Justice for Injustice: The Use of DNA Testing to Free the Innocent and Convict the Guilty169
Where Has All the Money Gone? Millions Raised to Help the Homeless: Homeless Problem Continues in America Unabated: The Criminaliztion of
Homelessness is the Response From Authorities in the United States177
A Bronx, New York Tale and Tragedy: Police Fire 41 Shots at Unarmed Man With no Prior Criminal Record: Shots Fired From ten Feet Away of Totally Nnocent man: Community and City of New York Express Their Outrage and Shock183
What do ya Mean It's Clearly Unconstitutional? So What? Just Because I Make the Laws Doesn't Mean I Have to Follow Them: Mayor of the City of New York Ups the Ante Once Again: Suspends Due Process In New Drunken Driving Law?191
The Yankee Clipper: An American Icon and Baseball Legend: Joe Dimaggio Passes Away at Age 84:1914-1999195
Grassroots Organization Vows Accountability in Expeditious Handling of Veterans Claims by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: The National Veterans Organization (Nvo) of las Cruces, New Mexico Promises Results Through Political Pressure200
Property Seizure-A Slippery Slope and Some Related Thoughts From a So-Called Jane Six-Pack208
Carnage and Tragedy in Littleton, Colorado: Fifteen People Dead at High School: Twenty-Five More Hospitalized: Nation Mourns Incident and Looks for Reasons212
Just How Did I Wind Up Here?218
Thoughts On Old And New Media Part II222
For Your Comments Click Here228
Gerry Spence Esq.: An Attorney Who Tells The Truth229
"The Insider", Mike Wallace and "60 Minutes" Bite the Bullet236
Dragging One's Feet Refined To An Art241
Senator John McCain: Campaign Finance Reform's White Knight247
About the Author282

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